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Develop Africa, Inc., Johnson City, United States

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Educating And Empowering Future Cameroon Leaders

This CAPEC project provides education facilities to underprivileged rural children in Cameroon. The region has a low literacy rate, where parents prefer to use their children in the farms.

What is the problem the project is addressing?

According to the UN, the adult literacy rate in Cameroon is slightly above 70%, meaning almost 30% can't read or write. Children from disadvantaged families are not able to cover the costs of school supplies, books, shoes, uniforms, and related school costs. These families are also unable to provide transportation, adequate nutrition/food and even malaria nets for the kids. In rural areas, children face a lot of difficulties in obtaining a basic education and sometimes end up working on farms.

How will this project solve the problem?

The project will reinforce and boost education by providing the badly-needed supporting structure and resources. This will include the provision of scholarships, tuition assistance, uniforms, school supplies, meals, school furniture, and improved classrooms. Resources provided will enhance learning and boost attendance/retention. This will ensure that the children are not deprived of a quality education based on their locality or family financial circumstances.

What is the potential long-term impact of this project?

Underprivileged children will receive a decent education. This will raise the literacy rate and help transform their lives and provide opportunities for growth and contribution to national development. By upgrading the quality of education offered in schools, we will be helping to transform communities and the entire nation. Investing in child development is critical for human development and we cannot talk about economic growth without talking about healthy and literate communities.

Aug 27 2019

Update from CAPEC Cameroon Founder

Amy M Baty-Herbert

Dear Project Supporters,

Your continued support of students in Cameroon is greatly appreciated. Collette Bekaku, Founder/Executive Director CAPEC Cameroon sent the below update.

Dear Friends/supporters/partners,

First, I want to thank you all for your continuous support for our education programs. We are indebted to you.

With the education material donated by Develop Africa Inc and GlobalGiving donors, nearly all of our students/pupils went home with school supplies by the end of the school year.

 During the 3 months of Summer holidays, we were fortunate to have several activities from sporting activities, computer programs, dancing and singing activities.

Summer camp is important because it offers a structured opportunity for children to grow. Kids go from home to school to extracurricular, with each environment contributing to their development. Summer camp is a unique venue for growth, allowing kids to become independent and self-confident, while socializing and making new friends, and even learning new skills.

We were also lucky to have some dynamic students from the Faculty of Arts and Culture from the University Of Yaoundé 1. They visited our ongoing holiday classes and had some activities in school. The team was headed by Cyrielle, a Mandela Fellow alumna. With Grants from the State Department, the students are working on incorporating Civic engagement into the curriculum. We were also happy to welcome one of our past volunteers- Adam.

In a few weeks, we’ll start a new academic year 2019/2020. We would be so grateful to continue to receive your support through this upcoming school year.

Kind Regards,


Founder/Executive Director CAPEC

Your support is making a difference for students in Cameroon; we encourage you to consider starting a monthly recurring donation here. Even a few dollars a month will go a long way. Please also share this with your contacts and invite them to consider supporting this ongoing project. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at


With great appreciation,

Amy & The Develop Africa Team


Jun 14 2019

A Message of Appreciation from Bitame Lucia International School

Amy M Baty-Herbert

Dear Project Supporters,

Thank you for your continued support that helped ship 4 drums of school supplies to Bitame Lucia International School (BLIS). The students and staff were so thankful for the school supplies. The manager, headteacher, and students expressed their gratitude in this video saying-

My name is Leonard, the manager of Bitame Lucia International School.  I want to take this opportunity to thank Develop Africa for what they have been doing for this institution.  I want to let them know that the school material they've sent all these years has gone a long way in helping the school develop a library.

It is not the first time we have received school materials from them. I want to let them know that the school material they've sent all these years has gone a long way in helping the school develop a library.  And the library is helping students from universities and the community at large. Our students are making good use of it for research purposes.  I equally want to appreciate the fact that the school materials have gone a long way in helping students in the school such as books, pens, pencils, and backpacks.   Thank you very much!

I am Mr. Akuri Lucien Fobi, the Headteacher of Bitame Lucia International School. On behalf of the entire school, I want to appreciate Develop Africa for the gift they sent to us. Because it has gone a long way to help us to award prizes to our many children and that can help them to boost the morale of the school and help them continue their academic year smoothly. We pray that this cordial relationship between Bitame Lucia and Develop Africa should continue in the near future.  We pray that God gives them a long life and may continue to bless them so they can equally bless us in return. Thank you.

We want to thank Develop Africa for the school material they have sent to us.

Your support is making a difference for these deserving children in Cameroon at the Bitame Lucia International School.  We encourage you to consider starting a monthly recurring donation here. Even a few dollars a month will go a long way. Please also share this with your contacts and invite them to consider supporting this ongoing project. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at


With great appreciation,

Amy & The Develop Africa Team


Mar 22 2019

Supplies Distributed to Six Schools in Garoua, Cameroon

Amy M Baty-Herbert

Dear Project Supporters,

Because of your continued support students in six schools in the Garoua 1 District of Garoua, Cameroon recently received school supplies. The students at each school were delighted to receive the school supplies.

The supplies were recently distributed in partnership with the US Army in Cameroon and Spirit of America. Your donations helped cover some of the administrative and logistics costs.

One of the US Army soldiers that participated in the distribution explained that: 

After only three schools, I can genuinely say this is one of the most fulfilling projects of my Army career so far. Each school welcomed us with a school-wide ceremony, including speeches, dances, skits, and songs. The School Inspector said that most students are well aware that American entities periodically provide donations throughout Garoua and it is a big motivator for them to perform better in the classroom. In one of the exciting side effects of this project, these events also open the door for us to possibly work even more with each school on larger scale projects like better facilities or water points. This goes a long way for maintaining strong relationships between our team and the local education system.

In the linked video, you can see one of the songs that the children performed for the US Army.  


Your support is making a difference for these deserving children in Cameroon.  We encourage you to consider starting a monthly recurring donation here. Even a few dollars a month will go a long way. Please also share this with your contacts and invite them to consider supporting this ongoing project.


