Thanks for taking the time to visit our JustGiving page. Officers from the London Borough of Waltham Forest led by Sergeant Dave Johns of the Safer Transport Team have decided to run the length of the Borough to raise money for Veterans Aid. This is a charity which assists homeless ex forces personnel with support such as accomodation, food and clothing. These are people who have served our country and have subsequently found themselves destitute for a wide variety of reasons. Baring in mind the tremendous sacrifice these people have made for us, we feel it is only right to offer them help and support in return.

The event is planned for the afternoon of Friday 6th May 2011 and will comprise of a team of runners (names to follow) completing the route from Chingford to Leyton, a total of 8.2 miles. Police cyclists will assist by chaperoning the runners through busy junctions etc. There will also be a number of streetbriefings along the route where officers will promote current Met Police initiatives and offer crime prevention advice (as well as collect for Veterans Aid)

Please feel free to come and cheer the team along and many thanks for your donation. Futher details will follow as the event gains momentum.

15/03/11 - The running team members are as follows -

1. Sergeant Dave Johns - Met Police

2. Sergeant Pete Hacker - Met Police

3. Sergeant Ed Etuk - Met Police

4. PC Paul Read - Met Police

5. PC Ian Bargus - Met Police

6. PC Jim Fitzgerald - Met Police

7. PCSO Sophie Lovell - Met Police

8. Brett Wainwright - Police staff (former Police officer) - Met Police

9. PCSO Marc Bronstein - Met Police

10. PCSO Aaron  Prayter - Met Police

11. PCSO Peter Frau - Met Police

12. PCSO Raheel Ahmed - Met Police

13. Corporal Adam Butler - Royal Engineers

14. Teddy Sheringham MBE

18/03/11 - The event is shaping up nicely, Ed Etuk has publicised this event on Facebook, Aaron has drummed up a load of interest at work and assures me there's about £200 worth of sponsorship coming our way, I've held a planning meeting and tasked my colleagues on Safer Schools and Safer Neighbourhoods with a number of actions to increase the size and success of this event. Myself and two of the other team members did a practice run of the route this week and managed it in 1 hour and 11 minutes - don't know whether we are likely to be faster or slower on the day cos it looks like there will be 15 to 20 of us running. I've devised a cunning plan to keep us all together - we will run in single file passing a tennis ball at 1 minute intervals from the front of the line to the back. when the back person recieves the ball, they run to the front - it's a long shot but it might just work!

Aaron is putting the rest of us to shame - he has now raised £150 in offline donations! He has set the bar team - it is up to the rest of you (and Me) to respond to the challenge. Good luck Peeps!

07/04/11 - Couple of new team members - Raheel Ahmed from Safer Transport and Brett Wainwright who is a disabled member of Met Police staff. Brett will be doing the London marathon in a wheelchair this year (please visit his justgiving page for that event aswell) and has kindly agreed to take part in our event afterwards! He will be using a specially adapted bike alongside our Police cyclists. Welcome to the team you two!

17/04/11 - EXCITING NEWS! - We have two guest speakers to open the event: - Tessa Sanderson CBE (Olympic Javelin Gold Medalist) and Colonel Geoffrey Cardozo MBE (From Veterans Aid) We also have the Epping Forest Pipe band to provide some suitable music, and several specialist Police units will attend where available. We also have a number of cadet groups helping out. This will be a fantastic event which will encourage community spirit and raise funds for a very deserving cause.

We also have a late entry for the running team - Sergeant Jake Thackray who helped me organise my last charity event. Jake has only just recovered from a back injury hence the late entry - but he is a very welcome addition to the team.

If you are reading this webpage, please encourage all of your friends and family to come along on the day and show your support! The event will start at 4pm on Friday 06/05/11 at Connaught Waters carpark, Rangers Rd, Chingford E4 (Big thanks to The Corporation of London for letting us use this location) After the speeches and the runners get going, the pipe band will lead a procession down the hill to the first streetbriefing at the Bus Terminus on Station Rd Chingford E4. We hope to get a double decker bus to carry people between the six streetbriefings. The other streetbriefings (community engagement events) will be at the following locations - Chingford Mount bus turnaround opposite KFC in Chingford. Walthamstow Central Bus Terminus Selbourne Rd. Leyton Bus Garage Leyton High Rd. Leyton Mills Bus stop opposite Leyton tube. Lastly, The bus turnaround at the bottom of Leyton High Rd (END OF THE RUN) - Come and cheer the running and cycling teams in!

21/04/11 - IMPORTANT NEWS - Footballing Legend Teddy Sheringham MBE has joined our running team and will be completing the event with us. A massive thankyou to Teddy as his participation will raise the profile (and therefore the sponsorship) of this event.

01/05/11 - Big thanks to the following stores who are providing refreshments for the runners, riders and VIPs on the day free of charge. Your support is greatly appreciated -

Greggs the Bakers (Helen and the rest of the girls) Sewardstone Rd Chingford E4

Morrisons Supermarket (Andy Rippon) Morrisons Ave Chingford E4

Sainsburys Supermarket (Geoff Scott) Low Hall Chingford E4

CostCo (Mihir and Kathy) - A406 near Billet Roundabout Walthamstow E17.

And thankyou to Cherie Nash at 'Logo This', 69 Sewardstone Rd Chingford E4 who gave us a massive discount on the cost of printing names on the runner's t-shirts.

