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Ann Foundation Inc, Suwanee, United States

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Breaking Barriers for the Visually Impaired

The project seeks to train visually impaired children in computer education, Braille and English language skills,. Through this, it is hoped that the students would become self-reliant and employable.

What is the problem the project is addressing?

An estimated 500 million people worldwide have some form of visual, hearing, mobility, or cognitive impairment. Due to limited resources, most of the visually challenged children/youth do not have access to education in developing countries. These individuals, in particular, face a serious problem. Due to their lack of computer literacy, they are unable to access online information that might otherwise allow them to participate more fully in society.

How will this project solve the problem?

This project will employ experienced volunteer (tutors) to train the visually impaired students with computer courses including use of the screen reader. These computer courses will help the students acquire three important fundamental skills: browsing a web page using a screen reader, communicating with friends via e-mail, accessing information independently online.

What is the potential long-term impact of this project?

The goal of this project is to train visually impaired children/youth in English and computer use.It will provide them with the necessary skills to be able to independently access information using a computer. In the long run, this program will help these students gain integration into the larger society.Our programs will break the invisible barriers to employment and equality of opportunity, giving them dignity and independence.

Mar 06 2019

End of Academic Year (2018-2019)

Arjun Vedam

With End Of the Year exams approaching in April 2019, the children at IELC are busy preparing for their exams and looking forward to their summer vacation. As always Ann Foundation's volunteer tutors have strived to improve the children's English Language proficiency and to provide exposure to a world of information through imparting important computer skills. In addition this time the volunteer tutors have also helped the children prepare for the year end exams.

Ms. Ann Moideen visited the school to oversee first hand the progress made by the school staff in helping children use the restrooms constructed in the school premises. The facility which is now fully functional has had a transformative effect and removed a major barrier towards effective learning for the children.

We would like to thank all donors who continually support the children at IELC through generous donations and support. Thank you! You have made a real difference in the lives of the children that we serve.

With Gratitude
Arjun Vedam
Project Manager
Ann Foundation
Dec 17 2018

End Of the Year Report (2018) For IELC

Arjun Vedam

With End Of the Year Christmas celebrations and cultural events, the children at IELC are getting ready for their Christmas and New year holidays. This has been a very productive quarter with regards to the English and Computer Teaching Project of Ann Foundation. We have introduced and started making use of new curriculum for the visually impaired children designed through learning management system - canvas. We are also looking at the feasibility of introducing basic computer programming for the children as part of the computer classes.

With regards to the newly constructed restrooms in the school premises the school authorities have trained the children with guidance from Ms. Ann Moideen to use the restrooms. The facility which is now fully functional has had a transformative effect and removed a major barrier towards effective learning for the children.

We would like to thank all donors who continually support the children at IELC through generous donations and support. Thank you! You have made a real difference in the lives of the children that we serve.

With Gratitude
Arjun Vedam
Project Coordinator
Ann Foundation
Sep 17 2018

New begining for the children at IELC

Arjun Vedam

With the generous support of donors such as you,we have constructed 10 toilets and 8 showers for the children at IELC school for the blind. Inauguration of this newly built restroom facility was held in the month of June, and Ms. Ann Moideen was invited for the inauguration. Ms. Ann Moideen stressed the importance of training the children to use the restrooms and with her guidance the school administration has begun to train the children. The facility is now fully functional and 130 children have access to restrooms within school premises and are able to focus on learning from Ann Foundation's team of dedicated volunteers. Thank you! You have made a real difference in the lives of the children that we serve.


With Gratitude
Arjun Vedam
Project Coordinator
Ann Foundation
Jun 15 2018

Welcome the New Academic Year

Sharadhi Sukumaran

IELC students are back from their summer break and are ready to start the new academic year. For the upcoming year, the team at Ann Foundation will be implementing a special curriculum to provide the students with an enriched learning experience. Ann Foundation’s aim is to broaden the world of the Students at IELC by providing them opportunities to learn. ‘Learning through touch’ concept will be initiated along with ‘Personality Development’ coaching for the students.

In the best interest of our students, Arjun Vedam, IELC coordinator visited the school earlier this year. This visit was organized with the intention of carrying out a detailed analysis of the existing services rendered and assess how we could better channelize our efforts for the benefit of our students.

With your generous contributions we have been able to complete constructions of ten toilets and eight showers for the children to use. These will be functional by the end of June. Ms. Ann Moideen is visiting the school to inaugurate the event. The students are extremely excited to begin using their new facility.

During her visit, the students will also receive new sets of school uniforms, which was designed by Ms. Moideen, herself.

Mar 05 2018

Disabled friendly Rest Rooms for the IELC children

Sharadhi Sukumaran

2018 started at a good note at the IELC school for blind. This year, we have undertaken a special project, to provide restroom facilities for the 130 blind and visually impaired children in Burgur, India.

After a wonderful Christmas break and Pongal break, the Founder & CEO, Ann Moideen initiated the restroom projects at IELC School for the Blind. Restroom at classroom vicinity is undoubtedly a basic need for our kids. Imagine, having to live, learn or work in a place where there is no access to a clean or safe bathroom or toilet. Because of this lack of access, these 130 blind and visually impaired children from the IELC School for the Blind continue to suffer discomfort, embarrassment and the mad dash to a distant facility. They are challenged to overcome the distance from the school to the dormitory for their one daily restroom break.  As a result, they hold back for hours or have to wait until the end of the day. There are also health implications to “holding it in”, their concentration and learning is compromised when students are so uncomfortable. This has fueled Ann Moideen in creating a better and safer environment for the blind and visually challenged students.  

