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We mobilise health workers across Africa to reach communities with vital health care

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7th Dec 2010 11am

Oh my goodness me we did it !!!!!!!!!!!! All of you , me , my furry friends , Divine intervention and the angels along the way, WE ACTUALLY did it !!!!!!!!!!! :-))))))))))))))))))))))))

Yesterday I got to Phillip Island. Now if you can imagine a little tropical island just 2 hours away from London, then you will see how amazing this island is , so close to a city like Melbourne : lots of wildlife areas and beautiful beaches. Hopefully I will see them all when I return here.

The circuit itself is right on the edge of a cliff. Breath taking !

A huge thanks to Peter and everyone there at the circuit for everything they did. Totally indebted to you.

Mr run was just after a porsche "hotlap" . I was allowed on the central balcony to watch this. Wow ! The view is spectacular from there.

The circuit has views of fantastic beaches, cliffs, fields of cows. The air is so fresh.

Then there is the wildlife. there are beautiful geese that waddled along the side of the track as I was running. They are there when the GP is on aswell, apparently, and evolution is a wonder : one of them had the number 46 on its feathers!!!

And then out of the bushes and trees surrounding the lake at the centre of the track came out a wallaby !!!!!

He  looked at me, and I swear he gave me a look to say, "you are not a car or a bike, what are you doing ? You muppet " and then he bounced off, entirely unimpressed.


Well, its over. All done, except Aragon. I still feel bad about that. :-(

Thank you to each and everyone  of you out there, when I say we I mean that. I could not have done this without all of you.

Much love,

Now its home for Xmas......................

Merry Xmas and a Very Happy New Year to you all,

Pablo, Karel and Az xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


3rd Dec, 2010 KL 10.30 am

Hi everyone, you beautiful people out there that lift me when I m down.  I just got back from the Sepang International circuit.

The track is about 3.4 miles and I did it in about 40 minutes, its a beautiful track with views of distant mountains, palm trees, and the buildings are themselves rather elegant. The weather was very humid, and hot, so it was a little shaky at the end . But fluid soon sorted that out.

Huge thanks to Arvin for organising everything, everyone was very kind, and they gave me a lift back to the hotel !

Next stop, hopefully, is Melbourne. I will be travelling , again if all goes to plan, this evening.

I cannot believe how far I have come, and youve all been with me, every single step.

Pablo and Karel are still having their breakfast. They got up early and packed already.

Lots of love to you,,xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

30th Nov 2010 630am

Good morning everyone, I found internet again !

(Before I begin, I must apologise for the pictures taken off, I would love to keep them all, but the site only allows about 10 at a time.)

I arrived in Kuala Lumpur last night, having spent another many hours travelling. Japan was so very beautiful, the people the culture, you have to go there . I saw about a minute of Tokyo, but it was all worth it.

Motegi is 2 very fast trains and an hours cab ride away from the Narita airport. A gorgeous mountain forest area, and the circuit is hidden within it.

 I met Daisuke and Mina,who had arranged for me to come to the circuit, both extremely kind and supportive. They were such fun, It was Daisuke s birthday !!! Such a gentleman, he offerd me his coat while we were waiting for the circuit check pre run.

I ran the circuit in beautiful cool and sunny weather, and they even had a chequered flag for me at the finish  :-)))). Spectacular views of the forests. They have mountain climbing expeditions there.

Motegi is the home of Honda , and only there could they have found a bike that even I, tree hitting, unable to stop wheelying, Az, could ride. See picture above. And I finally got my licence!

Pablo met a toy version of the robot Asimo, and I think he prefers this new Az.

Immense thanks and appreciation for everything Daisuke and Mina did for me.Spectacular day, beautiful people, I am very grateful.

Then in a flash we were off again.

Pablo and Karel, unfortunately , had a fight over one of the hostesses on the plane, she was incredibly beautiful and sweet, but they embarrased me and themselves.....it started when we were packing and Karel tried to stuff Pablo into the suitcase.... I dont have enough headache tablets for this....

Incidentally , I must mention a gentleman called CJ, whom I unfortunately did not get to meet. This wonderful man interviewed me over the phone,whilst I was waiting for the plane to Tokyo. 

