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In Memory of Steve Harris - Guitarist / Songwriter SHY

Raising funds - The Steve Harris SHY Memorial Fund for Brain Tumour UK because research into GBM brain tumours is vital

raised by 99 supporters

Brain Tumour UK

Brain Tumour UK has merged with The Brain Tumour Charity to become the UK's largest dedicated brain tumour charity. We fund research and offer support and information to those affected whilst raising awareness and influencing policy.

Charity Registration No. 1117538


RAISING FUNDS FOR THE BRAIN TUMOUR CHARITY formed by a merger with Brain Tumour UK in 2013 - donations on this page are in support of The Brain Tumour Charity and fund research into GBM via The Steve Harris (SHY) Memorial Fund

Thanks for taking the time to visit my JustGiving page in memory of Steve Harris....songwriter, guitarist and creative genius behind rock band SHY....but above all he was the devoted and loving husband I adored. Steve was cruelly stolen from me, his friends and fans by a brain tumour in October 2011. 

Steve didn't smoke, was teetotal, ate healthy food, was slim and as fit as a person half his age, he ran 2 miles each day and has always been a clean living guy....not the image some might have of a rock musician, eh ?  He did nothing wrong, he did everything right, he was just one of the unlucky ones, randomly chosen, it doesn't matter who you are, your age or what you do, brain tumours cannot be prevented. When he was told from day one he was not going to survive this illness his words to me were........ "I've had 44 good years...these things happen". 

The stoic and positive way in which he dealt with this indiscriminate and devastating illness was as inspirational as the man himself and out of Steve's illness I want to achieve something positive and that is to help raise much needed funds in Steve's memory for The Brain Tumour Charity (formerly Brain Tumour UK) so that they may continue researching new treatments, support those affected (and their families) by brain tumours, raise awareness of this 'hidden' illness and ultimately find a cure for the unfortunate people who will follow in Steve's footsteps and through no fault of their own, will fall victim to this totally random illness.

An extraordinary, unforgettable and very private person and a true gentleman in every sense of the word, Steve was quiet, unassuming, dignified and respectful of himself and to those around him....oh and the funniest guy you'd ever meet....his quick fire answers and one-liners were priceless! I used to tell him that if he hadn't chosen to be a musician he should have become a stand up comic! He was also born with a natural talent for his instrument that has inspired so many. His 100% dedication to his band was constant and his song writing and playing improved with each passing year, he would practice for hours each see Steve without a guitar in his hand was quite a rare sight for me!  He used to lovingly call me a 'guitar widow' I'm one for real.

A prolific songwriter and described as 'one of the best rock guitarists in the UK', Steve was voted 32nd best guitarist in Japan's Burrn magazine June 2012 edition ranking higher than Angus Young of AC/DC and Uli Jon Roth, ex Scorpions!  Now, Steve's legacy is the awesome music spanning almost 30 years he created for SHY and I hope his music will inspire you to be the best you can be and never let go of hope, he didn't, even in the face of adversity.  

Steve was also a person that belongs to that 'unique group of people', you know, the 'stand outs', the type you meet once in a lifetime, a person that not only touches your heart but also your might meet maybe 2 or 3 of these people in your lifetime, but sadly you might not meet one and although the World I knew has ended under such shocking circumstances and another one starts, I am eternally grateful this very special man asked me to be his wife..... and one of my tributes to him for bringing so much happiness into my life for 27 years, is that I legally changed my middle name to Steve on what would have been his 47th birthday on April 19th 2012.

Donating through JustGiving is simple, fast and totally secure. Your details are safe with JustGiving – they’ll never sell them on or send unwanted emails. Once you donate, they’ll send your money directly to The Brain Tumour Charity and make sure Gift Aid is reclaimed on every eligible donation by a UK taxpayer. So it’s the most efficient way to donate - we raise more, whilst saving time and cutting costs for the Charity.

So please dig deep into the dusty corners and please consider donating........whatever you can spare, even that £1.00 coin you found down the back of the sofa......and along with Steve, lets all ROCK ON!  ............and to brain tumours, you ain't always gonna take the best people away and kill the soul of those who love ain't always gonna win!