Ann personally made three visits to the school to build the restrooms, she worked with architects, contractors, customized user-friendly toilets for the students. Ann being an interior designer, she personally selected the needed materials for the restrooms.

On Feb 13th Groundbreaking ceremony was held, the foundation was laid, construction is in progress.Ann also gave an orientation to the teachers and caretakers on toilet training, hygiene, and well-being of the students.The project is expected to be completed in the next 60 days.  

The students have made excellent progress and are getting ready to go home for summer vacations. 

We thank you, the donors for your continued support!

Dec 05 2017

We are going Digital

Sharadhi Sukumaran

The computer technology has a deep impact on education. Computers and the Internet technology have opened both our eyes and minds to a world that just craves for being explored and discovered. Computer education forms a part of the school and college curriculum, as it is important for every individual today, to have the basic knowledge of computers. Online education has revolutionized the education industry. The computer technology has made the dream of distance learning, a reality. 


At Ann Foundation, we believe in empowering the children with education. With the world going digital, we wish to make IELC school digital as well. 


Currently, the computer classes are being given only to the low vision children, however, in 2018, we will initiate computer classes for all the visually challenged children. This will make it easier for the students to take tests and also do the homework on computers.


Our tutors are monitoring the progress of the students with daily behavioral assessments and termly tests. We are in the process of developing computer lesson plans to make learning easier for the students, these initiatives will help the student's computer literate. 

The IELC school is off for Christmas break and the classes will resume after the new year. 

We thank all our donors and well-wishers for their continued support.

Ann Foundation and IELC Children Wish You Happy holidays 

Sep 06 2017

Be a source of their smile :)

Priyadarshini Krishnan

Be the source of their smile!

Ann Foundation’s effort to mentor visually challenged students has always been a great success. The first quarter of this academic year has been a smooth sail at IELC. Thanks to our expanding volunteer network. We appreciate our volunteers’ dedication and enthusiasm; as a result of their efforts we have initiated computer classes for the sixth and seventh graders as well. This is a new territory for these students, they are learning with utmost curiosity and excitement. We have introduced monitoring techniques such as, weekly reports to understand each student’s progress, and class performance, which are useful to assess the impact of our efforts. 

One of our tutors, Srivardhini who has been associated with us since June 2016 says the experience has been an “eye opener at a personal level”. In her words, “teaching visually-children has made me more sensitive to the needs of the differently-abled.” Shobana, one of our tutors teaching the intellectually challenged students, feels that it is a two-way street. She is imparting English knowledge to these children; in return she is learning the art of perseverance from them.

Dheelapan, grade 5, (Bhoopathy’s younger sibling- mentioned in our previous report) dreams of following his brother’s path to become an IAS officer with the help of Ann Foundation and you, the donors.

Benjamin Franklin says that “An investment in education pays the best interests” and this is what our mission is. For us to do a better job we need you. With your help, we will be able to ensure that these children will be better equipped to face life. And you can rest knowing well that it was because of you.

Jun 05 2017

Shining Stars

Priyadarshini Krishnan

“An infinitesimal effort can cause large impact”. The small effort of donors and volunteers is reflected through the academic success stories of our students. Here is a glimpse of how you have touched several lives.

Pavithra, Grade 12: Hailing from a remote village in Vellore district of Tamil Nadu, Pavithra joined our online ESL classes when she was in sixth grade. Her command over the English language has tremendously improved over these years. In grade 10, she scored a total of 420 marks, making her one of the highest scorers in the state of Tamil Nadu. She says “the online classes have helped improve my communication skills, confidence and knowledge”. She is a true shining star, now working hard to secure a good rank in her grade 12 exams as well. 

Eshwari, Grade 7: Earlier, she had to travel a long distance from a remote village in Krishnagiri district to the IELC school. Now the hostel facilities on the campus provide a safe environment for this low vision student. She mentions “Initially I was very shy to speak in English, now online classes have helped me to communicate without fear”. 

We are boosting their confidence to dream, to achieve higher goals, to face any challenge in life. On learning about how a visually impaired candidate recently cracked civil service exam in India, our student Bhoopathy of grade  aspires to become an IAS (Indian Admiinistrative Services) officer. His classmate Aarti dreams of pursuing a career in music. 

Your little light of hope as donations and volunteering shines through their smile. :) 

The next academic session starts from June 2017, we look forward to sharing many success stories.


Mar 07 2017


Ann Moideen

We started this New Year with incredible enthusiasm and lots of positive energy. Students were eagerly waiting to meet their tutors and share their vacation stories. 

January is a month of celebrations in Tamilnadu, India. Students celebrate Pongal, a festival to demonstrate respect for nature, farmers and cattle. On the school campus, the staff had organized fun activities and ceremonies designed to nurture cultural values in our students. 

One of our volunteers visited the school during January. Students and staff were excited to spend  a day with her. During her visit, she was able to address and resolve a few issues we had with the computer classes.