If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at


With great appreciation,

Amy & The Develop Africa Team

Jan 03 2019

The Students in Kamawarnie are Thankful for the School Support They Received

Amy Baty-Herbert

Dear Project Supporters, 

The students at Kamawornie primary school and Kamawornie Secondary school in Northern Cameroon are thankful for your support.  The students in both schools received school supplies and tuition assistance for this school year and they are doing well and enjoying school thanks to the support they have received from generous donors.

You can see in this video their appreciation and see them learning and singing at school.

Your support is making a difference for these deserving children in Northern Cameroon.  We welcome your continued support to help provide additional tuition assistance and school supplies to more students. We encourage you to consider starting a monthly recurring donation here.  Even a few dollars a month will go a long way.  Please also share this with your contacts and invite them to consider supporting this ongoing project.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at 


With great appreciation,

Amy & The Develop Africa Team

Oct 16 2018

The story of Nebimi: From Garage to School

Amy Baty-Herbert

Dear Project Supporters,

The students at Bitame Lucia Nursery and Primary School (BLIS)  are back in school and thanks to generous donors like you several students have received tuition support and school supplies.  One of the students that started school this year is Nebimi.  Ajomuzu Collette Bekaku – Founder and Executive Director of CAPEC, tells the story below about Nebimi who went from working at a car garage at the age of 11 to going to school this year.

On the way to my office, I saw a child working in a garage. I was shocked and decided to have a conversation with him. I asked him “how old are you and why are you not in school?”. He answered, “I am 11 years old”. At this point, a young man approached us and interrupted our conversation. He introduced himself to me as the owner of the garage. So, I asked him “why has he employed a child to work in his garage?”, and he said ... “the father of this boy is a refugee from the Central African Republic, and since he hasn’t any money to sponsor the boy in school, he gave him to me so that he can be trained and be able to take care of himself in the future.” I was emotionally broke and asked the garage owner if I could speak with the boy’s parents. To cut a long story short, before leaving the garage for my office, I asked the little boy what his ambition is and if he is happy receiving the training at the garage? He smiled and said “without education, I will have to forgo my ambition of becoming an influential somebody in society. All I dream of is going back to school”. With the sole support of CAPEC’s scholarship programme, Nebimi is now in school

However, CAPEC later found out that Nebimi has 3 siblings who are not attending school because their parents don’t have the means.

There are many such cases were children, from poor homes, are left on their own and found working in hazardous conditions in different communities. Formal education is the only thing these children are expecting from us. We are deeply convinced that your support can get back these children to school, enabling them to fulfill their full potential.


Donations from generous donors like you will help more children like Nebimi have the opportunity to go to school. Your ongoing support is greatly appreciated.  We encourage you to start a monthly recurring donation here.  Even a few dollars a month will go a long way.  Please also share this with your contacts and invite them to consider supporting this ongoing project.    If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at   


Warmest Regards,  

Amy & the Develop Africa Team

Jul 25 2018

Future Cameroon Leaders are Getting Ready for School

Amy M Baty-Herbert

Dear Project Supporters,

The students at Bitame Lucia Nursery and Primary School (BLIS)  are enjoying their summer with summer sports and summer workshops.  One of the summer school workshops was on "My favorite Hero" and favorite Pet. The children had a great time participating.  There are also sports camps through the summer such as the CAPEC Community Sports Program, which works to improve lives through sports.  You can see more photos in the photo album

We appreciate your continued support for these children in Cameroon as they prepare to start a new school year in September.   These students need school supplies, uniforms, scholarships and some need help getting a nutritious meal each day.  

Your support is making a difference for these deserving children in Cameroon and helping us and the school achieve the mission of providing the children with an opportunity to receive their education.  We welcome your continued support to help us provide scholarships, school supplies and needed school improvements for BLIS and other schools in Cameroon.


With great appreciation,

The Develop Africa Team

May 04 2018

Cameroon Students are Enjoying School Activities

Amy M Baty-Herbert

Dear Project Supporters,

Thanks in part to your generous donations the students at Bitame Lucia Nursery and Primary School (BLIS) have had a very enjoyable second half of their school year.  Photos from the various sports activities and field trips can be seen below.  

On March 28, the secondary school students had their first ever social. There were lots of activities including sugar race, bag race, blind shooting, relay running, singing, dancing and ballet. The day ended with awards for the winners and light refreshments.

The International Day of Sports for Development and Peace celebrated on April 6th and was commemorated through an educational, awareness and sporting activity session. 

Class five pupils went on a field trip in April and visited Mvog-Betsi Zoo, where the students learned about wild animals. The Mvog-Betsi Zoo is situated in Yaoundé and hosts a wide range of species including reptiles, big cats, and birds of prey. 

World Malaria Day, April 25, was celebrated at school with a workshop.  The BLIS pupils and teachers are ready to beat Malaria!

Thank you so much for your on-going support that has made this school year so enjoyable for the students at BLIS.   We welcome your ongoing support for BLIS and other schools in Cameroon.


With great appreciation,

The Develop Africa Team

Feb 15 2018

You are Helping the Future Leaders of Cameroon

Amy M Baty-Herbert

Dear Project Supporters, 

Your support has helped provide school supplies to the Bitame Lucia Nursery and Primary School (BLIS) as well as to other schools. Pencils and school supplies were distributed to the pupils of Nyabi Primary School. This school has 800 pupils, 400 which are refugees children from Central Africa and Nigeria. The families fled their homes due to violent conflicts in the Central African Republic (CAR) and increasing animosity between armed groups in northern Nigeria. 

The CAPEC Team also visited and donated some educational materials to Bape Mondial School. The school has 75 kids and functions out of a 3 hut with a roof made of palm leaves, no administrative block, no toilet, no running water and very few seats for the children - as seen in the included photos. When it’s raining season, these children cannot even go to school! 

In many of the rural schools in Cameroon, children are struggling to write without a pencil or pen. In one of the schools, 5 children shared a single pencil. The teacher explained the stress and unproductivity of waiting for a child to write notes, and then pass the pencil on to another child. Most of them lacked basic exercise books and basic school supplies. 

