Helen is running the marathon for the first time, here are her tips based on what she has discovered so far. 


Why did you decide to run the London Marathon?


I wanted to have a goal to work towards and a reason to get fit. The furthest I’d ever run before was 7k, so thought I might as well  set myself a challenge scary enough to get the motivation going!


Who are you running for and why?


I’m running for the Alzheimer’s Society, as my dad (in the photo with me) was diagnosed with early onset dementia several years ago and they were a great help during that time. It’s such an important charity providing a valuable resource of advice and support for people who are going through one of the most difficult times in their lives.


What's the most unexpected thing you've learnt so far in your training?


That exercising really isn’t that bad, and I actually enjoy it. 


What are you finding most helpful for your training?


Making more effort to manage my nutrition has really helped. I’ve been snacking a lot to avoid ever getting too hungry (usually a common occurrence), which stops me crashing out after work – no excuses not to run.


What are you finding the hardest?


Haven’t yet been able to master the morning workout and am always snoozing my alarm. Fitting in training around work and social life has been difficult.


What's your top training tip?


Find other people to train with, but don’t compare yourself to them!


What makes you most excited about running the London Marathon? What makes you most nervous?


The thought of actually crossing the finish line and the elation I’m going to feel is pretty exciting! I’m probably most nervous about getting an injury during training or on the day.