 This quarter, our tutors are introducing next level grammar lessons. Students show great enthusiasm in taking on new chapters with the zeal to learn more. Students aced the test conducted in January covering the previous level grammar lessons. This success has boosted our tutors’ confidence. 

 As we approach March, we are preparing for concluding this academic year with a final assessment test. We realize that frequently conducting tests helps us gauge our students’ progress, allowing us to revise our teaching strategies. Good learning outcomes and motivated students and tutors indicate that we are heading in the right direction.


Dec 16 2016

Happy Holidays

Ann Moideen

Happy Holidays from the IELC Children and the Ann Foundation

Our IELC team has made a tremendous progress this year and here are some highlights of our achievements.

We regrouped the students according to their different skill levels. To that end, we conducted assessment tests measuring their vocabulary and communication skills.

Ann foundation has been stepping forward toward utilizing technology for the betterment of visually challenged children.Here is how our online English classes benefitted our students.

Pavithra, an 11th grade student said, “The online classes are very interesting and informative. Our teacher encourages us to speak in English, and she shares quotations and inspiring stories.”

Following are some stories shared with us by our volunteers working with the IELC students:

Teacher Vidya’s Testimonial

One of my students said “I love English classes and I am not nervous about the exam.” This truly made me realize that, given the opportunities, students can succeed both academically and socially. After one of my classes was over, the students were not willing to leave the classroom; they wanted me to tell them a story in English!

Vidya’s testimony indicates the confidence that these students have gained and how much they want to succeed in life.

Teacher Latha’s Testimony

Latha says that she is proud of her students’ performance. She says “Students were awesome as usual. I am very excited to see their enthusiasm in taking the test. All the students are outstanding and they just need little bit more push and encouragement from all of us to reach their goal. I would definitely put more efforts toward bridging the gaps.”

Sruthi, a new member of Ann Foundation says:

“I have come across many gifted students who never had an opportunity to pursue their dreams. Giving them exposure to the wider world is really what they need. One thing I really like about the classes is that the teachers have built a good rapport with the students.”

A goal for our teachers is to maintain consistent goals and expectations to ensure academic success. Students shouldn’t use their visual impairment as an excuse for late or unfinished work. Teachers should hold the same expectations for visually impaired students as for other students. We provide visually impaired students with extra tutoring where needed.

Students with low vision are often at a disadvantage when presented with information in regular classrooms. Many technology solutions exist for accessing information via computer. Low vision students in IELC never had an opportunity to use the school computers but we were able to persuade the school administration to provide additional classes for the low vision students and access to the computers. Our students have benefitted from the resulting weekly computer classes. Now they are able to type in a Word document, saving and retrieving those documents. They are making good progress.

Our team of volunteers work hard to bring positive change in the lives of the visually challenged children so they can become lifelong learners.

Sep 20 2016

Our Success Stories

Ann Moideen

We are proud to share our recent achievements as we have completed the first quarter of this academic year 2016-17. 

At the start of the academic year, we grouped students based on their previous’ year performance. This helped us in ensuring that students of the same level could be given similar attention. This provided great improvements on both the teaching methods that were used and also on the level of assimilation by the students. Over the course of the year, tutors had open dialogues with the students to assess their learning abilities which gave great feedback to adjust classes and teaching methods in virtually real-time. Due to one of these discussions, it was decided that a completely new group had to be created for students who required additional learning guidance, care and affection due to their troubled background.

On a regular basis we conduct conference-call meetings between all tutors to internally provide feedback on students and on teaching methodologies so that improvements can be made and new ways developed.  During this quarter we had the possibility of discussing with Ms. Ann Parsons who is an expert in tutoring visually impaired students. Her experience and knowledge helped us in improving our teaching strategies. 

“The visually challenged students are usually shy because they are not encouraged to question. Ask them leading questions. Each student is unique. The same teaching technique may not apply to all. Teach them the words/sentences which are applicable in their everyday life, it will be easy to relate to and remember.” – Ms. Ann Parsons. 

We are seeing tremendous positive outcomes through Ann Moideen’s efforts to empower the low vision children and youth to use technology to their advantage, here is the outcome of her efforts. 

Our computer classes which are being conducted on weekends are a great success stories with children previously feeling marginalized are now feeling empowered as they learn how to type and perform tasks using specialized Jaw software. 

Volunteers are also being empowered as they feel their great work is leaving real benefit to the children and the world in general. 

Kavita, one of our tutors, mentioned how “after coming to US, I felt a void, that void was filled through online volunteering. Now I give just a couple of hours a week and this already is enabling students to continue their education.  I feel it’s my responsibility to bring education for all. Now I feel I am part of a bigger family. When class is over my students could not believe how time has flown…it’s such an immense satisfaction”

The basic need of these children is love and care along with constant motivation. The education Ann Foundation is giving them is making independent and better as individuals.” – Shobana – Volunteer Tutor.

Another volunteer Srivardhini told us: “This experience has been a great learning experience for me.  I have become more understanding of these marginalized children, now I feel real empathy”.

Our work is full of sacrifices and challenges but the success stories we see more than justifies it.  We continue our work to bring education for all especially the marginalized children. 


Jun 21 2016

Students are back from summer vacation!