In response to the desperate needs, we will shortly be broadening the scope of this project to support additional schools and other areas of need. We want to ensure that many more children have their own pencils and the other basic school supplies.

The school in the following link badly needs a supporting structure and resources. The kids deserve so much more - and the opportunity of a decent education. Please join us in supporting the education of disadvantaged and displaced kids. Thank you so much for your on-going support!

With great appreciation,
The Develop Africa Team

Nov 20 2017

Cameroon Students are Enjoying School

Amy Baty-Herbert

Dear Project Supporters,

The students at Bitame Lucia Nursery and Primary School (BLIS) are enjoying school thanks to your ongoing support through this project and other micro projects that has provided school supplies, books, and scholarships for them. 

Since school reopened, the older students are enjoying playing sports and excitedly learning in school.  The nursery students love playing, exercising on the playground and also learning in their classrooms.  The kids are so grateful for the opportunity to learn and prepare themselves for a bright future. You can see some of the photos in this report and more photos in the full album.

Thanks again for making a difference for these deserving children in Cameroon and helping us and the school achieve the mission of providing the children with an opportunity to receive their education.  Your continued support to help us provide scholarships, school supplies and needed school improvements is greatly appreciated.

 With great appreciation,
The Develop Africa Team

Aug 28 2017

Cameroon Students are Ready for School

Amy Baty-Herbert

Dear Project Supporters,

Thank you for your continued support to for the students in Cameroon.  Throughout the summer children attended the 4-week CAPEC (Cameroon Association for the Protection and Education of the Child) Music Summer Camp. It was a wonderful four weeks of summer camp.  

Each week the teachers did a live performance to enable students to witness what they had been taught in the class.  The students and teachers became more ambitious throughout the four weeks and the students are very satisfied with the knowledge they have acquired. It was a very enjoyable summer camp for all who participated.   As you can see in the photos below the children had a wonderful time.  You can see the full album here.

As the children start the new school year, they are doing so with new school supplies that they received thanks to your generous donations.  You can see some photos below.

The founder and Executive Director of CAPEC, Collette, interviewed with Conatus News and said "I started CAPEC in order to protect and educate underprivileged children living in various communities across Cameroon. According to CAPEC, education is not only the main solution to poverty but it also stands at the heart of sustainable human development. Currently, CAPEC has the following schools: Bitame Lucia Nursery and Primary School (BLIS) and Bitame Lucia Secondary School (BLIC)"    

Thanks again for making a difference for these deserving children in Cameroon and helping us and Collette achieve the mission of providing all children with an opportunity to receive their education.  Your continued support to help us provide scholarships, school supplies and needed school improvements is greatly appreciated.

 With great appreciation,
The Develop Africa Team

Jun 02 2017

Thanks For Helping to Provide On-Going Education

Sylvester Renner

Dear Project Supporters,

Thank you for your continued support to help optimize educational opportunities in Cameroon for the students at the Bitame Lucia Nursery and Primary School in Nkolfoulou, Cameroon (BLIS).  Your donations have helped purchase school supplies, provide scholarships and cover expenses at the BLIS School.  

The students at the BLIS recently celebrated National Day. Photos included in this report show their parade in honor of National Day.

The Cameroon students are also working hard to finish classes before the end of the school year. They have enjoyed the school year, playing with their friends, learning new things and now they are looking forward to summer break.  Photos also show the BLIS students playing with their friends on the playground. Because of YOUR support, the students are able to learn and play in a stable environment. 

Thanks again for making a difference for these deserving children in Cameroon. Your continued support to help us provide scholarships, school supplies and needed school improvements is greatly appreciated. 

With great appreciation,
The Develop Africa Team

Mar 09 2017

Cameroon Students Are Enjoying School

Sylvester Renner

Dear Project Supporters,

Thank you for your continued support to help optimize educational opportunities in Cameroon.  The students at the Bitame Lucia Nursery and Primary School in Nkolfoulou, Cameroon (BLIS) have had a busy and rewarding year so far. 

In December, BLIS held end of year celebrations where the students performed dances, skits and speeches for their families and friends. There was also national letter reading day where the children received letters from their partner school in the USA.  The most recent activity was the Youth Day Celebration which involves all the youths nationwide.

Take a minute to go through the photo album and enjoy the photos of the different activities that have been going on this year at BLIS.

Thanks again for making a difference for these deserving children in Cameroon.

With great appreciation,

The Develop Africa Team

Dec 12 2016

Books & Supplies Distributed to Schools in Garoua

Sylvester Renner

Dear Project Supporters,

Thank you for your support in providing the tools and opportunity for students in Cameroon to get an education.  

"Education is a powerful driver of development and one of the strongest instruments for reducing poverty, raising incomes, promoting economic growth and shared prosperity, and for improving health, gender equality, peace, and stability." (World Bank).

We were delighted to team up with US military personnel from Civil Affairs Team 8242 who delivered 16 barrels full of school supplies thanks to your generous donations to schools in Garoua. The donations effect children where the attendance rates of each school reach up to 2000 students and provide a better education opportunity for the students most vulnerable to recruitment by Boko Haram.

"It is essential that we understand local needs and adequately respond to them in a targeted manner", said Sylvester Renner, the President of Develop Africa. "This is why Develop Africa has been providing books, school supplies, scholarships and training for 10 years now", Renner said.  Read the full press release.

You helped bring necessary supplies to these children and made an impact on their future. Develop Africa welcomes additional school supply donations and donations of funds towards logistics on an on-going basis and around the year.

Thank you for making a difference!

With great appreciation,
The Develop Africa Team


Sep 13 2016

New School Year & New School Books for Marveline

Sylvester Renner

Dear Project Supporters,

Classes have just resumed at the Bitame Lucia Nursery and Primary School in Nkolfoulou, Cameroon.  Thanks to you,  Marveline and her sister have received all their books for their new classes. They both passed their end of year examinations; Marveline came out with the 2nd best marks in her class and her little sister came out the best in her own class.  They started Class 5 and Class 3 this week.  