Truly amazing ! He has run lots of tracks himself, as a rehab strategy for a leg injury,but had the grace to write about me and my cause instead. Thankyou so much for that CJ . Truly grateful. :-))))

Time for breakfast now,  lots of love from the 3 of us xxxxxx


26.11.10 San Fransisco airport 0530

Hello all !!!! Oh my ! Words fail me friends. Monterey is actually heaven. Its very beautiful, and on top of that, I was pampered and overwhelmed with generosity.

I arrived at a rather posh hotel, that had been booked for me ( check me out , eh ?) and paid for, and a whole team of people arrived to support me on my run of the Laguna track, now the Mazda raceway, on their holiday !!! AT 700 am !!!!! And Jim, the sweetest man, who looks after the track , all year round, who followed us around with water and a camera. Thanks Jim.See you at le Mans !

What can I tell you.......... its entirely stunning and Ann who arranged everything is another one of these amazing individuals , whom I can never thank enough, ever.

The track has the famous corkscrew and a hill just before it , as a group it was just great fun. The drop is spectacular and just before it there are great views of the bay.

I want to thank Ann, and everyone who took time out of their holiday  to join me. You are all wonderful. The memories will keep me going through the 16 hour journey I have ahead to Japan. 

Friends, I have about 10 days left of this journey, Pablo is becoming a bit annoying , Karel , bless him, is being as cheerful as he can, but as a group we could not have started or carried on ( there have been particularly testing times) without the kindnesses of our new friends at each stop, or the support we are getting from back home.

We can only send you our love and thanks.

Gratefully, much much love Pablo, Karel and Az :-))) XXX



23.11.10 Indianapolis

Good day to all of you lovely supporterers out there. I have had some rest, and today I was treated like a VIP at Indianapolis. Thank you so much Dan ! It was amazing. Again perfect running conditions, i got to go round the oval track with Dan in his car, then I ran the Moto Gp track which combines some of the oval track and another track in the centre of the circuit. Awesome !

I am so honoured.

Tomorrow I go to Laguna Seca. Hopefully.Woohoo !!!!

Pablo is a bit poorly at the moment, well to be honest he is hung over, he and Karel went to see Beech Grove , where Steve Mcqueen was born, and didnt get back til late. The piece to camera will have to wait...... what do I do with them ??

Lots of love,

Az xxx


21.11.2010 Indianapolis

Hello everyone. Thanks for your patience. Its been a while since I logged in. Its been a bit manic for the last few days.

Estoril was wonderful, Pablo and I had a great time reminiscing on the beach about the first time we met, and our first moto gp there last year.

The circuit was just perfect, and so was the weather. I was too early to meet Anne :-(, however Pedro , chief of security, was extremely helpful and I am so grateful.

But then, I had to move on swiftly to catch the plane back home for  Silverstone.

I was so very excited to see my family and friends....... but the M25 had its own plans , I spent a lot of time on it. More so than seeing anyone. Ah traffic........... Im afraid that very nearly did me in.... 9 hours in total on Friday spent on that motorway.

But, BUT, but, I did see my mum and brother and Andy and of course Chris :-) , so that made it all better.

Silverstone track , was , again, its own personality, wider that some of the others, and it was sunset, with an almost full moon with a crisp Nov weather.

Carol, who I am very grateful to, drove around the track ahead of me, as there are tracks coming off the main one , making it easy for someone of my directional inability to go the wrong way.

And , AND, and  Elizabeth and Matt from Riders came all the way there to cheer me on !!!!!!! I loved it, it was a good run, and to be cheered at the end by them made it so warm. We  chatted, afterwards, and then Pablo got to meet Elizabeth. He has  a huge crush on her....

I am planning to get Pablo to do a little "piece to camera " after we run Indianapolis. Very excited to be here..................... took 24 hours but so what ? Its all good.............

Love you and thank you all,

You keep me going.

Az xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx




16.11.10 JEREZ

Good evening my dear dear friends. Today I had the pleasure of a day off from travelling, and rested , to start again tomorrow.

I visited the beautiful town of Jerez. Its stunning.Truly. I finally get a chance to see a bit of the town Im in !

" It is very beautiful, si,"

Thanks Pablo. Do you know tomorrow we are in Estoril- thats where we first met ! Its like an anniversary.

