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  • Event: Virgin London Marathon 2010, 25 Apr 2010

Friends of Conservation

International wildlife charity working with communities around the world to protect endangered species and habitats. The Charity recognises that if conservation programmes are to succeed then the needs of local people are kept in balance with those of endangered species and habitats.

Charity Registration No. 328176


Please click here to hear latest podcast on tigers / Please click here for blog from recent Tiger Safari

Race Number: 39139

26 April  -  Two ice baths, 5000 calories and I am still hungry !  Full report to follow on Thursday in the Exodus online newsletter but this was an extraordinary day. It is unquestionably the best sporting event in the British calendar and this is mainly down to the support. The noise for the tiger was deafening throughout the course and this really helped. I managed to keep up a steady pace up to halfway and beyond and the seething crowds on the Embankment got me across the line.

A massive thank you for all those who donated on line and those who Twittered and Facebooked on the day.  I must also thank those Trojans who came up to support on the day and gave out much-appreciated care packages en route.

Is that it for the suit? Is that it for the tiger ?  What do you think !

5 hours 59 mins 40 !

23 April   Two days to go and I think we all know what the forecast says! Again a massive thank you to the team here at Exodus and indeed the 175 people who evaded the Party Political bunfight on SKY last night in Kensington and showed they cared not only with their hearts but also with their pockets. Training is complete (probably), I am sick of the sight of linguini, penne and spaghetti and pesto but if it helps it is worth it.

This has been a pilgrimage which reaches the grail on Sunday. But not for the tigers, this is a small step and I hope a worthy one in saving a species, the fight will go on here and fortunately elsewhere. They matter, thank you all who have contributed for having the perception to realise this. PAUL



19 April Less than a week now, costume is finished and with all donations we have just hit 10K. A HUGE THANK YOU TO ALL THOSE PEOPLE WHO HAVE PUT THEIR HANDS SO DEEP IN THEIR POCKETS IN DIFFICULT TIMES.

For those who have not seen, this is the promo video of the story so far:


Hope to see a big crowd this Thursday in Kensington

12 April  In exactly two weeks I expect to have finished. Costume is just about finished -see enc. - Liz (the wizard who designed it) is a genius - http://www.dotsloft.co.uk/.Training still hampered by rib but what the hell, an abort now is just not an option.

By the way, huge thanks for all the donations and the messages however cryptic some are. Also big thanks to our PR company, especially Chris and Stephen who have been filming this project, look out for the link for that soon. No thanks at all to the facist security people at Trafalgar Square and South Bank for moving us on quite so ferociously, I wish their species were dying out like the tigers were !


Anyone reading this, please come along next week, can't say it will be the most cheery talk I have ever done but it will be the most stirring. I have some pretty harrowing footage but it needs viewing.


26 March - Bad rib day, marathon seems a long way off right now - anyone know how many Ibuprofen you can take in a day ?


25 March - Just back from Sri Lanka, everything WAS going so well. Outstanding safari, whales, dolphins and amazing leopards - blog to follow.

Penultimate afternoon arranged a 'friendly' beach cricket game which resulted in a visit to a local A & E for an X-ray.

To cut a long story short I have a fractured rib. This will make things interesting. In fact this will make things extremely tough, but still worth it.


9 March Back from an incredible safari in Kenya. between the rains we managed to photograph most of Noah's lot : http://www.exodus.co.uk/news/2010/03/leopards-rain-mara   

 However, more importantly I got in three decent runs in blazing heat and 1500 metres. One km here is worth three at SW19 level. Finally got to see the suit on my return, it is big, not decorated yet, and not finished but the harness is done and at least I have some idea of the height. Off to Sri Lanka on Friday hopefully to see some big blues and leopards (which have obsessed me for 20 years now) and some warm weather training again.

Will have the finished suit the day I get back. Again a HUGE thanks for all those who have donated!

25th Feb   Off to Kenya tonight on safari but crucially I should be able to get in some altitude training in between game drives. One mile at 1600m is worth three at sea level. Full costume fitting day I get back so should have some new images week beginning 7 March.


