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Kurdistan Will Not Be Forgotten

Fundraising for Heyva Sor

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Heyva Sor

We provide humanitarian support & relief to refugees of all faiths & beliefs.

Charity Registration No. 1093741


All too often, we hear about Middle Eastern countries being war stricken and oppressed. From my own experience, I have never  heard any one apart from those Kurdish themselves, talk about the crisis in Kurdistan. I refuse to let these people be forgotten and this is why I have created this donation page. 

More than 900,000 Kurds from Kobane & Shengal have fled ISIS attacks and face another bitter winter in refugee camps. The UN predicts that many vulnerable people may not survive the winter unless more aid money can be raised. Heating devices and adequate winter clothing are the priorities at present. Heyva Sor is the main charity supporting Kurdish refugees, where UN and other agencies have no presence.  Heyva Sor Charity have set up refugee camps in Syria, Iraq and Turkey for the hundreds of thousands of displaced people from Shengal and Kobane. Whilst the vast majority of the people in these camps are women and children, just like our mothers and sisters. 

The attacks of ISIS on Kurds, Assyrians, Christians and Turkmens in Shengal (Iraqi Kurdistan) and Kobane (Rojava, Syrian Kurdistan) have worsened what was already the 'world’s biggest humanitarian crisis'. An estimated 400,000 Kurds were forced to flee from Kobane by ISIS advances only a month after they displaced half a million Yazidi Kurds from Shengal in August 2014. This adds to the 3 million refugees from the Syrian civil war and the 1.9 million displaced by ISIS this year alone in Iraq [U.N. refugee agency UNHCR]

The regional response plan for Syria is only 40% funded, leaving a huge shortfall. This has already caused the UN’s World Food Programme to suspend food vouchers and 'will see vulnerable children and families die from cold, hunger and illness this winter.' I for one, refuse to let these people die without at least trying to change their lives. The need for urgent support from the international community is vital!

Whilst most of you who come across this page, are in the comfort of a warm home, access to edible food and clean water, I am begging you to find it in your heart to give to these people who have nothing. I am certain that I am not the only one who comes across homeless people whilst it is freezing outside, and thinks to myself "imagine being homeless in this weather." Alhamdulillah (Praise be to Allah) that i, and you, are not in this position. But please remember, life is not certain and what we have today, may be gone tomorrow. 

Having fled their homes in fear of their lives, with only the clothes on their backs, many of the children are pictured wearing open-toed shoes in the cold weather, while scavenging food dropped on the street. The temperature is already below freezing and more suitable tents, sheltering containers and heaters are needed, along with more food and medical supplies. Heyva Sor needs donations from the international community to help these refugees and those still stuck in Kobane survive winter.

What will your donations provide?
£10 - Can provide cooked food for a child for two days

£50 - Can provide a winter sleeping bag and winter shoes

£100 - Will make a significant contribution towards a £800 sheltering container. 

"The believers shade on the day of resurrection will be his charity." - Tirmidhi 

I refuse to let these people die when there was something that I could have done to have prevented it. Please give, even it be just £1. What is £1 to you, and what is £1 to those that are desperately in need of basic food and a warm shelter? 


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