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Help people in need

Provide direct support to an individual, family or community by paying medical expenses or offering financial aid.
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Raise funds in response to a natural disaster or humanitarian crisis. Make a difference in minutes.
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Choose from hundreds of official events including marathons, bike rides, Dryathlons and bake offs…
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Mark a special event like a birthday, wedding or final exam by asking friends for donations rather than gifts.
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"The surgery I needed was only available privately - I couldn’t afford it on my own. Crowdfunding helped me raise the money I needed. I underwent the operation this month and it’s completely changed my life."
Lewis Grant
Raised £1,980 with 77 supporters
"Through JustGiving, you get some wonderful messages from people I'll never meet, but they are very much part of my charity campaign and I'm doing it for them. When people say this is inspirational, I think I do have to see this through, and I will see it through and I'm very proud of it."
Caroline Jones
Raised £50,188 with 1479 supporters
"The best-ever lottery ticket, combined with the most affordable and effective insurance policy there is."
Meredith Niles, Strategy and Innovation Director, Marie Curie UK