This page is to help support HVTO, which is a non-profit NGO. We develop and manage free education, child sponsorship and clean water projects in rural Cambodia.


My wife and I have been supporting HVTO for a few years now. They really are a grass roots organisation bringing education to some of most wonderful people who need a helping hand after decades of genocide.


Thanks to everyone that has made contributions. Sim and HVTO is doing amazing work.



Contributions made through online using JustGiving are processed via our UK partners (CamKids), who don't deduct anything for administration, however JustGiving and Credit Card companies levy a small deduction.


Donation from most UK individual taxpayers gain an additional 25% in GiftAid. These accumulated funds are disbursed to HVTO in full.


HVTO is registered in the Cambodian Ministry of Interior as NGO #1049. HVTO is not a UK registered charity.

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04/05/15 01:51

Thanks to everyone that has made contributions. Sim and HVTO is doing amazing work. 100% of your donation goes to HVTO no deductions or admin charges.

15/03/13 05:51

Raising money for

The Cambodian Children's Charity

The Cambodian Children's Charity

Charity Registration No. 1116862

The Cambodian Children’s Charity (‘CamKids’) is a development and relief organisation, dedicated to providing direct aid to poor children in Cambodia. CamKids is administered by its Trustees and volunteers and is able to pass on more than 120% of the money you give (after recovery of Gift Aid). For more information, go to or e-mail:

Raising money for

Run by The Cambodian Children's Charity

Charity Registration No. 1116862

Donations 37

This payment is for our student Sophara whom we support in Cambodia.

Donation by Sheila Rowell on 23/04/16

This money is for the sponsorship of a student we met at the HVTO school in Cambodia...Mean Danaeth...all arranged with Seth and would appreciate transfer of money

Donation by Cynthia and Graham Griffin on 09/04/16


+ £50.00 Gift Aid

An additional £150 raised through a Tea and Cake afternoon.

Donation by Sandra Herring, Julia Cook & Spouses on 12/01/16


A visit to Sophy Village impressed and overwhelmed me so much I wanted to help. Friends &volunteers hosted a vintage t party in the village of Longframlington (Northumberland) on 29/11/15

Donation by Dawn Phillips on 30/12/15


Money collected at Tea and Cake afternoon for Sim Piseth's organisation.

Donation by Sandra Herring and Julia Cook on 23/12/15

Ref; Chea Sinorn. This is a payment to see the above person through her second year of University. I also gift aid all my payments.

Donation by Ray & Janet Munden. on 27/11/15


We saw this good work on a Viking tour. Hope our donation might provide another water pump.

Donation by Robin & Rosemary on 24/11/15

This represents the first year of sponsorship payments for Pov Sophara. This has been arranged by Sim Piseth of HVTO Cambodia. I am agreeable for HVTO to collect the Gift Aid as I am a UK tax payer.

Donation by Sheila Rowell on 28/04/15

Fantastic project, wonderful children

Donation by Bob and Margaret Pinnock, Viking Nov on 03/12/14


+ £25.00 Gift Aid

Please apply this to the College Prep Program at HVTO-Cambodia

Donation by Patti G Baker on 20/06/14


Donation by Anonymous on 28/03/14


+ £25.00 Gift Aid

Donation by Anonymous on 09/03/14

Hi Sim: This is balance of sponsorship for Hov Sak for October 2013. With best regards.

Donation by Anonymous on 06/10/13

Donation by Melbourne O'Banion II on 17/09/13


Donation by Tina Baraque on 29/04/13


On a Viking tour with my wife I recently visited the Learning Centre and want to support the very valuable work which is going on there.

Donation by Bryan Collins on 15/03/13


+ £25.00 Gift Aid

Donation by Barbara Perez on 16/02/13


Sim, Thank you for all you did to help Makara get the care he needed. I look forward to returning to Cambodia and seeing you soon.

Donation by Bruce King on 14/02/13

We just returned from a Viking tour of Vietnam and Cambodia and want to support Sim's wonderful work at the Learning Center.

Donation by Charles Sieloff / Sally Dudley on 12/02/13


I would like this donation to go towards HVTO's clean water project.

Donation by Stephen McCarthy on 01/02/13


Donation by Melbourne O'Banion III on 29/01/13


We wish Sim and the school much success.

Donation by Tim Stevens on 05/01/13


Thanks for organizing this page, it's a blessing to make this contribution to HVTO so easily.

Donation by Bruce Austin on 01/01/13

Donation by Myron Belfer on 25/12/12


We were impressed with our visit in December and want this money to go to support the school.

Donation by timothy pierce on 24/12/12


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