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Thank you for your Donation - Gaza Disastrous Floods

raising funds for Welfare Association because the need to alleviate extreme suffering of Gazans

raised by 45 supporters

Welfare Association

We fund education, employment, and culture to enable Palestinians.

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Many families were forced to evacuate their homes and find shelters at schools and public institutions. Up-to-date, the storm has resulted in the death of one child, and the injury of more than a 100 people, and displacement of more than 10,000 individuals (OCHA; Dec 14, 2013) as homes were flooded with rainwater and sewage. The United Nations has officially declared Gaza a “disaster area”.


We thank you for giving us the opportunity to support the people of Gaza… you have given them hope for a better 2014.


Because of you, WA has been able to provide:


• Food parcels for 305 families.


• 610 blankets for 305 families.


• 915 winter clothe packages for 915 children.


• School uniforms, School bags and stationary packages for 150 children.


• 4,000 liters of fuel for hosting shelter’s generators.


 The winter season is at its beginnings, and the people of Gaza are still in dire need for our help please continue supporting the “Gaza Disastrous Floods” through donating  on-line


  We look forward for your support with much appreciation and gratitude.




To make your donation, please see the items below:


 1. Winter clothes for one child   30$


 2. Blankets package for one Family 50$


 3. School bag, uniform & stationery for one child 60$


 4. Daily fuel consumption for one ambulance, mobile health clinic 70$


 5. Food ration including children’s milk for one family 75$


 6. Daily fuel consumption for a health services center or an electrical generator 100$


 7. Home rehabilitation 700$


 8. Other:  Your option.



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