With hearts full of gratitude and faces filled with gleeful smiles, Marveline and her sister say a big "thank you" to YOU for your support. We would not have been able to help these deserving children without your support.  We are thrilled to know that they are in excellent form to do well this academic year.
Thank you so much for making the school year start out on a positive note for Marveline and her sister.

With great appreciation,
The Develop Africa Team

Jun 15 2016

National Day, Exams, Celebrations & Field Trips

Sylvester Renner

Dear project partners

The last quarter of the academic year was very busy for the pupils in and out of the school.The month of May is usually a very busy period for the pupils and students all over the nation.

Thanks in part to your generous donations they were able to go on field trips. They visited the museum and the multipurpose sports complex of the nation’s capital.  They also joined the other students of other schools for the national day celebration.

During the end of year ceremony tokens of encouragement and appreciation were given to parents who took good care of their children. Drama sketches were prepared and presented to the happy parents by the pupils. Teachers also received gifts of encouragement and appreciation for being the best during the academic year.

Thank you again for making this school year a success through your generosity!

Warmest Regards,

Develop Africa Team

Mar 29 2016

Bitame Lucia Students Celebrate National Youth Day

Ajomuzu Collette Bekaku

Dear Project Supporters,

During the second term of the 2015/2016 academic year, students at Bitame Lucia International School participated in and enjoyed many activities and celebrations.

In Cameroon, the entire nation annually celebrates National Youth Day mobilizing the next generation of leaders. This celebration instills them with pride and the knowledge that their uniqueness plays an important role for their future advancement.

During the week of National Youth Day, the theme in Cameroon was: YOUTH, CITIZENSHIP TO FIGHT AGAINST BOKO HARAM. Due to the instability of security around the country from terrorism, the government passed a decree suspending inter-school competitions for fear of gathering large crowds and thereby inviting insurgency of the Boko Haram terrorist group.

Thus, Bitame Lucia students only participated in inter-class competitions at the school – from the nursery section to the primary section. Quizzes were organized for Classes 3-6. For the pre-nursery to nursery and Classes 1-2, little interaction games such as “Pick and Drop” were organized. After the competitions, the best pupils were awarded prizes.

On February 11, 2016, Bitame Lucia International School went out to the stadium to commemorate National Youth Day with their counterparts from other institutions in the country. They participated in match pass alongside other schools that were selected to represent particular areas of every sub-division. Bitame Lucia was selected again this year because of their great performance last year. See the photos of the students proudly marching in their unique school colors.

Participation in inter-school competitions such as football (Soccer) games, handball for both the boys and girls, and school excursions is dependent upon each school’s financial ability to support extra-curricular activities.

This academic year, Bitame Lucia was able to provide their students with excursions that enriched them culturally. The children were afforded the experience of visiting the National Museum and the National Radio House. See the photos of the children on these excursions.

After a very busy period, from February 1st to the 11th, Bitame Lucia students are studiously preparing for their end-of-term examinations.

Thank YOU so much for helping our kids get the education they need. We are so grateful for YOUR continued support.

Bests regards,

Develop Africa team


Jan 12 2016

Kids Enjoy Reading and Using School Supplies

Sylvester Renner

Dear Project Supporters,

Thanks to the donation of books and school supplies by the general public and YOUR financial support, the kids at the CAPEC school in Cameroon are now happily learning.

The books and school supplies were donated by individuals globally. Shipping costs were covered by Develop Africa and GlobalGiving donors.

In this video, Kids Enjoy Reading and Using School Supplies in Cameroon, you can see the children in class enjoying the books and school supplies they received.

We are very excited that we are helping boost and support the education of the kids in tangible ways.

Thank YOU, for your continued support. Because of YOU, more children at Bitame Lucia Nursery and Primary School in rural Cameroon receive the education they need.

In this video, Ajomuzu Collette Bekaku, the Founder and Executive Director of CAPEC Cameroon expresses appreciation to Develop Africa and GlobalGiving donors for support provided to CAPEC and the Bitame Lucia School in Cameroon. Over the years this support has included computer training, provision of books and school supplies and general support to the school.

Thank YOU so much for helping our kids get the education they need. We are so grateful for YOUR continued support.

Bests regards,

Develop Africa team

Oct 16 2015

7 Drums of School Books and Supplies Received

Ajomuzu Collette Bekaku

Dear Project Supporters,

Thank YOU, for your continued support. Because of YOU, more children at Bitame Lucia Nursery and Primary School in rural Cameroon receive the education they need.

The new school year began with a big surprise. We received 7 big drums full of books, bags and other education materials. The kids now have the essential school tools they need for the school year and beyond. The supplies of books also enabled us to open a library and resource center. This center is going to serve the school and the Nkolfoulou community at large.

YOU made this happen! Thanks so much.

Also new in this quarter is the partnership between Ape Action Africa (AAA) and the CAPEC School. The pupils will learn more and benefit from the expertise and resources offered by Alaafin. An Education Officer for Ape Action Africa (AAA) will be visiting the school each Tuesday to teach the class 5 and 6 pupils on how to protect animals and their environment.

As partners, the pupils will also visit the Mefou Park to see and learn about chimpanzees and gorillas. This module provides examples of ways that learning outside the classroom can be appreciated and interesting.

CAPEC School also joined the rest of the world in the celebration of the International Literacy Day 2015. The theme for the year being: Literacy and Sustainable Societies - the children read stories from their books, answered questions on the importance of reading, etc.

The teaching staff of BLIS joined in the celebration of the International Teacher’s Day 2015. It is recognized that teachers are not only a means to implementing education goals. They are the key to sustainability and national capacity in achieving learning and creating societies based on knowledge, values and ethics. However, they continue to face challenges brought about by staff shortages, poor training and low status.

Despite the above-achieved success, the school and pupils still face some difficulties. We are aware that for any organization to grow, there needs to be continued training. We need training for our staff, especially on management and leadership. We would also welcome volunteers to work in our resource center and remedial classes.

Because of the increasing number of kids each new school session, we lack space to accommodate them. We need additional classrooms to accommodate up to 70 new pupils. As of now, we do not have chairs and tables in our school hall. This makes it difficult for us to hold meetings or workshops. These items are needed as well.

