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Katie's Lymphoedema Fund

Fundraising for The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity

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The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity

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Thanks for visiting Katie's Lymphoedema fundraising page.

The Fund was set up under the aegis of the Royal Marsden Hospital in memory of Pat Wohlrab’s daughter Katie.  After a breast cancer operation and the removal of lymph nodes, Katie began to swell and this condition made her very uncomfortable.  It was almost unbearable.   She looked up lymphoedema on the web and found an alternative clinic in London where they gave treatment in the form of Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD). It served her well and she continued to have MLD.  This took away the swelling and the discomfort.   She felt normal again and that gave her the respite and courage needed to combat the cancer.

Our primary goal is to train nurses in MLD.   In 2001, when Katie died, only a few people knew about this and even doctors were ignorant of its existence.  We hope to make this treatment available on the NHS and we also think it is imperative to inform the public and make the country aware of the advantages of MLD.   They can then make informed choices of treatment if they are suffering from lymphoedema.

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