" was it only a year, seems much longer......"

Thanks for that. Any way, I also went through some of the pictures of last week, and found this one. I am actually kissing the MOTO GP logo, and with the Riders logo on my back it captures all of the reason for this adventure perfectly.

Only problem is my bottom is much bigger than I thought, why did no one tell me ?

Love to you all xxx



15.11.10 JEREZ

Hello, hello, hello !!!!!!!!!!! I have internet again. Yipee !!!!!!!!

My dear friends,so much has happened since I last logged in. Assen was a real challenge. There was a gale in Holland the day I arrived and i ran in 30mph winds, warm, thankfully. Once I get the pictures up , you can see I have to hold on to my hat!

It was a lovely circuit, although at points because of the wind I looked like Marcel Marcea ,running physically, but not actually moving forward at all. Once I changed direction at the turn, I was blown forward at a fantastic speed.

That was 12th. A huge thank you again to all at Assen for a wonderful experience.Especially Peter. Thanks for the lift to the station!

Unfortunately on Sat 13th, I was meant to run Aragon. And I got the train and arrived at the station, but the train, bus and track slot meant I would miss my connection to Valencia, and that would have had a domino effect on all the flights that followed...... so I am sorry to say I missed out on Motorland Aragon. Huge apologies to them for that......


But ever forwards.... amigos.... like the Moto GP itself, there are more tracks ahead that have to be run.....

and so to Valencia.....

On 14th at 7am , still dark, dawn just breaking , and with championship motorcycle racing about to start at 8 am, I was allowed on track , via box 32. It was beautiful. The sun rising, the stars still out, just the birds the track and me.

I thought I was completely alone........until the minute I stepped off the track and saw the bikes gettiing ready for the race. Entirely awesome !! Thank you Valencia.

And then onwards again. 

(I will break here, from the story,just to give a taster of the travelling I have to do each day :

So then 14th Nov, in Valencia hotel, taxi to circuit at 0630, run circuit, taxi to Valencia train station 0830.

Train to Barcelona Sants station 1000 arrived 1340. Train to Barcelona airport 1409. Shuttle bus to terminal 10 minutes. Arrived airport terminal 1 1500.

Flight to Madrid 1 hr, then flight to Jerez 1 hr, with 1 hr stop over.

Arrive Jerez 2200. Taxi to hotel. Fell into bed 2300.)

Its all for the love of Riders. And you generous supporters.

I arrived at the Jerez circuit this morning and was treated like a member of the family. I do believe in angels , and I have met a number of them quite recently- Maria  is one of them. A beautiful, warm, giving , kind and generous lady, who not only arranged everything for me here, but then took me to lunch !!!!

I cant thank her enough. Ever.

 I ran Jerez twice, to make up for Aragon. Its a fantastic circuit, like a big slide , going up gently in a couple of places and then winding gently back down. Weather was cold but clear and sunny. Perfect.

Pablo met Pablo, the director of maintenence at Jerez, a lovely man who found my coat when I lost it. Awe...picture to follow.

And he and Karel are best buddies now, and spent most of the time at the train station in Aragon drawing on my hand when I was asleep in Zaragoza station. Great...

Love to you all. Thanks for keeping up.

Estoril and Silverstone next, hopefully.





11.11.10 ( Apologies for the pictures, cant seem to get them straight xx)

Amsterdam, midnight

Hello everyone. There has been a flight delay today hence the time of log in.

Firstly thanks and much gratefulness for a fantastic day in Sachsenring. I loved every minute. Its am amazing thing running a motogp track. Every single one has its own beauty and character. Sachsenring has rather a steep 15% hill towards the end, but with Rene and Peter cheering me on, i made it.

And as a special honour I got to stand on the podium ! How amazing is that !!!!!! :-))))))))))))))

I can never thank them enough everything for they did.

The circuits in Brno and Sachsenring have brought media coverage for my cause, the Riders for Health, hopefully more people will come to know of the work they do.

As a small digression, I wonder if those of you with an eye for detail have noticed the hat Im wearing. This belongs to Ben,the beautiful young man who lost his life at the age of 22 , in an horrific accident on track. His amazing mum Jax has given me the hat , at my request.