Thank YOU so much for helping our kids get the education they need. We are so grateful for YOUR continued support.

Bests regards,

Develop Africa team

Jul 29 2015

Additional classrooms, summer program and more

Ajomuzu Collette Bekaku

Dear Project Supporters,

Thank YOU, for your continued support. Because of YOU, more children at Bitame Lucia Nursery and Primary School in rural Cameroon receive educational scholarships.

We are thrilled to share a success story of one of our scholars. Atangana, despite the odds of being from a single-parent home and poor, he completed his primary education at our school and is ready to advance to higher education. YOU made this happen! YOUR financial support helps provide our children with a comfortable learning environment.

During the summer holidays, classes will continue to help children catch up with studies in English and math.

We are now able to accommodate more children in our communities with the addition of 5 new classrooms.

We are grateful for all YOUR support.

Bests regards,
Develop Africa team

Apr 24 2015

Kids Happy To Return To School After Easter Break

Ajomuzu Collette Bekaku

Dear Project Supporters,

Thank YOU, for your continued support. Because of YOU, more children at Bitame Lucia Nursery and Primary School are learning basic computer skills with the new computers we received.

Since our last report, the students enjoyed Easter break away from school. No activities were scheduled while school was closed for the holiday break. So, the children were happy to return to class to continue their studies and computer learning.

Books are one of the foundational tools for learning. Many of our children do not have any books at home. The school needs an adequate range of books that they could use to promote reading.

This video gives you a glimpse into the importance of books in the education of children in Cameroon.

The primary language of children in this area of Cameroon is French and by enhancing their knowledge of English, the children are being better prepared for life as global citizens.

We are grateful for all YOUR support. Through these books, the children are developing a love for reading and learning -- which are important keys to success in life.

On May 13th at 9:00 AM EDT - Give and get matched on GlobalGiving BONUS DAY is a great way to make your donations go even further. All donations up to $1,000 per donor per project are matched on May 13th until matching funds run out on that day.

Thanks so much. We appreciate YOU!

Best Wishes,

Develop Africa team

Jan 13 2015

This Season's School Activities Were Fully Enjoyed

Ajomuzu Collette Bekaku

The last three months were full of school activities, excursions, Christmas performances, and a visit to the hospital for vaccines. School examinations were written before the Christmas celebrations began, and the school enjoyed a two week break before the second term began in January 2015.

Class 5 and 6 pupils enjoyed an excursion to a brewery where they learned how soft drinks are produced and the school choir visited the Hilton Hotel where they took pictures. The parents enjoyed a Christmas performance by the pupils and teachers that included dance, music, nativity drama, rhymes and poems, a fashion show, arts and crafts display, and a journalism club news presentation. Children from 0-5 years old visited the District hospital in Soa to receive their polio vaccinations.

Our volunteers were very instrumental in making the school and Christmas activities successful. They also played a very important role for the children and teachers at our school during the school year. Several Christmas gifts were donated to the children by our friends and volunteers.

We are forever grateful to YOU for support of us through this GlobalGiving project. With your help, we are positively changing the lives of children in Cameroon.

Oct 17 2014

Kids Are Excited To Attend Classes in a New School

Ajomuzu Collette Bekaku

Thanks to your generous support, we spent the last three months building our new school classrooms. Activities were focused on buying building materials - molding blocks and concrete - to get the classrooms ready for the next academic year scheduled for September 2014.

An excited group of kids arrived early on the 15th of September, the first day of school re-opening, and shouted “Wow” as they couldn’t imagine that they had a new building. Thanks in part to your support and the support of other organizations like EducAIDed Netherlands, Develop Africa and CAPEC, the students has modern, spacious and well ventilated classrooms.

The new classrooms enabled an additional 50 kids to attend school along with the 300 kids we had last year, bringing the total to 350 accommodated students. We look forward to adding a library and additional classroom to meet the demands of the new school.

Studies are going well so far, though we are just a month into the school year. Kids are keeping up with their lessons. In the next two weeks, class 5 and 6 pupils will visit Brasseries du Cameroon to see and learn how juice/soft drinks are manufactured by a brewery.

We sincerely thank you for your contributions. We need your materials, moral and financial support to forge ahead. With your help, we can positively change the lives of children in Cameroon.

Jul 22 2014

A Busy Summer - Full of Progress

Ajomuzu Collette Bekaku

It’s been a busy summer – full of progress so far.  To close off the year, we had our year-end exams. The class 6 pupils took the public exams which will enable them to move into Secondary School. They all passed and the school scored 100%.

It has been one month since we closed school for the summer holidays.  Despite that, we are still very busy with different activities in school. We have started the summer program, so far close to 50 pupils are undergoing remedial learning, and last week, they had the opportunity to visit the French Cultural Centre and learn some of the activities they carried out in Cameroon. They watched some films, played games, listened to songs and toured the entire centre.

The other good news is that, we started building the permanent structure at school. Since 2009, the classrooms have been temporary structures.  Partly due to your contribution and support, next academic year which will begin in September 1st 2014, we will have new classrooms.

We are more than grateful for all the opportunities our children are getting both academically and in extra curriculum activities. The chance to stay in school, learn and participate in several activities has been achieved only because of your recurring donations towards their education.  Thanks so much for your kind assistance




Apr 25 2014

A Busy Season of Educational Excursions

Ajomuzu Collette Bekaku

It's been a busy season of educational excursions for us here in Cameroon.  Hope you have had a good year so far.

We realize that education extends outside the classroom - so we have been providing excursions to different locations to ensure our children have a diversified and complete education experience.  YOUR support has helped make this possible.  

As part of the Youth Week activities the kids visited a number of locations that they had never visited before. Starting on the 5th of February, the class 3 and 4 pupils visited the Reunification Monument under the Ministry of Art and Culture. During the two hours guided tour, the children were guided by Uncle Emmanuel and Aunties Solange and Comfort. They welcomed and took the pupils around explaining the origin and importance of the monument.

