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Jog For Georgie – Fundraising Update.

Since the launch of Jog for Georgie, in February, there has been an overwhelmingly positive response from so many.  From the expected
supporters of family and very close friends to the heart-warming response from friends of friends and complete strangers. 
All have encapsulated the call to be part of something positive and have
collectively made the Georgina Gatenby Scholarship a reality.  Because of the many and fantastic co-fundraisers and all the donors in the first 16 WEEKS a £25-phenomenal-thousand pounds was raised to ring fence the recruitment of a student to join Dr Coverley’s research team.  Dr Coverley, the University of York and I are in awe of everyone’s generosity. Be seriously PROUD of what you’re going to help achieve in the field of Lung Cancer Research.

From day one when £770.00 was raised within the first 24 hours, the collective response has raised an average of £1,560.00 per week within the first 16 weeks to realise the fundraising target.  In all honesty I’ve always felt that the heroism and compassion of my wonderful wife Georgie would move people to support the running (and the many other associated activities) which in turn would raise the required money. 

However, when I set out with the idea of running daily, never did I
fully comprehend the true power and resonance of Georgie’s love, humility, compassion, bravery and steely will.  All that Georgie stood for in life and her fight against Lung Cancer has resonated with so many.  Georgie is the bravest, because she fought without complaint, she fought without outward fear and she fought selflessly for all of those she loved the most (which thankfully included me).      

As a result of Georgie’s legacy the University of York have made a conditional offer to an exceptional candidate, who subject to attaining the prerequisite degree classification will commence working with Dr Coverley in October 2018 on the Masters Programme.   To everyone whose made this a reality.  I owe you a huge debt of gratitude and an
even bigger THANK YOU!   

Once it became a real possibility that the fundraising target
would be raised early, Dr Coverley and I spoke about what else her department needed.  The reality, in short, boiled down to resource of people.  The revised plan/target is to allow the Masters student to convert their studies into a PhD.  To support this the revised fundraising target stands at £65,000.00 (to be raised over 2 possibly 3 years). 

To expand further, Dr Coverley’s work is focussed on Cip1-interacting zinc finger protein 1 (CIZ1) which through her research she’s determined is commonly changed in lung tumours when they are at an early stage.

Dr Coverley has made progress in understanding “normal” CIZ1 and its behaviour so she can use that understanding when looking at the cancer-associated variant form with the immediate goal of defining how its shape is altered. This is part of an investigation into how variant CIZ1 contributes to abnormal development of cells, leading to Lung Cancer. 

The long-term goal is to use the information to assist in the development of therapeutic targeted medicine.  In the present and the right now, Dr Coverley requires a student who can help generate the knowledge outlined above.   

The reality is it will be a long slow tide that has to be turned in the fight against Lung Cancer.  This is why the revised target has been set to try and fund a PhD student.  This is a huge step, not only from a fundraising perspective but significantly from a research perspective.  To collectively achieve £65,000 over the next 2 years will provide the security of personnel resources to assist Dr Coverley in her continued research into Lung Cancer.                                                                              

To put the above into cold reality of life, this is what Lung

Cancer can mean in 2018:

44 women die every DAY from Lung Cancer in the UK*                                

36,000 people die from Lung Cancer every year in the UK* in context this is approximately half the population of Harrogate**

Lung Cancer is the UK’s biggest cancer killer*

Lung cancer doesn’t just affect smokers.  15% of people diagnosed with
Lung Cancer have NEVER smoked*

In five and half months WE’VE raised circa £36,500.00 and I know the revise target is a significant leap.  BUT WE CAN DO THIS.  Please, please help me do this.  My pledge remains unchanged.  I will jog/run/walk 2 miles a day every day for one calendar year.  No matter the weather, how I feel, THIS WILL HAPPEN.  I can’t stop and I won’t stop!  If £65,000.00 isn’t raised by 6th

February 2019 a new challenge year will commence (although I won’t be running every day for a year!) and I will continue, like Georgie, to pick my way forward with unswerving positivity until the revised target is reached.     

In February I asked you all to be a part of something positive.  Unflinchingly you have been.  For this I’m eternally grateful.  Who’s with me to raise the remainder of the £65,000.00?  Be proud and join me in taking strides to fight Lung Cancer #jog4georgie.

for being AMAZING,              

Chris x

*Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation                                                 ** North Yorkshire County Council


Thank You for visiting the Jog For Georgie Fundraising Page.

Lung Cancer doesn’t discriminate.  Lung Cancer is a nefarious illness.  Lung Cancer kills. 

I so sadly and heartachingly know all of this and far more to be true.   Lung Cancer cruelly deprived me of my AMAZING wife Georgie. 

From the very first day of her diagnosis, Georgie was an inspiration; her inner will and positive attitude were phenomenal.  She simply vowed to “fight it”, and fight it she did.  Georgie fought for herself, she fought for
me, she fought for us and she fought for everyone she knew and loved the most.  Georgie is truly heroic. 

Even when fighting the good fight, Georgie was characteristically selfless.  Georgie wanted to help others who had been given the same devastating news that they’d been diagnosed with Lung Cancer.  Unfortunately, the aggressive nature of Georgie’s illness prevented her from beginning her fundraising.

In Georgie’s physical absence, please, please, please help me raise the money needed to establish the Georgina Gatenby Scholarship,
which will help recruit a masters student to work with Dr Dawn Coverley at the University of York.  Dr Coverley is undertaking research geared towards finding new ways to treat people with Lung Cancer, and desperately needs a researcher to join her team to expedite the progress she’s making. 

My pledge, in principle, is simple.  Come rain, shine, hail or snow, I will jog, run or walk at least 2 miles a day, every day, for a year. 

Georgie picked her way forward with unswerving and unrelenting positivity.  As I step forward, stride-by-stride on my challenge, Georgie will be my benchmark.  Like Georgie, I will step out with positivity, so please help me, support me and please do join me in making Georgie’s wish come true.

Be a part of something positive.  Donate today.

Thank you for your amazing generosity,

Chris xx


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