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Raising funds for ME/CFS research for IiME because we need biomedical research to find real answers.

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We fund biomedical research into ME to create a strategy for cure/treatment

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Thanks for taking the time to visit my JustGiving page!

Personal Challenge: aim to walk 1000 steps a day to raise £1000! 

I'll aim for 1000 steps a day in order to raise funds for Invest in ME Research. I was bedridden for most of the past 2 years, so this is a tough challenge I am very determined to achieve!

Why have I set up this fundraiser? 

I was diagnosed with ME/CFS in 2015 and have spent most of the time since in my flat and very often bedridden for months on end. 

The most constant and disabling symptoms are widespread pain, weakness and shaking, exhaustion, cognitive dysfunction and post exertional malaise (PEM) which is a key part of the illness making all symptoms worse upon any mental, emotional or physical exertion. 

PEM is often delayed and can appear anytime after 24hours from exertion! This makes planning and managing life with ME/CFS very hard and unpredictable. 

ME/CFS affects millions of people worldwide, but governments do not allocate nearly enough funds to proper research and patients are left to manage this life draining illness on their own in most cases.

None of us want to be stuck indoors, trapped by our own bodies, when most of us led very active and fulfilling lives before we were struck down by ME/CFS. 

I am Chronically Hopeful that a cure is on its way! 

Biomedical research is the only way we will find real answers. We need biomarkers to aid diagnosis, we need to understand causes or triggers, treatments and potential cures as well as variations among sub-groups of patients. The more research is done, the more answers are found and the more seriously this illness will be taken. 

Unfortunately we are currently left to muddle through on our own and research teams rely heavily on private funding and donations as governments are not investing nearly enough in ME research. 

Invest in ME is a charity that helps patients and their families and educates medical practitioners as well as investing in biomedical research. All of which are vital to the well-being of ME/CFS patients.

I truly appreciate you stopping by and am so grateful for even the smallest of donations. Every £1 really does help! 

When you donate through JustGiving, your donation will be sent directly to the charity safely and securely. Thank you for your support!


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