Deb Steve Harris x

 ** As songwriter and guitarist extraordinaire, Steve was 'MR. SHY' and is irreplaceable, sadly this means the band are unable to continue without him **

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1.)  Only 2% of cancer research funding is spent on brain tumour research despite there now being 40 people diagnosed every day in the UK with a primary brain tumour.  The 'gold standard' treatment for malignant brain tumours has not changed significantly over the past 30 years.

2). Malignant Brain tumours are the most significant cause of cancer death in men under 45 and women under 35.  They attack anyone ‘out of the blue’ and destroy young, fit and healthy my Steve. They cannot be prevented because there is no known cause.                                           

3). Brain tumours are the most common cause of cancer death in children having overtaken leukaemia.

4). Malignant Brain Tumours take more years off the victims life than any other cancer.

5). Each year approximately 8,600 primary brain tumours are registered in the UK but it is widely accepted that these figures are under-estimated. The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) reports that 'almost half of intercranial tumours are not recorded by cancer registries' and research by brain tumour charities suggest the true number of primary brain tumours could be as high as 16,000. (*Secondary tumours in the brain are not recorded by cancer registries, but again research suggests up to 32,000 people may develop secondary cancer that has spread to the brain from elsewhere in the body).


Steve & Deb's eBay auctions (July 2010 - January 2011) raised £36.69

26.8 mile Birmingham Canal Canter September 2011 completed by close friend and number 1 SHY fan (probably!) Steven Craven raised £670.00

10k BUPA Great Yorkshire Run October 2011 completed by good friends David & Vicki Tait raised £423.09

Collection box held by local Post Office has so far raised £325.73 (October 2010 - April 2013) (January 2014) (January 2015) (July 2015) (December 2015) (April 2016) (August 2016) (November 2016) (March 2017) (August 2017) (January 2018)

Cheque donation sent directly to Brain Tumour UK January 2012 by special friend Keith Dudley £100.00

Inskip Half Marathon January 2012 completed by good friend David Tait raised £155.00

The Three Amoebas and Friends gig at The Asylum Venue Sunday, 6th May 2012 (and HT-5R Combo Amp raffle prize kindly donated by Blackstar Amplification) raised £806.45...amazing night, amazing people. Special thanks to Phil Docker, Ian Danter, Nigel Joiner, Steve Marks, Ian Kay, Keith Dudley, Roy & Jaci Davis

Free Radio Walkathon Sunday, 13th May 2012 completed by Steve's friend and work colleague Jane Dickinson (now a fabulous friend to me) raised £340.00

Tough Mudder (a hardcore 10-12 mile obstacle course designed by British Special Forces) completed on Sunday, 15th July 2012 by four amazing people: Steven Craven, Allan Fleming, Moria Dineley and Thomas McCorrie, raised the fabulous sum of £615.00

Collection box held by Madhouse Rehearsals / The Asylum Venue Birmingham raised £198.67 (October 2012) (April 2013) and (January 2015)

The marvelous Halloween pumpkin carving by Keith Dudley raised the fantastic sum of £635.00 that was handed over in person to the Charity on Thursday, 1st November 2012 (October 2012)

Collection box held by The Station Pub, Kings Heath has so far raised £209.51 (February 2013) (December 2013) (May 2014) (June 2015)

Cash donation sent directly to The Brain Tumour Charity by my rock chick buddy Lisa Billingham £10.00 (March 2013)

Collection box held by Johnstans family butcher, Kings Heath has so far raised £37.00 (April 2013) (June 2015)

Collection box held by PIZZAS R US raised £16.38 (April 2013)

Rockers Serpentine have raised the fantastic amount of £305.00 at Hard Rock Hell with their bucket collection and raffle...well done and thanks're all stars, in more ways than one! (April 2013)

Collection box held by The Crown Pub, Kings Heath raised £111.90 (May 2013) (August 2013) (March 2014) (August 2014)

Collection box held by The Plough Pub, Harborne has so far raised £436.56 (May 2013) (October 2013) (May 2014) (October 2014) (May 2015) (June 2016)(February 2017)