I feel I really have not earned my time on the moto gp tracks, so I think of Ben as I run,who did .

I am trying to get the corners right, terrible lines though-sorry Ben.

Your hat has protected me from sunstroke, to wind and rain, and if I pull it down it shields my eyes so I can sleep.

And today, you were on the Sachsenring No 1 podium. (I have put in a picture of Ben . He looks so much better in the hat than me. )

Love to you all,

From Pablo, Karel ( who are friends now) ( and asleep) and me,

Night night xx





22.00 Dresden

Hi !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have been internet limited so far so a quick update, as you see from the pictures we have done four tracks.

" Si, many many miles of travelling so far to go......."

Yes, thanks for that Pabs, a HUGE thankyou to EVERYONE at the circuits , you have been overwhelmingly generous , we are so so grateful.

"Si, very beautiful ladies eh ?......."

Yes thanks again Pablo. We hope we are doing you proud supporters, and now thanks to Radka , we have the pleasure of the company of a brand new friend, Karel.

"Hellö. I have no idea what is göing ön, kan you explain, please .."

"Si, I explain, I no invite you, you take Az from me, I her REAL friend..."

Now stop that Pablo ! You always do this. Then you become best friends and gang up on me. The readers dont want to hear all this...

" you is right, si, I sorry, friends thankyou so much for everything, we will keep going, love Pablo xxxx"

"I miss Radka......and Brno "

I will take you back to visit, Karel.

 With love to you our new friends at the circuits and our supporters back home


November 2010

Hi all ! I am at Heathrow with Pablo, he has gone off to have a final tinkle then we can board the plane to Qatar. Its all come round very fast, not sure we are prepared. . .

Thanks for the gifts and cards and well wishes, will try to keep you updated with photos of the journey,

speak soon,



September 2010

Hello everyone,

thanks again for your support. The final steps to the run are taking place,and its just a few weeks to go now.

I have thought long and hard about who to dedicate this run to. Then then tragic events that led to the death of Shoya Tomizawa , may he rest in peace, and the inspiration of a fantastic lady called Jax,who has lost her own son  Ben,to the sport decided it for me.

There are people in this world who insire others to change their lives,in a way that benefits others. The super brave bike riders,starting at whatever age, in which ever level,who set out to be world champions in an incredibly dangerous sport, these are my inspiration.

I dedicate this run to Shoya Tomizawa,Ben Lightowlerand all those who have been lost to this sport, and to those who continue in their fight to be the fastest out there. God bless .I love you all.

As for Pablo and myself, we will be trying not to let you down.

Love, Az x






The Mission :

Hello every one.Firstly we want to thank you all for being interested enough to read our page.The team leader, Pablo is a fictional character, for our amusement.He is also going to be the face of this event, and write most of the updates.

Let me begin the story. I met Pablo when we were on our way from Gatwick to see the Estoril Moto Gp.He was all furry and cute.I was just furry.I will let him tell you the rest.

"Hello friends,si I am Pablo.I met dis crazy Az in Portugal and we have been inseparable ever since.She look like a muppet,especially first thing in the morning and I am toy monkey. The similarity does not end there.No,indeed, we discovered in a short period of time ,we had a lot more in common.Specifically,we both wanted to do something special to raise awareness for d people who give so much in order to help the disadvantaged.Our favourite pastime is moto gp, our favourite charity is d Riders for Health.Dey do amazing work, and we invite you to look at d website :rfh@riders.org. Is a lot on d site,please take time to see what dey do.

Our plan is dis : Az will be doing d April 2010 Paris marathon, as a warm up to a special solo marathon at d end of d year.Dis is a tricky one,she will attempt to run all d motogp tracks of 2010, worldwide, in one month,starting in November. Although she is running,I will be coaching her ,dis is very hard for me as I only have very small feet.I am also to be spokesman,and keep you up to date with progress reports.

We would love you to support us, in an effort to help those trying hard to change lives.We ask only what you can spare, and if you can t , just send us your best wishes.

Update soon,

Pablo x "

Comments from offline sponsors :

" Good luck Pablo, with Az. Ahem. I mean good luck Pablo, space, with Az's training. Maria and 'Enemy'"

" You have more bottle than me... best of luck ! Malcolm "


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