On the 8th of February, class 5 and 6 of our school went to an excursion to Mefou Park, a sanctuary for apes and monkeys near Yaoundé, to discover new things which we have never known before.  During the trip, guided by a fellow of the park, we saw monkeys and apes.  Our guide explained that the main work of the sanctuary is to protect animals and ensure they survive. The animals are kept in a piece of land surrounded by a fence to keep from running away - where they might be harmed or might harm humans.  We learnt that the most important difference between monkeys and apes is that the apes don’t have tails, and they resemble humans more than the monkeys in reasoning. New animals that arrive in the sanctuary are kept in quarantine, in order to examine them before they join the others.

Our visit to Mefou was not just about animals, but we also had a small walk in the forest, where we saw the two biggest trees of the park, the Babena,  which is 200 years old, and the Ebeche which in French is commonly called Ayos.  We enjoyed nature and the fresh air - and we learned a lot about the importance of protecting our natural environment and the animals.

The class two pupils accompanied by two teachers, Madam Pauline and Mr. Vincent, two volunteers and Madam Collette, the founder of the school with forty-seven pupils and two school buses went to visit the Conference Centre in Yaounde.  The Bitame Lucia family was warmly welcome by the workers of the centre and one of them was assigned to take pupils and teachers round.

The first stop was the biggest room in the centre, a well-furnished hall with beautiful chairs and well-decorated red carpet on the floor, where the President of the Republic usually has the international meetings with his peers. We were told that the hall can host two thousand people.  We also stopped for a moment at the entrance of a smaller room, the place where Senators usually have their meetings. This hall was restricted from entering.

The last room that we visited was a General Hall which can host two hundred people. Here the children had the opportunity to put on earphone and microphones and take some pictures. From there we moved to the restaurant of the centre.  This concluded our trip.

Thanks for reading through all this!  We wanted to give you the opportunity to read through the experiences of the kids that YOU helped make possible.  Please take a look at the phots linked in this report.  Does this bring back any memories of excursions you went to when you were growing up?

We would deeply appreciate your donation today  - helping to ensure that these children have a rich education.  Thanks so much for your on-going support!


Jan 10 2014

Christmas and Other Activities - We Ended the Year in Grand Style

Ajomuzu Collette Bekaku

It has been an exciting three months - full of activities for the school and the kids.

The school had four international volunteers sent by our partner CESIE Italy. They are Janosi Mozes Emese (Hungary), Francesa Bruno (Italy), Veronica Rodil (Spain), Adeline Tosch (France). They will be at the school till February 2014.

Some of the projects that took place during the last three months were:

  • Polio Vaccination for the pre-Nursery kids: The school kids received vaccination against Polio. Children from 0 to 59 months were vaccinated by medical doctors and registered nurses, 6 -59 months received Vitamin A, while 12 to 59 months received Mebendazole. As you can imagine it was a noisy day - with the very little children crying throughout the process.
  • New School Library opened by the volunteers. Thanks to a number of story and text books donated by our partners, our volunteers where able to open a small Library for the kids and teachers. Every Friday, storybooks are given to pupils to read over the weekend and explain / discuss to their classmates at the beginning of the school week. This does not only keep the children occupied during the weekend, but also help in improving their language considering that most of them are from French background studying English.
  • Home Economic practical exams by class 5 and 6 pupils. At the completion of the final year in Primary School, the children take the First School Leaving Certificate Exams (FSLC). One of the compulsory subjects taken by all final year pupils is the Cookery or Home Economic Practical Exams. In this exam, the children are required to cook any dish of their choice. The school administration helped the pupils to prepare for this exam. It was great fun seeing both boys and girls cooking various dishes, including typical Cameroonian food.

All in all, we ended the year with our Christmas party in school and we also visited and donated food, medication and education suppliers to some orphanages in Yaoundé.

Be sure to watch the brief youtube video of the children dancing.

Your support helped to make this and much more happen.  We are deeply grateful to each and every one of you that donated and contributed, without you, we wouldn’t have ended the Year in a grand style.  

We welcome your on-going support that will help us prepare these precious children for a brigh future.  Please consider making a donation today of $25.00 that will help us do so much more.  Thanks for your support!


Aug 28 2013

We Together Created Magical Moments and Extraordinary Days !

Ajomuzu Collette Bekaku

Dear Supporters/Partners / Friends of CAPEC,

Seasonal greetings from Cameroon!!!

During the last three months, thanks to your support, we had our end-of-school year celebrations and summer program.  Graduation Day, which marked the end of year for CAPEC pupils was held in June.  Activities associated with it involved performances by the kids including drama, dance, music, rhymes and debate. 

All five-year-old nursery 2 pupils received certificates as they graduated into primary class 1. The administration awarded prizes to the best three ranking pupils in each class. Prizes were also awarded to pupils who had the best improved results and the most punctual pupil in each class.

Your support also helped make possible our Hello Kids program.  This program included socio-cultural activities such as Arts & Crafts, Games and Drama, Computer training, Sewing, Cookery, Sports activities and Excursion trips.  The program provided training and exposure activities for deprived and disadvantaged children such as orphans and handicapped children.  The children learned new skills and improved on already existing ones.  They had the opportunity to meet and interact with friends.  They were able to learn new skills such as photography and crafts - which are normally not taught in schools.  Thanks to your support, this program helped create magical moments and extraordinary days for abused, abandoned, neglected, disadvantaged and underprivileged children.

We are so grateful for your on-going support that made this possible.  

Take your impact to the next level: A generous anonymous donor has agreed to match 100% of new monthly donations from now through August 30, 2013. If you make a monthly recurring donation to this project, your donation will be matched! For example, if you set up a new $25 monthly recurring donation, GlobalGiving will donate an additional $25 to this project.

Want to help us do even more? you can now easily create a fundraiser here on GlobalGiving and help us raise funds for more training.  This is a fantastic way to invite your friends and family to join you in making a difference. You can start your fundraiser here - today!  Let us know if you have any questions or need our help setting this up.  

Thanks so much for all you do!

Apr 24 2013

Thanks For Helping to Provide Providing a Well Rounded Education

Ajomuzu Collette Bekaku

Dear friends and supporters,

It excites us to bring you an update on what your support has helped us do over the past months.  Thanks to your kind assistance, we were involved in a lot of activities, including the National youth day, tree planting exercise, bilingualism week and an excursion of the kids to the Yaoundé Airport.