Collection box held by Zebs Supermarket, Billesley has so far raised £315.62 (July 2013) (September 2013) (December 2013) (April 2014) (July 2014) (October 2014) (February 2015) (June 2015) (November 2015) (March 2016) (July 2016) (November 2016) (April 2017) (August 2017) (December 2017)

'A TRIBUTE TO STEVE HARRIS - SHY' (a concert performed in Steve's honour and memory by his band mates: Tony Mills, Lee Small, Roy Davis, Joe Basketts, Bob Richards....with Carl Anthony Wright and Neil Hibbs depping for Steve, raised £3,279.69 (19th July 2013)

The online auction organised by Keith Dudley that coincided with Steve's Tribute Show raised £1,300.00 (July / August / September 2013)

Collection box held by Evergreen Pharmacy, Billesley has so far raised £229.55 (August 2013) (April 2014) (September 2015) (February 2016) (November 2016) (December 2017)

Sale of Steve Harris t-shirts (in addition to the £250.50 worth sold at his Tribute show) £11.80 (August 2013)

Collection box held by The Kitchen Garden Shop, Kings Heath has so far raised £34.17 (October 2013) (June 2015)

Keith Dudley has again carved some awesome Halloween pumpkins and has raised the fantastic sum of £525.00....thank you so much Keith, you will always be The Pumpkin King and so very special to me (October 2013)

Blackstar Amp signed by Billy Gibbons of ZZ TOP (part of the online auction organised by Keith Dudley that coincided with Steve's Tribute Show) has raised £700.00 - MASSIVE thanks to Keith for his hard work and continuous support (November 2013)

2 lots of 4 CD's donated by AOR Blvd Records featuring artists on their label has raised £45.00 (of which £25.00 was paid to The Charity via JustGiving) with a further matched charity donation of £25.00 by GE Foundation....thank you Ray Bennett. Sincere thanks to Paul Mitch Rudland and Kelv Hellrazer for donating the CD's and for their kind support (December 2013)

Collection box held by The Queens Hotel, Newbury has so far raised £27.27.  With thanks to my friend Tom Hayes for his kindness in organising this (April 2014)

9 CD's by AOR Blvd Records of David A Saylor's new album 'Strength Of One' which features a cover version of 'Why Does Our Love Have To End' written by Steve and dedicated to him has raised £109.26. With thanks once again to Paul Mitch Rudland and Kelv Hellrazer for their kindness and generosity (May 2014)

Collection box held by Waddams Opticians, Hall Green raised £12.44 (May 2014).

Collection box held by Alexa Hair & Beauty, Shirley raised £7.42 (June 2014)

Steven Craven, his son Ross & friend Thomas Cairney raised £691.25 when they competed in 'The Tough Mudder Scotland' on Sunday, 15th June - guys you are so kind, courageous and mad!  Thank you so very much (June 2014)

Collection box held by fur kids Alice & Lucy Harris has so far raised £62.05 (July 2014) (December 2015) (December 2016) (December 2017)

Collection box held by Domestiks, Stirchley raised £103.63. With thanks to Karen Docker for her kindness in organising this (August 2014) and (August 2015)

5 CD's donated by AOR BLVD Records of the recently released PUSH UK album 'Future Into The Past' has raised £66.00. Thank you Paul Mitch Rudland and Kelv Hellrazor for doing this for a third time and for your continued support (September 2015)

My good friend Mary Hollings who chose to have a collection box at her 70th birthday party in lieu of personal gifts has donated £50.00 to Steve's Memorial Fund, she is one of life's living Angel's for the kindness and compassion she shows to others...thanks so much Mary (November 2015) 

A DVD of unseen footage of SHY performing live in 1988 has raised the fantastic sum of £418.65. My sincere thanks to friends Steve Russell who filmed these shows and who donated the footage and to Rob Billingham of Bilibee Creative Ltd for putting the DVD package together and of course fans of Steve and SHY who supported my fundraiser......couldn't have achieved this without you guys, it's been awesome......THANK YOU so much (November 2015 / March 2016)

