Having re-started my attempt to sail nonstop, solo, around the world in 'Nereida', from Victoria (on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada) in October 2010, but having suffered a knockdown on Day 72, over 100 miles before reaching Cape Horn, I was able to sail around the Cape unaided two days later and finally reached Cape Town in S.Africa on 11th May 2011 - which completed a single-handed circumnavigation started from there on 9th March 2010.

I then sailed on via the Southern Capes of Tasmania and New Zealand and finally sailed back to the Strait of Juan de Fuca, thus completing a circumnavigation from/to there via the Five Great Capes of the Southern Ocean - but with a few stops for essential repairs.

I'm delighted finally to have succeeded, in my third attempt, in completing a nonstop,unassisted circumnavigation, having arrived back in Victoria, B.C. on 8th July 2013, after leaving from there on 22nd October 2012, and again chose to raise money for Marie Curie Cancer Care in doing so. This is a great charity that provides specially-trained nurses free of charge to enable terminally ill people to end their days in their own homes surrounded by their loved ones.

Donating through Justgiving is quick, easy and totally secure. It’s also the most efficient way to sponsor me: Marie Curie Cancer Care gets your money faster and, if you’re a UK taxpayer, Justgiving makes sure 25% in Gift Aid, plus a 3% supplement, is added to your donation.

Thank you so much for visiting my sponsorship site. I appreciate your support and have enjoyed hearing from many of you over the past months.

You can see my route (I posted my position daily while on passage) and you can also read my daily reports by going to my website:

Warm regards,



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Delighted to report the successful completion of my solo, nonstop, unassisted circumnavigation attempt when I sailed across the Finish line at the harbour entrance to Victoria, B.C. on 8th July 2013. Many thanks to all those who have been so supportive during my attempts.

01/09/13 08:29

Working hard on 'Nereida' since my return to B.C.on 1st August, which completed a circumnavigation via the Five Gt Capes - now preparing for nonstop RTW re-attempt, starting early in October 2012. Back in UK for September Boat Show in Souhampton before making final preparations.

22/08/12 01:33

Raising money for

Marie Curie

Marie Curie

Charity Registration No. 207994 (England & Wales) and SC038731 (Scotland)

Marie Curie provides care and support for people living with any terminal illness across the UK. Our nurses work night and day in people’s homes and our hospices offer specialist care. We also support people emotionally, provide practical information, and match them with trained volunteers.

Raising money for

Run by Marie Curie

Charity Registration No. 207994 (England & Wales) and SC038731 (Scotland)

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It was a pleasure to spend time with you in Santa Cruz this week. Sparked the old sailing lust a bit back in me. have a good journey and hope our paths cross again. Suzy

Donation by Anonymous on 11/11/13


Donation by Ellen e Claudio on 01/09/13

Donation by Chris Minard on 01/09/13


Donation by Peter A. Green "Free to Roam" on 01/09/13

Well done! Bob, ve0rdm/vk4bdm

Donation by Bob MacDonnell on 02/08/13


In Seattle from L.A. on holiday when you arrived but couldn't meet the boat -- didn't bring my passport! Drat I had such a wonderful vicarious time reading your blog around the world. You're the best!

Donation by Ginger Clark, KG6TAU on 31/07/13


Congratulations on your great success and hugely well done!

Donation by Geoff & Jenny on 28/07/13


+ £12.50 Gift Aid

As a three-time major cancer survivor, I fully appreciate the efforts of Jeanne Socrates and her support of the Marie Curie Cancer Center.

Donation by John E. Sanford on 26/07/13


Fantastic. A record that will never be broken. We are so pleased. What next?

Donation by Barbara & Mike Arnold on 25/07/13


+ £5.00 Gift Aid

Many thanks for your enthusiastic and often thrilling reports.

Donation by Guy Luijckx on 24/07/13

congratulations - looking foward to you returning to Ealing for rehydration therapy

Donation by Michael & Dorothy on 24/07/13


Well Done Jeanne! I hope our small donation helps someone. Rob ZS 1 RAP Pauline ZS 1 PLN Alfie ZS 1 DOG

Donation by Rob Parkinson on 24/07/13


Dear Jeanne! You have certainly done the seemingly impossible! You have my total admiration! Well done!

Donation by Mats Wallner on 24/07/13


Jeanne, It was a privilege and a pleasure to make contact with you while on your successful journey. Will be in touch.

Donation by Peter Hers ZS6PHD on 24/07/13


Well done Jeanne

Donation by Ali Kutay from Turkey on 24/07/13

I have followed you since your first attempt. Loved your posts & notes. Sending hearty congratulations on your achievement!

Donation by Janell on 24/07/13


Glorious achievement. I so enjoyed your accounts.

Donation by Will Palmer on 24/07/13

Donation by moira miller on 23/07/13


+ £5.00 Gift Aid

One plucky lady and for such a an important cause

Donation by barbara MAYNE on 21/07/13


Congratulations, Jeanne!

Donation by Carol & Sigmund Baardsen, sy Mary T on 17/07/13


What a thrill to meet you and see Nereida in front of the Empress hotel last Saturday. Congratulations from myself and all the armchair adventurers, sailors and dreamers you have inspired.

Donation by Dr Tim Andrews, Crescent Beach, B.C. on 16/07/13


Congratulations!! You are an inspiration, Jeanne. It was lovely to meet you last night and to see your beautiful boat!

Donation by T & G Greenwood on 12/07/13

Congratulations Jeanne on your exceptional achievement. I do hope to see you again while you are in BC waters. Cheers

Donation by Ann Page on 10/07/13


here's another donation to cancer support to record my awe in your completion of this circumnavigation. AWESOME Well done J.

Donation by B McD on 10/07/13


Read about your amazing story in SAGA. You deserve a donation for battling those southern waters again! Very best wishes for great success and raising funds for such a great cause.

Donation by Gill Nelson on 09/07/13


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