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White Helmets Search and Rescue Ambulance

We are equipping a Search and Rescue Ambulance for Prism The Gift Fund because the White Helmets need better equipment

47 %
raised of £25,000 target
by 66 supporters

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Everybody knows the White Helmets, everybody knows how dangerous their work is. What most people do not know is how little equipment they have.

Often they have to rely on guess work to know where people are buried under rubble after the bombing. Often they are digging with their bare hands or basic shovels. They are risking structures collapsing on themselves and are suffering injuries themselves due to lack of equipment.

The White helmets have the highest death rate of ANY volunteer group in the world. Every single one of them is a volunteer. They are working in conditions that most of us could not begin to imagine. They rush in straight after the barrel bombs have been dropped in spite of the risk of double tap bombing. They dig men women, children and babies out of rubble with their bare hands. They have to race against time when they can hear a babies cries and hope that they are digging in the right place, hope that they can get to it in time. The conservative estimates are that The White Helmets have rescued more than 41,000 people since the conflict began

Their command centre in Idlib was attacked with barrel bombs and they need our help.

The equipment that they need is not complicated - they need acoustic life detection equipment - they need snake eye cameras - they need protective clothing for their crews and volunteers - they need heavy duty power tools capable of drilling and cutting through the rubble when people are trapped - they need props and generators to run those tools. 

A delsar acoustic listening device that can detect the heartbeat of a child buried under rubble is £3000. 

A Hilti concrete breaker to smash through the walls that have collapsed and trapped people underneath is £1200.

A saw for cutting through concrete lintels crushing people is £600

Jaws of life for removing victims from twisted metal are £2000 second hand.

They need battlefield type medical aid - too many people are dying that could be saved because they simply do not have enough Celox, dressings, or tourniquets. They need body bags.

Working with Urban Search and Rescue teams here in the UK and with the White Helmets (Syria Civil Defence) we have compiled a list of the essential equipment needed.

The total cost will be £25,000 to buy the ambulance, enough protective gear for 10 volunteer White Helmet crew, the extraction and detection equipment needed, the medical supplies needed and the cost of shipping.

Help us to help the heroes.

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