Ann Moideen

Students are back from summer vacation, absolutely rejuvenated! Fifteen new students have enrolled in our program. Our E- Classes commenced on June the 13th,2016. 

A new team of composed and enthusiastic volunteers  from various countries have come forward to teach the visually challenged children.  

School has resolved the Connectivity issues  therefore the classes are running without any difficulties. 

This year we have made many changes,our curriculum team is designing new  teaching modules,in addition we will be initiating computer and personal development classes in the coming months.  With our new class timings ( 6-8pm IST),we notice a tremendous change in the children ,they are more focused and are able to concentrate better than the previous year. 
Mar 24 2016

ESL Classes in the midst of massive flood

Ann Moideen

The end of last year was marked by massive floods in and around Bargur, severely impacting classes not only during the rains, but also disrupting the school’s internet connectivity. Ann foundation team worked diligently with the IELC school leadership to address the connectivity issues and brought the classes back to normal by early January.

Despite these connectivity disruptions, the Ann foundation volunteers succeeded in bringing the ESL classes back on track. The children were able to resume their education goals and reacted with renewed energy and excitement.

Many of the IELC teachers continue to provide positive feedback toward our classes and confirm the children’s eagerness regarding their learning and their continued initiatives to converse with both friends and teachers in English whenever possible. We take pride in the positive difference being made at IELC. 

Ann Moideen, the founder of the foundation has designed an assessment for all students of IELC with plans for implementation for the upcoming academic year. The assessments, which will regroup children based on their current levels of proficiency, will be administered personally on a one-on-one basis and will allow for more focused and efficient teaching methods going forward.

Nov 25 2015

Conversing in English


Due to severe rain in Burgur, we were unable to give classes for almost four weeks. Below is a testimonial from our ESL teacher. 

Mathaiyan, Sivashanker, and Navanitha are fourth grade children. Initially they were very shy and nervous but now they have gained confidence. 
Sivashanker is very smart and he is a  learns fast learner with sharp memory. Mathaiyan absorbs everything which is taught ,he has a very positively attitude. Among all the other students, these three children are very energetic, responsive and obedient. In summary, the kids are always looking forward for the next class and they seem to converse well in English.
I am glad that  the students are benefitting from my classes.
Ann Foundation Tutor.
Sep 01 2015

Classes have resumed after summer vacation

Ann Moideen

We are excited to share this information to you our donors and well wishers.

Students returned from their summer vacation. We have resumed our classes, welcoming new enthusiastic volunteers. We are making many changes to our program.

We are implementing new strategies to achieve better learning experience for the students. Our tutors are preparing assessment test, after the test we will be regrouping the students. We are implementing computer training for the low vision students.

Students are busy practicing volley Ball for an upcoming state level competition.

Karthik is one of the students who have benefitted immensely from Ann Foundations online classes. His eagerness to learn and his aptitude for imbibing and remembering new topics was what signaled him to be different. His teacher-a volunteer of Ann Foundation found Karthik’s progress over the course of one year extremely exceptional. She found that Karthik was not only able learn his lessons with great alacrity but was also able to connect what he learned from earlier classes.

What the volunteer teacher found exceptional about Karthik was not only his ability to learn but also his ability to help his fellow classmates to learn better. “He is willing to repeat the lessons to his fellow students, and my classes with him are always pleasant, as he also learns to manage his tendency to speak up out of turn and help his classmates.”

Ann foundation is proud to have helped a child like Karthik who hails from an underprivileged background to achieve his full potential. AF is proud of its volunteer teachers who are able nurture such a talent.


Apr 22 2015

The Ann Foundation believe in supporting the hopes and ambitions

Ann Moideen

A few major changes in the last months:

  • We redirected some of our resources toward helping teachers improve their English at the Indian Evangelical Lutheran Church School for the Blind (IELC). Our aim is to create a sustainable teaching environment so that the teachers can facilitate learning efficiently and independently.

  • We expanded our curriculum to include more engaging activities such as stories, games, quizzes and songs. The children reacted happily to these changes and we love experiencing their increased participation—their enthusiasm for creating new endings with traditional stories is very rewarding.

  • Our team of educators and administrators are in the process of reviewing and optimizing our techniques and strategies to further promote our students' academic success with detailed, moment-to-moment engagement.


The children have just finished classes for the academic year and are looking forward to taking a well-deserved summer break as soon as they finish their annual exams. As always, The Ann Foundation is deeply committed to forging the best possible education for our students (no summer break for us), and we thank you for your help with our mission. The future of these children is only possible with your support.


Ann Moideen

Dec 29 2014

IELC School for the Blind

Ann Moideen

This year, we have taken the IELC School for the Blind project to the next level! Newly appointed coordinator Namratha and our ESL tutors are coming up with new ideas to make learning more enjoyable. Our IELC team feels a proper curriculum for blind children should stimulate their curiosity and make them willing participants in their environments.

We have introduced Personality Development classes, which helps to bring blind children out of their shells so they can embrace the world around them. It is common for blind children to withdraw from the world, so these classes help them build confidence and communicate skills.Special attention is given to students with learning disabilities.

Despite challenges, we have been enthusiastically conducting our classes. Mid-term examinations are in progress, and we will be resuming our classes in Jan 2015 with the same zeal!