The Waltham Forest Guardian is covering this event and have already placed a piece on their internet site. Unfortunately they got the timings slightly wrong (I will get this ammended after the Bank holiday) To Clarify -

The event starts at 4pm at Connaught Waters, Rangers Rd, Chingford E4. The more supporters we have at this location the better - come and cheer the runners off, listen to speeches from Tessa Sanderson CBE and Geoffrey Cardozo MBE, and witness the fantastic Epping Forest Pipe Band!

The six streetbriefing events along the route will be running between 4pm and 6pm.

The runners should reach the final streetbriefing (at the bottom of High Rd Leyton opposite Downsell Rd) between 5.30pm and 6pm.

04/05/11 - You may have noticed a few changes on the running team which have occurred due to injuries etc. My brother-in-law Adam Butler has just joined the team. Adam is a serving member of the Royal Engineers and completed his second tour in Afghanistan last year. Veterans Aid is obviously a charity which is close to his heart - welcome to the team bud!

There will be a raffle at the Walthamstow Central Streetbriefing with all proceeds going to Veterans Aid. I would like to say a massive thankyou to the following stores who have donated raffle prizes-

1. Faith Clothing - 235 Commercial Rd, London, E1. Prize - 2 x brand new pairs of jeans.

2. City Pets Ltd - 48 Sewardstone Rd, Chingford E4. Prize - Goldfish bowl, gravel, food and fish to be collected by winner.

3. The Book Shop, 135 Station Rd, Chingford E4. Prize - Goody bag containing books, audio books and bookmarks.

4. Needful Things, 58 Station Rd, Chingford E4. Prize - Embroidered Union Jack Cushion.

5. J&N Casual Mens Wear, 42 Station Rd, Chingford E4. Prize - £25 gift voucher.

6. ASH Auto Parts and Cycles, 94 Station Rd, Chingford E4. Prize - Cycle Helmet.

7. Arthouse, 114 Station Rd, Chingford, E4. Prize - Watercolour painting worth £82.

8. Carole Langley Flower Designs, 33 Station Rd, Chingford E4. Prize - £10 gift voucher.

9. The Body Shop, Selbourne Walk, Selborne Rd, Walthamstow E17. Prize - Toiletries Gift Bag.

10. Maximus Memorabilia, 48 Sewardstone Rd, Chingford E4. Prize - Signed and framed Tottenham Hotspur Photograph.

Hopefully there will be even more prizes by Friday so please please come along and purchase a ticket to increase the money we raise for Veterans Aid.

07/05/11 - Well, it's all over - what a fantastic day! The money will keep rolling in over the next few weeks so we will definitely smash the £1000 target. If you are reading this, please encourage your family and friends to visit the webpage to find out more about veterans aid. This page will remain open for several years so there is plenty of time for them to make a donation.

Teddy Sheringham did us proud and the whole team made it to the end of the run with no significant injuries. However, it was ridiculously hot and I rather embarrassingly I had a dizzy spell after crossing the finishing line - St John Ambulance put it down to low blood sugar thanks to lack of food. The sleepless night beforehand didn't do me any favours either. No doubt I will be ribbed about being put in the ambulance for the next year or so but I've got broad shoulders and am happy to have given the gift of laughter. 

The start of the event was great, we had a vintage Police car (care of Aaron's Dad), a doubledecker routemaster bus, The Epping Forest Pipe band in full regalia (they looked incredibly smart but must have been roasting in their uniforms), and as promised, speeches from Colonel Geoffrey Cardozo MBE and Tessa Sanderson CBE (a massive thankyou to both of them for taking part).

The run itself went like clockwork and I think we managed it in 1 hour 20 minutes in the end. The Police cyclists and support vehicle (along with the St John ambulance and motorcycle) did a tremendous job in keeping the runners safe through such busy urban areas at rush hour. I'm pleased to say we didn't cause any tailbacks etc. Special mention to Brett Wainwright (our disabled athlete) who kept morale up with a series of micky taking but motivational comments. We were cheered on by numerous local residents who came out of shops, pubs and houses to give us words of encouragement - and the suprize was obvious in their voices when they saw Teddy running with us.

I was informed at the end of the run that the streetbriefings had all been very well recieved and in particular the charity raffle at Walthamstow Central had gone down a storm. Many thanks to the police officers and PCSOs who managed each of those mini events.

After the dust had settled we all went for tea and medals at the new custody facility in Leyton. The Epping Forest Pipe band were there to play us in (must have been a bit surreal for the prisoners in the cells) The day finished with Detective SuperIntendant Ellie O'Connor and Colonel Geoffrey Cardozo presenting the running and cycle team members with certificates. I was tremendously proud to have been part of this event and am pleased with the attention it has brought to Veterans Aid. The Waltham Forest Guardian Newspaper also covered the event so watch out for an article and photos next week.


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Well done Dave and team!

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Well done to all of you!

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Well done Dave and Co on a great event!

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A fantastic achievement by each and every one of you, you're a real credit to the STC & MPS, and I'm so proud of you all !!

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Well done, michael and all the others who did the run.

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Well done Peanut (Ed) and everyone else who ran. Great cause!

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Well done Ed and all those who ran

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Very proud of you all, especially Paul, James and Aaron... well done xx

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Good luck Peter Frau & the team. Hope the run goes well. Love Frau Frau xx

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Good Luck everyone....

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We wish you a really great day. Veterans' Aid is a wonderful institution. All power to you and them. James and Janet Barnard

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Good luck! x

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Goodluck everyone! Hope you enjoy your day! I will double my donation if my hubby mannages to keep up and cross the finish line with everyone else ;)x

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Put your back into it, Frau.. Good luck to you all, Lucy x

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Best of luck to you all!! Hopefully, with all of the Police presence, you won't get mugged en-route! :D

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