Collection box held by The Nag's Head in Newbury has raised £134.67 With thanks once again to friend and SHY fan Tom Hayes for organising rock Tom! (December 2015) (November 2016) (September 2017)

Anonymous donations received at The Brain Tumour Charity in Steve's memory £620.24....thank you friends, with love always from Steve and me (January 2016)

4 CD's once again donated by Paul Mitch Rudland and Kelv Hellraiser from AOR BVLD Records of David Saylor's new album 'Ship To Nowhere' raised £43.06.  Thank you for your continued support guys, it's much appreciated (August 2016)

Steve Harris (SHY) 5 Year Remembrance Gig - The Station, Kings Heath...Friday 28th October 2016 raised £1,017.64  Thanks to The Three Amoebas (Phil Docker, Ian Danter & Nigel Joiner) and Lee Small & Carl Anthony Wright for awesome musical performances - for free. To Blackstar Amplification, Marshall Amplification, MusicStreet, James Toseland, Karen Docker, AOR BLVD Records, Cadburys, WH Smith, NEXT, Wilko, The Body Shop, Costa Coffee, Café Rouge, Pizza Express, Tesco and Odeon Cinemas for donating raffle prizes. To Jan Wilson for her baking skills and food donation and to all those who attended and supported the event....there are still some very good people in this World that I am grateful to know - thank you all from the bottom of my heart x 

Collection box held by The Covered Wagon, Moseley has raised £83.80. Huge thanks to the guys and new friends for supporting our cause (November 2016) (March 2017) (November 2017)

PMT Birmingham - Guitar & Amp Workshop have raised the totally amazing sum of £395.05 in their collection box. My most grateful thanks to Phil Docker for organising this and to friends and customers for supporting our cause and a much missed fellow musician and friend, Mr. Steve Harris (February 2017)  (June 2017) (September 2017)

Our Fundraiser at Route 44 (Inn On The Green) Acocks Green, Birmingham...Friday 21st April 2017 raised £800.00. Thanks to Live And Let Rock and 51 Stone for giving us a fantastic night of music - for free. To Blackstar Amplification, James Toseland, Michael and Tyson Schenker, Tony Mills, PizzaExpress, Odeon Cinemas and Tesco for donating raffle prizes. To Route 44 for the venue, Jan Wilson for her baking skills and food donation once again, Kerry Roe-Ely from The Brain Tumour Charity for attending and supporting the event and to all the lovely people who attended and supported our night - thank you all so much for helping me and The Charity help others x (April 2017)

AOR BLVD Records have donated £100.00, being a % of the sales from the album 'Ship To Nowhere' recorded by the late David Antonio Saylor (RIP David). Thank you again Paul Mitch Rudland and Kelv Hellrazor  for your continued support (May 2017)

The UPRAWR Crowd, Birmingham have raised £235.00 - with sincere thanks to Jaci Davis for organising this collection (July 2017)

Collection box held by 'Pete's Pan' has raised £120.24. With thanks to this new venue for coming on board! (August 2017) (November 2017)

£55.00 was raised when I completed the 10 km Twilight Walk through Warwick on Sunday, 8th October with Jane Brown and The Brain Tumour Charity....thanks to friends who sponsored me x (October 2017)

Various items donated by Steve's and my dear friend Jane Brown and sold by me online has raised £59.85 - with thanks to Jane for her continued support x (December 2017)

With thanks to Steve's Auntie Daphne for sending me a £15.00 donation in her nephew's memory....thank you so much lovely lady (December 2017) x

Tony Mills, SHY vocalist and Steve's songwriting partner has raised £130.00 via an online auction to win a sealed copy of the rare and sought after CD: SHY - 'Reflections: The Anthology 1983-2005'. My grateful thanks to Tony for this kind gesture and to the winning bidder in the Czech Republic - thank you for your support - enjoy the music! x (January 2018) 

If you have time, you may like to have a look at the following sites, where you will also find info regarding any planned fund raising events in Steve's memory, pictures of Steve and our latest news - Fundraising Info and celebrating the life of the one and only Mr. Steve Harris - Official SHY website - SHY's Facebook Page











  • Steve Harris SHY - Guitarist / Songwriter
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