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Adam's Dragon Chair

I am raising money for a new chair and for The Turbo Trust because They support people in having their dream chair

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raised of £12,000 target
by 48 supporters

The Turbo Trust

We help people with disabilities to buy the best powerchairs available.


Thanks for taking the time to visit my JustGiving page.

Any donations will go directly to The Turbo trust to help provide me with a Dragonmobility Powerchair.

This wheelchair will improve my quality of life in so many ways. I want to feel confident and comfortable in this one chair that can handle all my wants and needs throughout my day to day life and to enable me to have success in the next stage of my life.

The Dragon Mobility chair attracted my interest as it is built around my actual body frame and I am able to be involved in every aspect of the design.

A good seating system is important to me. Dragon Mobility builds the seat around you, truly customising the whole chair and making it  individual for  that particular person . In my current chair I have difficulty in maintaining my seating position while driving down uneven pathways throughout the day, this can lead to discomfort and pressure sores as my posture becomes poor and so I have to swap between
two chairs or lie down. Having a properly supportive seat built to my
individual requirements will really benefit my health as well as
allowing me to be more independent. 

The ability to raise and lower the seat will enable me to utilise my household objects such as wardrobes, drawers and units in the kitchen; being able to get under worktops and tables. Even more important will be the ability to join in the conversation at the same height as other people. To interact with my young nephews and nieces and access outside facilities independently such as payment counters, cash machines and restaurants, for example, getting under the table and eating comfortably which again can cause me problems with my posture. This will massively impact on my quality of life.

In terms of education and social aspects; I volunteer doing wheelchair skills training which takes me across the country. Having this chair will mean that i will be a more confident positive role model when supporting young people in wheelchair skills training. 

The ability to have a chair that properly meet my needs and requirements such as a longer battery life and longer power will mean I can do a normal day’s work and have an active social life in the evenings. Not having to plan my day around the battery capacity of the wheelchair.

I am also an active person who likes to play sports which in turn
benefits my health such as tennis and boccia. A sturdy wheelchair that
will make me feel more secure and less concerned my chair will break
would greatly benefit me


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