The BLIS family joined other youths nationwide to celebrate the 47th edition of the National Youth Day on Saturday the 11th February 2013 under the theme: “Youth, Civic Responsibility and Participation in the Development Process”. In the Republic of Cameroon the 11th February is a public holiday reserved for the youths to express their concern in any domain of national life. This usually takes the form of a March pass, dancing and singing competition among schools. It was BLIS’ 4th official outing during the 11th February Youth Day Celebration.

Bilingualism day this year was celebrated on the 1st of February 2013 under the theme “Bilingualism, a cornerstone for Professionalisation for an emerging Cameroon”.  The Headmaster, Mr Akuri Lucien and some teachers (Mme TasiIrine, Mr Chi Eric and Mr Nkok Mathias) organized a successful Bilingualism week at school with all the pupils of Bilingualism Club.  To spice up the day, there was a youth day song presented by our counter parts from Noula Nursery and Primary School Awae. We thank Mme Leonie and her Colleague Mme Comfort who seized the opportunity to celebrate this Bilingualism week with us at Bitame Lucia.
On the 8th of February 2013, as part of the youth week activities, the class 4, 5 and 6 pupils visited the Nsimalen International Airport. During the 90 minutes guided tour the kids discovered how huge aircrafts are. The children learned how the airport staff supports passengers from the beginning to the end of their journey. These stages were explained with respect to both local and international trips. The students were able to ask many questions during the visit and toured different areas of the airport. They watched how a Camair-co plane from Douala landed and how it took off from the airport. They pupils had the opportunity to meet and discuss with Capt. Felix Ongwa of Camair-Co, who answered several questions asked by the pupils.  It was a very educative experience for the kids and they chatted about all the exciting things they had seen and heard.

Your support helped to provide the backbone for these activities covering related costs. Thank you so much for helping to provide a well-rounded educational experience for the children.  Without your support all this would not have been possible and we are so very grateful for your kind assistance.

Are you looking for a way bring a smile to the face of a special woman in your life?

Starting now through May 13, GlobalGiving is giving away $5 for every donation made as a gift (using a GlobalGiving tribute card). And to make this even better, they’re offering two $1,000 bonus awards: 1 for the most money raised and another for the most donors. 

Please share this wonderful campaign with your family and friends!

You can help Develop Africa enrich the educational experience of many more children with a special gift today.   Thanks for helping make a difference!

YOU are the reason we are all so grateful!




Jan 16 2013

Agents for Change on Behalf of Children

Ajomuzu Collette

Dear Friends and Supporters

Happy New Year 2013!!

At CAPEC we seek to be agents for change on behalf of children. Change, in many forms has certainly been the by-word for year ending 2012.  CAPEC as its beneficiaries has witnessed many changes and development in the lives of the children we serve. Though it has been a very challenging year, it has been extremely rewarding for CAPEC.  You all have shown phenomenal support despite a troubled economy that continues to affect us all. Your steadfast commitment has helped CAPEC remain one of the leading Children’s organisations in Cameroon. We are incredibly grateful for your ongoing support.

For the last three months, the school and children have been involved in lots of educational programs and projects such as:

-Christmas Party
-UK/Kenya delegation visit
-Inauguration for a new classroom built by the US Embassy,Cameroon

The Management of CAPEC, the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) and staff of Bitame Lucia School organized a successful Christmas party for all the kids at School. The kids were all given gifts place under the Christmas tree and a special lunch in school. We thank Patrick Jurgen from Germany who posed as Santa Claus. Activities associated with this program were the singing of Christmas Carols, drama; reading of poems and performance of ballet dance by class four etc. We ended the occasion with a group picture.

Our school was also privileged to host some Kenya and UK teachers who visited under the Connecting Classroom Project. While in school, they taught in different classroom, planted trees, and we had launch with them.  On our part, we presented drama and a welcome song.

On Tuesday November 20, 2012, Political Officer Luke Ortega took part in a ribbon-cutting ceremony to inaugurate a classroom constructed under the Ambassador’s Special Self Help (SSH) Program. The classroom will serve orphans and children from low-income families enrolled in the Bitame Lucia Primary School, Nkolfoulou village, on the outskirts of Yaounde. (

We sincerely thank you for all your support over 2012 and we look forward to your on-going support in 2013.


Oct 24 2012

A Fruitful Beginning of the School Year

Collette Bekaku

Warm greetings

We are continually grateful for your on-going support that helps provide a platform of growth for the school - supporting miscellaneous school and administrative expenses, purchase of school materials etc.  Through your support we continue to provide education to these deserving children - who otherwise would not be able to go to this school - conveniently located in the community.

The last three months have been a very busy period in our school, full of excitement and events.  Firstly, we want to announce the completion of the first permanent structure in our school. The classroom was donated by the US Embassy Cameroon. So far, this is the only block building at school. As we struggle to change the plank / wooden building to permanent structures, we count on your support to enable us buy building materials.

We are also happy to inform you that a delegation of 10 persons from Kenya and UK visited our school under the Connecting Classroom project. While at the school, they all taught in different classes and also planted a tree in the school. The school choir sang and dance and also presented the delegates with some gifts.

Early this month, we celebrated two activities at school, the first once being World Teachers day and the second being Global Hand Washing Day. The Health Unit of the US Embassy visited the school to celebrate this day with us. They brought us some soaps and hand towels. The children were able to watch a documentary on the important of hand washing.  At the end of the film, the children asked some questions. They day ended with a group picture.

As you can see, there is so much on-going learning and growth going on at the school and we are delighted that you are a part of making this happen.  Together we are creating a bright future for these children and Cameroon.  Thanks so much for your support. 

Jul 16 2012

Progress - All The Children Performed Well Academically

Collette Bekaku

Dear donors, friends and well wishers

It has been a very successful and fantastic year of good health the School given that none of the children registered any major illness and am so excited that they all got to perform well in their academic work and have been cleared to join the next classes respectively at the end of September 2012. Apart from the academic achievements, the kids took part in excursion and other recreational activities. During the trimester, the children visited a brewery company to see how soft drinks are made, we also took part in the 20th May Celebration, which is the reunification day in Cameroon, thanks to all of you for making this happen.