Jul 28 2014

Desks and Chairs donation

Kavitha Chandran

This academic year beginning June, Ann Foundation resumed the ESL classes for the children at IELC. A handful of new volunteers have also joined hands with us in this meaningful journey and we happily welcome them on board. The students at IELC and the volunteers are equally excited and thrilled at the prospect of this purposeful interaction.

We face technical barriers and running the classes seamlessly is not an easy task but the tutoring team is very determined and despite all odds we are able to move forward. I am sure that slowly we will achieve our goal of imparting all the children at IELC with the language skills necessary for facing competition in the modern society.

We are also evaluating the possibility of adding Personality Development sessions and are in the process of gathering all the necessary information, to make it happen.

Having recognized the fact that the furniture used by the children at IELC is worn out and rather uncomfortable, Ann Foundation took a giant leap of faith, by reaching out to its friends and referrals for help. Soon the foundation was able to raise sufficient funds for buying desks & chairs. These chairs and desks were then donated to the students of IELC.  The school correspondent and the students were very touched by this action of all the donors and Ann Foundation.

We are looking forward to a purposeful and motivating year ahead and hope to make a tiny difference in the lives of the adorable children of IELC.

Mar 28 2014

Sustainable Income generation activity

Kavitha Chandran

With the beginning of a New Year, we have had some new members join our team. With their innovative ideas, experience and diverse knowledge, we are striving to make our project more efficient and fruitful to the children at IELC. We are continuing to have several challenges in seamlessly conducting the classes and have had many disruptions but the tutors are relentlessly focused, patient and committed to overcome the day to day challenges and march forward. 

As an income generation opportunity for the school, Ann Foundation raised funds and the foundation has set up an organic dairy cattle farming operation for the IELC school. The project also has provided support for proper shelter, cattle-feed and vaccinations for the donated cows.The revenue generated through the sale of milk, will provide an ongoing source of income to maintain the school and has provided employment opportunity for the women in the community.
Nov 04 2013

Tutors' visit to IELC school

Ann Moideen

Ann Foundation has made huge progress in the way ESL classes are conducted at the IELC school. With the support of the school corespondent, Mr. Lawrence Inbaraj and the technical coordinators that he has appointed, the IELC project team has overcome major technical challenges. The team has introduced several interactive teaching techniques that keep the students interested and engaged. These new techniques have made the teaching process more effective and fun-filled.

Two of our project tutors visited the school and spent an entire day with the kids. This visit has enabled us to strengthen our relationship with the school and also has rekindled personal connection with the kids.

The IELC team of tutors were provided a training on 'How to connect better with the visually challenged kids' by Ann K Parsons, a professional tutor and founder of Portal Tutoring.

We believe that this initiative of providing ESL classes to the students of IELC school will become a true success only if English speaking becomes a regular practice for these kids. So we also have arranged for a weekly ESL session for the school teachers of IELC.

We would like to express our thanks to everyone who dedicate their time & skills towards this project.

Donate and/or spread the word about our projects and you will be positively touching the lives of several visually challenged children.

Jul 23 2013

The ESL classes for the students with visual impairments

Ann Moideen

The ESL classes for the students with visual impairments in the IELC school, Bargur started on the 17th of June. The classes were postponed by a government ordered delay due to heat waves. Now, we are conducting nine sessions each week for students in grades IV to XII.

IELC school is now being managed by a new correspondent, Mr. Lawrence Inbaraj, who is not only focused on the educational needs but is also devoted to the overall well being of the children.  On assuming his role as the Correspondent of the IELC School, he brought a huge wave of change, including the cleaning the school premises, planting trees, and renovating the building. In addition, the school has appointed dedicated technical coordinators who are happy to stay beyond their regular work schedule to help us conduct the ESL classes.

With the goal of incorporating improvements to the ESL project, we have revamped the IELC project team and have appointed seven new tutors and a project manager who understand the true value of education. All are committed to this cause and determined to produce positive outcomes. They are also enthusiastic about experimenting with new teaching techniques. The students are all thrilled to meet their new tutors and are having fun in their learning sessions every week. We often experience interruptions caused by power failures and internet connectivity issues, but with the interest of the children, involvement of the tutors and support from the school authorities, the classes are continuing amidst all technical difficulties.

We realize that any educational project must match the needs of the day and hence are in the process of enhancing the curriculum and introducing innovative teaching methods. Soon, we will be conducting ‘train the trainer’ sessions for the tutors to give them more clarity on how best to work with children with visual and hearing impairments.

We are eagerly looking ahead for an academic year of opportunities. Listed below are some of the activities already lined up for the near future:

1.       Personality development classes
2.       Teacher training sessions

Oct 01 2012

New curriculum, volunteers and more...

Divya Varier

As promised, we are happy to share with you, our first Youtube project! In this promotional video, we have narrated the story of Ann Foundation’s work with IELC. We hope you like it. Tell us what you think! Here is the link:

This academic year, our focus is on revamping the curriculum based on best practices. We would like to introduce assessments and evaluations that will help us identify what is working, and where we need to improve. To this end, we have engaged a new project manager and teaching volunteers who will take this project to the next level. They are already working hard, and we hope to update you soon about what is new!

