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David's Requiem for Aleppo

We are raising funds for Syria Relief because the human tragedy of Aleppo is not over.

raised by 8 supporters

Syria Relief

We provide essential support and hope to empower and rebuild lives in Syria


Requiem for Aleppo is an intensely personal response to the tragedy that Aleppo represents. The work will contain 12 dancers from across the world. The original music is a combination of Requiem Mass lyrics set to choral music, linked by Arabic poetry from the 11th, 12th and 13th centuries. This represents the richness and diversity of Aleppo’s musical heritage. The score is interwoven throughout with people from Aleppo telling their stories. Their testament is designed to get to the human tragedy beyond the politics.

The funds raised through donations and tickets sale will be entirely used to implement humanitarian projects on the ground in Syria to support people from Aleppo displaced inside the country. Syria Relief, Uk Registered Charity, with direct operations in Syria, will be in charge of coordinating the implementation and monitoring of the projects: Aleppo's human tragedy is not over and ten thousands of people that escaped miserable conditions inside the city need help and support to restart their life and rebuild their future. 

Please do your part and donate generously to give back hopes to thousands of civilians from Aleppo that have been suffering for 6 years as innocent victims of meaningless atrocities. 







  • Sadler's Wells 23rd April 7:30
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