Start fundraising events

Join your fundraising with your friends' on a team page

Team page

Do you each have your own fundraising page? Join your pages and show off just how much you've raised together on a team page.

A team page lists everyone's individual page with a donate button, and the charities they're raising money for.

Once you've set up your team, you can:

invite your friends to join

-    personalise your team with a photo and story

                                        - share your team page with all your contacts

How to set up your team page

  1. Log in to your JustGiving account
  2. Select the Your pages tab
  3. Click Start a new team
  4. Enter the details of your team page
  5. Click Make a team page

Read our step-by-step guide to setting up your team

Share a fundraising page with your friends

If you're all raising money for the same charity, make a single fundraising page you can all share.

Every fundraiser is listed, so everyone in the team is acknowledged. Plus, the page will come up whenever any of your names are searched for on our homepage.

It's a single page that you and your friends can share far and wide to hit your target.


How to set up your shared page

  1. Find a cause you all want to support
  2. Click Make a page
  3. Click Organised event
  4. Finalise your page details
  5. Add the name of everyone taking part

Read our step-by-step guide to setting up your shared page


Get inspired

See how other people are raising money with their friends.

Try using a team page to:


With a shared page you can:

Compete against your friends



Celebrate a wedding




Get together with colleagues



Set your family a challenge