We hope you will continue to support us. Thank you, donors and supporters of Ann Foundation. Do share the story of our children to friends and family by forwarding the Youtube link or posting it on your Facebook page, twitter and other outlets!

Jun 26 2012

Summer at IELC

Ann Moideen

This April, the academic year at IELC ended on a positive note. Our IELC representatives tell us that all our children were successful in their year-end school exams. What’s more, six students graduating from the school intend to pursue English Literature in their undergraduate studies! We are thrilled that so many of our students wish to take up English in college. Our hope, at the outset, was not only to provide IELC children with important communicative skills in English, but also to foster motivation to learn and love the English language. Kudos to our students on their academic success and career plans!

In keeping with our goal to provide computer education, the IELC management has brought in a new specialist computer teacher who will start training our students when school reopens on July 1st. Ann Foundation believes technology is a great way to break barriers brought on by visual impairment, and we are hopeful about receiving generous donations to support this effort. Donations can be made for any of our specific technology needs listed on this webpage. 

At this time, we are also pleased to announce that Ann Foundation has launched Project YouTube in our effort to make our projects more visible on the web. Since IELC has been one of our oldest and most successful projects, we decided to tell the story of IELC first!  After collecting audio and video material from IELC students and AF volunteers these last few months, we are working on completing the promotional film by end of summer. Keep an eye out for a Youtube link on our next update!


Mar 23 2012

Ann's Visit to IELC School

Ann Moideen

During her recent trip to India, Ann Moideen visited the Foundation's project in Bargur, Tamil Nadu. Here, Ann Foundation has been in partnership with the Indian Evangelical Lutheran Society to support the work of the school for the blind.

The visit with all the teachers and students was most rewarding. Ann could see tremendous improvement in the children. Teachers shared their enthusiasm as they pointed out that they, as well as their students, are benefiting from the classes. It was truly heartwarming to hear their praise for our Foundation and its efforts to provide the classes, begun in July 2010. Our work is bringing hope and promise for a brighter future for these children.


Mar 20 2012

Ann's Visit to IELC School

Ann Moideen

During her recent trip to India, Ann Moideen visited the Foundation's project in Vellor, Tamil Nadu. Here, Ann Foundation has been in partnership with the Indian Evangelical Lutheran Society to support the work of the school for the blind.

The visit with all the teachers and students was most rewarding. Ann could see tremendous improvement in the children. Teachers shared their enthusiasm as they pointed out that they, as well as their students, are benefiting from the classes. It was truly heartwarming to hear their praise for our Foundation and its efforts to provide the classes, begun in July 2010. Our work is bringing hope and promise for a brighter future for these children.


Dec 18 2011

Students are making progress - Ann Foundation

Ann Moideen

This is our second successful year at IELC School. We at the Ann Foundation would like to thank all our generous donors for their support during 2011.

At present, 80 visually challenged students are making good progress in both conversational English and interpersonal skills. The classes have been running smoothly while the enthusiasm of the students is growing. Many students say it is the highlight of their week, a time when they can learn and speak English in a fun way without having to sit for exams.

In addition to their English skills, the students are enjoying extra-curricular activities.  They have won numerous awards and accolades, participating in many Quiz competitions, volleyball, cricket, dance, music, kabaddi and more as they compete in state level tournaments.

The teachers also enjoy the classes conducted in both Tamil and English. Every teacher is given a chance not only to speak from the script but also to come up with impromptu lines for the topic under discussion. When they assign homework, the teachers complete it along with the students and present their work in class. Even the shy, hesitant teachers have now become more vocal as compared to the start of the classes. 

Interacting with these students has been a rewarding experience for our volunteers.Even though the school has limited resources, teachers and students show so much enthusiasm, inspiring everyone to strive for more. All the volunteers agree that they learn more from the experience than the students learn from them.

Our volunteers have also spent much time and effort over the past several months designing and developing a curriculum that could be adopted by our international tutors. We look forward to reaping the rewards of these efforts.  

In addition to continuing the current classes, in the coming year, we plan to give a sleeping bag to each of the 170 students at a cost of $50 each.

We appreciate your continued support for our project.



Sep 19 2011

Updates from the field - Ann Foundation

Ann Moideen


Our  ESL educator Deepa visited  IELC school and here is her testimonial.

My experience at the school was simply great. The students came to me on their own and initiated conversation in English. The difference between the students who have had the conversational English classes and those who haven't is evident. 
More than anything, these classes have given students the confidence to want to speak English on their own. In fact, two students, Anbu and Sandini, have chosen English literature for their undergraduate degree because of the confidence they have gained from the conversational English classes. 
The students are very friendly, respectful and eager to learn. Despite their disabilities, they are working hard to learn a trade. The students gave me a tour of  their weaving and envelope-making blocks. 
In contrast to the increasing arrogance and boredom we see in a lot of young people these days, these students are a happy, humble and respectful lot.
The teachers are also very friendly and co-operative, inspiring their students to perform their best. 

Deepa Padmanabhan
ESL Volunteer
Ann Foundation



Jun 13 2011

Instilling Confidence - an Ann Foundation Program

Ann Moideen

One of the many services that Ann Foundation provides to the children we reach are Personality Development classes. These classes aim to provide disabled children with the confidence, social skills, and conversation skills needed to thrive in this world. One Ann Foundation volunteer, Rahul Srinivasan, has been instrumental in developing and teaching these classes to our students at the Vellore school. Rahul, an electrical engineer from Mubai, gained experience educating underprivileged children during his work with an Indian central government directive called the Shiksha Abhiyaan program. He now brings his expertise to AF in Vellore, teaching children self esteem through song, class discussions, poetry recital and other techniques.