18 Feb  Pretty much recovered now and back in full training, eight miles last night with 12 KG ruck-sack.  Big thank you to the Exodus folks in London and Exeter this week for their support and donations, in fact to anyone who has donated.  The goal is for a bus to take young children from outlying poor villages into the park - it's a lot of money, but so far I am thrilled with people's generosity in hard times.

Someone asked me what will you do if it is really hot or very windy in the suit - simple reply - SUFFER !

2 Feb Due to the shattering Haitian earthquake, charity is understandably, in short supply so a huge thank you to those who have contributed already ..... it matters.

A nasty bout of Delhi enteritis and a horrid virus have thwarted training for a week or two, but NOTHING is going to get in the way of April 25th.

Recently the papers have been full of salacious stories concerning Eldrick Tont Woods. Anyone christened Eldrick Tont would seriously consider changing their name. But for those contemplating the deed poll office please have some serious thoughts before endorsing the name Tiger. It has not stopped breakfast cereals and beer manufacturers flagrantly maximising this endangered predators name but sadly this magnificent striped cat needs more than than this exploitation to survive.

Bogus census' have left an inaccurate and dangerous figure for how many still live but finally the Indian government is understanding the extent of their mismanagement and indeed their duplicity in the scandalous poaching of this cat. Chris Packahm received much opprobrium for suggesting the Panda is a stricken species only living in captive circumstances and should be allowed to die out. Maybe he was right though. Tigers breed well in captivity like pandas but unlike the pandas they still have strongholds in the wild that still exist and have to be maintained and supported.
Paul Goldstein has guided literally hundreds of people to see their first Bengal Tiger. 'If I am with them for their first sighting I beg them to put their cameras away as it is such an emotive moment and one to be savoured. Plus photographs taken while shaking and crying are only fit for the delete bin'. Paul has raised over £40.000 for his project in Bandhavgarh, the best place to see tigers. This has rebuilt the local school and supplied patrol vehicles for the park. It is essential for the tiger to not only benefit the tourist but also the local population. However the park needs more vehicles, it needs fencing and more vehicles and it also needs properly equipped staff, so rather than cry crocodile tears about it like gushing celebs more concerned about their pitiful image than the tiger, he intends to do something about it.
Paul has run many marathons but not for ten years. At the end of April he intends to run the Virgin London one in a tiger suit. Not a demeaning inflatable or fur parody of his favourite predator but an aluminium framed tailor-made nine foot high one. He hopes for a still day and is not looking to run a personal best but does intend to complete whatever the pain. 'My pain will be a frivolous bagatelle compared to what tigers are suffering'. The costume will eventually reside in Bandhavgarh at the small lodge owned by Raj Sharma, Paul's long time friend and ally in this  fight against poaching and the disgraceful ravages of ludicrous Chinese medicine that feels it needs Tiger bones and penis' to cure and to invigorate the flaccid egos of its despicable patrons. Raj has probably done more for the tiger than anyone alive including surviving an attack whilst saving a tourist from an injured one, he is passionate, outspoken, headstrong and obstinate in his fight to keep this species flourishing. It is easy to see how he and Paul get along so well.
Taking on the traditional medicine market and the structures and departments that are so woefully inept at marshalling tigers is a battle that cannot be won, especially from London. Helping to re-enforce and upkeep one of the remaining sanctuaries for them can be. Paul treats this mission of his in Bandhavgarh very seriously and the Marathon is not going to be the end of it. New patrol vehicles are required, solar lighting and more work at the school, it's enough to keep him on the road through the winter
Each year the world loses animal species but the demise of the tiger would be a capitulation that can and must be avoided. Please give generously to his campaign. Tigers matter, think about that next time that flawed golfer sinks another multi-million dollar putt. Also next year is the Chinese Year of the Tiger and if that does not fill you with horror it should, does it mean there will be an even more insatiable demand for their body parts, does it mean the price for Tiger Penis soup will go up exponentially. Have these creatures not suffered enough ? They matter to Paul too, and on April 25th they will start mattering a whole lot more.


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