We recently spoke with Rahul who told us that he believes it is important to "think outside the box" in order to make education an engaging and exciting experience. His class, he said "Just does not want class to end. They treat me like a friend and often joke with me". Rahul teaches a variety of lessons, not limited to environmental awareness, the importance of honesty, and speaking with confidence. 

Thanks to your help, Rahul and other AF volunteers can continue their mission of assisting these underprivileged children in need, providing them with multi-faceted education in order to prepare them for successful living.



Mar 30 2011

Through the eyes of an AF Volunteer

Ann Moideen

This past winter, Tejaswini, one of our dedicated volunteers at the Ann Foundation visited the IELC School for the Blind near Vellore, India. Until then, Tejaswini had only communicated with our students remotely via Skype. She described the experience as "touching" and "unforgettable'. We spoke with her recently and would like to share some of what she experienced with our donors and potential donors here at Global Giving. Below are some excerpts from our conversations with Tejaswini.

"In December 2010, I visited IELC School for the blind and mentally challenged in Bargur, India. Bargur is a small town near Vellore, in the state of Tamil Nadu, India. Currently, there are 122 students enrolled at the school aged from 8 to 18 years old. That number includes 46 mentally challenged students and 76 students who are visually challenged. On the day that I visited, the children were busy enjoying Christmas celebrations, so I met with the children after their celebrations and prior to their lunch. The children were excited to meet me in person and I distributed small gifts. They expressed to me how much they enjoy our English classes and their words were touching. I was moved to tears with the love and respect they had towards the teachers at the Ann Foundation. The IELC teachers expressed how grateful they were for the Ann Foundation and the volunteers for their commitment and dedication towards empowering the visually challenged."

"One of the most memorable experiences from my visit was a speech given by a visually impaired alumnus of IELC. He had been invited as a guest speaker to inspire and encourage the students towards success. Following his speech, students participated in a music competition where they displayed their talents and competed for awards. Some students formed an orchestra while others performed a dance and play, an unforgettable experience that will stay with me forever!”

As you can hear from Tejaswini's testimony, the Ann Foundation continues to improve the lives of children in need, thanks to your support. We hope that you will continue to support us in this critical mission.

Jan 06 2011

Happy New Year from the Ann Foundation!

Ann Moideen

We at the Ann Foundation would like to thank all our wonderful donors for their tremendous support during 2010! We hope that you please take a look at the pictures to see just ONE of the many ways you have helped us this year. Because of your kind generosity, we were able to procure uniforms and shoes for the children at our Vellore school, allowing the children to continue their education in safety and comfort, a rarity for handicapped children in this part of the world.

As the New Year begins, many of us begin to make resolutions, and some of us think of ways we can give back more to others this year. If this was a resolution of yours, we would love for you to please consider teaming up with the Ann Foundation  in 2011 as we continue to expand our classes and begin new projects in Vellore (as well as around the world). There are many children who can use your help! So please continue with your generous donations, and never hesitate to contact us. We are always in need of bright and caring individuals who can volunteer with us. Or perhaps you may have some suggestions. How do you think we can reach more children in 2011?

Again, thanks for your support and lets continue to work together!!

Sep 20 2010

School is in Session, Supplies needed!

Ann Moideen

Thanks to donors like yourself along with our dedicated volunteers, classes have begun for our students. Over one hundred disabled students have joined us in Tamil language classes (a local dialect, see taught by our gifted teachers. Our volunteers have spent much time and effort over the last several months designing and developing a curriculum that could be adopted by our international tutors, and we look forward to reaping the rewards of our efforts! The students have been divided into small classes to maximize learning, and our volunteers have been working around the clock preparing new lessons and tending to the youth.

While the classes have been running smoothly, and the enthusiasm of our students is growing, we have noted some additional needs. Currently, we have plans for a fully operational computer center, so that our students can become computer literate. More immediate, though, is the need for comfortable and clean new uniforms and shoes for the students. An education should not be hindered by something as simple as footwear, so the Ann Foundation plans to provide the students with new shoes and clothing. You can help us in this effort by contributing even a small sum. Just $20 is enough to purchase four pairs of new school shoes, and $35 can purchase two sets of uniforms. Please help these children succeed in their education!

Jun 22 2010

Forging Ahead

Ann Moideen

As part of an ongoing effort by the Ann Foundation to improve efficiencies, we have moved our project to Vellore, a city in Southern India, where space is available to continue our work. This move will allow us to reduce costs, better allocate donations, and reach a greater number of disabled children in need. We have recently sent a trusted volunteer to the field to set up the infrastructure. She will soon send us the pictures from the field, which will be uploaded on the site. We hope that you will check back in to view the photos from this exciting new project. We at The Ann Foundation are thrilled to have the opportunity to build yet another successful school where English and technology courses can empower and educate young people, giving them new chances for their futures.

Feb 01 2010

Going Steady

Ann Moideen

Foremost, we would like to thank our donors profusely for their invaluable contribution for the lesser-privileged children. And We at Ann Foundation, wish each of you a very Happy & Prosperous New Year 2010.

We are making slow but steady progress in our project. With the collected sum, we could not find an office space in the city (which we had initially started out for) to set up our envisioned resource center. If this does not materialize sooner, we plan to shift the resource center to a different location.

Jul 29 2009

Touching the lives of children in need

Ann Moideen

"Strange is our situation here upon earth. Each of us comes for a short visit, not knowing why, yet sometimes seeming to divine a purpose. From the standpoint of daily life, however, there is one thing we do know - that man is here for the sake of other men."

—Albert Einstein

We at Ann Foundation would like to extend our sincere and heartfelt gratitude to our donors for their continued support and interest in our project to train visually impaired children. Any generosity and support from you would make a tremendous impact on the lives of the many visually challenged children who yearn for good education and a support system to help them prepare for an unparalleled future, breaking all the barriers of their challenges.

Ann Foundation has touched the lives of many beneficiaries and here are a few notes from them.

“With profound gush of gratitude we wholeheartedly thank you for your sincere, honest and strenuous effort for sending us the Braille magazines, scripts and study materials for the use of the visually challenged for all these years continuously”

- Director, St. Louis Institute for the Deaf and Blind, Chennai, India

“It is very kind of you to provide this software for our children. It helps them access world popular applications. It also gives more power to learn and work on the system independently. I am glad to say that this has helped them to grow in confidence. Thank you very much for your generous contribution to our students.”

- Headmistress, Higher Secondary School for the Blind, Little Flower Convent, Chennai, India

Mar 23 2009

“The dignity of all human beings should be respected”

Ann Moideen


This is the second in a series of snapshots about project leader Ann Moideen and her organization the Ann Foundation.

Thank you for your continued support of Ann and her tireless dedication to training visually impaired children in computer education, Braille and English language. We ask you to contribute again today! Feel free to tell your friends about Ann and her incredible work!


“The dignity of all human beings should be respected”

Ann Moideen begins her day at 6 a.m. by checking emails over a big cup of coffee. “Making connections and meeting with people plays a huge part of my everyday routine,” says Ann, founder of the Ann Foundation. The Ann Foundation works in India to help train visually impaired children in computer education, Braille and English language skills.

“The work that I do is extremely gratifying to me,” Ann continues. “At the end of the day I know I am helping the physically challenged; in some way I am touching people's lives. A physically challenged person is just like any other person however, they are not awarded the same opportunities in life and so they may never realize their full potential. I feel that young boys and girls have great aspirations and an abundance of energy, but they often lack the support and resources to channel that energy into meaningful work this is where the Ann Foundation plays a huge role.”

The Ann Foundation also provides job-training services for adults, and one of Ann’s most memorable moments was working with a visually impaired English professor who, because of his disability, knew very little about computers. When the Ann Foundation started conducting computer workshops he was reluctant to participate as he was afraid to learn. Begrudgingly, he eventually attended and was inspired by one of the volunteer’s presentations. Afterward he committed himself to developing his computer skills, and within 3 or 4 months wrote a thesis for his exams using a word processing package on his computer!

“The dignity of all human beings should be respected,” says Ann. “Often people with disabilities are deprived of basic Human Rights. These beliefs motivate me daily in the work that I do.”

Feb 25 2009

Meet Ann Foundation Founder Ann Moideen

Ann Moideen


Please welcome Ann Moideen. She is a new project leader here at GlobalGiving and over the past few weeks we have had the opportunity to get to know Ann and the great work she does for her organization the Ann Foundation.

Periodically over the next two months we will be sending you snapshots about Ann’s life and work. We encourage your feedback about this new form of progress update so that we can provide you with the most interesting and relevant information possible about the projects and causes you support.

We thank you for your contributions and ask you to consider donating again to Ann and the Ann Foundation. Feel free to tell your friends about Ann and her incredible work!

Meet Ann Foundation Founder Ann Moideen

Ann Moideen grew up in Bangalore, India, surrounded by a family of doctors, nurses, and teachers. When she was 16-years-old and a student in college, she moved in with her aunt, a doctor who lived on a hospital campus. Although Ann valued the educational opportunities offered on the campus, she was more interested in the world beyond the hospital confines. “I felt that beyond compounds of the hospital walls there was nothing but misery,” says Ann. “I saw pain and suffering of children. This made a huge impact in my life.”

After completing her college degree, Ann married a surgeon and migrated to the United States. Between raising a family and pursuing a career, Ann found time in her busy schedule to volunteer at the Helen Keller National Center for the Deaf and Blind. Ann enjoyed her experience at the center so much that she decided to form her own foundation, the Ann Foundation. “The Ann Foundation was born out of two things: firstly, my firm belief that getting an education and taking control of life opens up opportunities and is therefore the key to breaking the cycle of poverty, and secondly I feel that disabled children in developing countries are at a severe disadvantage in terms of social development,” says Ann. “A foundation like mine I thought could help foster the values of commitment, personal excellence and achievement.”

The Ann Foundation is currently working on opening a Resource Center to provide training in computer literacy through software for the visually-impaired, Braille and English language training to the visually-impaired, and career skills to enhance employability.