The children completed their third term of the year in May, with the Nursery 2 pupils promoted to Primary One .Children are now on summer vacation, and will begin holiday classes on the 15th of July 2012.  We are also thankful for our volunteer Katharina Herger, who has spent one year working with the kids in our school.

We want to thanks our donors, friends and well-wishers for the sacrifices they make to ensure that our project is alive. Thank you so much for the donations both in cash and kind and May the good Lord continue to Bless and reward you.

We continue to request for your support as we enter into another year. The challenge is still on and everything that you give is of great importance and is well appreciated. There is going to be increase in population for both boys and girls the new academic year. We have already identified close to 20 girls ages (5 -15yrs) who are just sitting at home doing nothing, we intend to register them in our school. We will need your support in term of school and material suppliers for them.  Kindly help us spread the word about this project to family members and friends too.

With the best of wishes


Apr 16 2012

Learning About Self-Esteem and Color

Ajomuzu Collette

Dear Donors,

Here's an update on what has been gping on at the school over the past months. 

The children at the CAPEC school have benefited from a series of trainings. One of such training was on girls self-esteem organized by Peace Corps Cameroon and US Embassy Cameroon. On the 21st of February 2012 at 3.00pm, a delegation of women from Peace Corps Cameroon and US Embassy visited the Bitame Lucia Nursery and Primary School to speak to the girls about Self Esteem.  The women who visited were, Mignon Turner, Cultural Affairs Officer, US Embassy, Cameroon, Mrs. Viban Gladys, Cultural Affairs Specialist, US Embassy, Cameroon, Mathis C Susette, Community Liaison Officer, US Embassy, LaHoma Smith Romocki, Country Director, Peace Corps Cameroon, Victorine, and Rozalia Romocki from USA.  The one day course consisted of presentation about color, drama, fashion parade and dancing

The program began with an opening prayer and a welcome song lead by Mrs Viban Gladys, after which she introduced Rozalia Romocki, the brain behind the project who discussed about “Color” while illustrating in a chat. She told the children to be proud of their color, black is beautiful. They should accept and love themselves as they are. She talks about their self image and the confidence built, for the children to retain and carry home this message, a short sketch was performed for them to know what is meant by loving and accepting their color.

The children at school also had the opportunity to visit “Salon International De L’artisanat du Cameroun”, International Arts and Crafts exhibition. The aim of this visit was to exposure and widen the perspective / horizons of the children on the important of art and craft - which has been introduced as a subject in the school curriculum. 20 pupils selected through random sampling technique accompanied by the following teachers: Mr. Achakeng Vincent, Madam Shuri Gladys, Mr. Toh Sylvester and Madam Katharina Herger. These teachers were assisted by the Manager of Bitame Lucia, Mr. Leonard Ngenfue and the proprietress Madame Ajomuzu Collette. The first exhibition stand we visited was “The Plantain Leaves Guy”. The architect explained how he came out with such wonderful work. He also presented a book made from leaves of plantains and bananas.

Your funds help to support such training and their total education, ensuring that the opportunities of the children are truly enhanced.  Thanks for helping us enrich and make a huge difference in their lives.

With the best of wishes

Ajomuzu Collette





Jan 24 2012


Sylvester Renner

Dear Friends,

The month of December was very exciting for children at the Bitame Lucia School who shared their holiday together for meals. We had a total of four volunteers from UK, Estonia, Germany and Sweden. They all introduced to us different skills from their different countries. We receive letters from pen pal friends from United Kingdom and also some Christmas gifts from our linking schools in Kenya and United Kingdom.

This party helped to motivate and encourage the students to do even better.  Rainer, who was our Santa Claus, gave us a lot of sweets and chocolate. We all had a tremendous time together with the school administration and some parents who joined us for the Christmas party. We were also privileged to welcome Mignon Turner and Mrs. Viban Gladys both from the US Embassy in Cameroon at our Christmas party. 

January 2012 - The new semester is off to a great start and it's great to see the children all back in school.  They are making steady progress with their studies.  The children are all so eager to learn. Thanks to your support, we are providing this opportunity for them in their community.  We are truly helping to shape not their destinies, but also that of the nation of Cameroon and this is truly significant.

Thanks for your on-going support in helping to make change happen.  We wish you the very best for 2012

Oct 31 2011

Your Donations Have Taken Us To Another Level.. THANK YOU!!!

Collette Mangwi

Dear Donors and friends of CAPEC,

The school academic year, 2011/2012 is off to a great start for the kids of the Bitame Lucia school and the Nkolfoulou Community as a whole.  Your constant donation, support and encouragement have taken us to another level.  For this we say, “A Big THANK YOU.” 

This year, we were able to admit 60 more orphan kids and two refugee kids from Rwanda. The children had bright and shinning new uniforms, new sandals, new books, and a lot of school materials and toys.  Our teachers are very eager to work and continue to be very punctual at school.  This is because they also had their stipend provided on time - and that encourages them.  All this is possible because of your constant support. 

This academic year, we have three energetic, dynamic and committed volunteers - Katie Richards from UK, (who is teaching Class 2), Katharina Herger from Germany, (who is teaching Nursery II and also helping at the office), Carolin Laubree from Estonia (who is teaching Nursery 1 and also help to make some postcards for Christmas).  Each and everyone of you who support our project on GlobalGiving are a blessing to us. 

We’re somebody today because you care to share what you have with us.  We pray that, as we go through the struggle and challenges of this academic year, you will constantly be by our side to support and encourage us.  As the children increases, the challenges becomes bigger, the demand becomes more.  But we know with your support, we are going to reach the peak.

Thank you for investing in CAPEC School. The kids are inspired and the teachers feel deeply encouraged. Please continue helping us, support them, and give them a way to achieve their dreams.  Your donations are making real change happen. Thanks again for your continual support! 



Jul 25 2011

Postcard from the Bitame Lucia School in Cameroon

Meg Dallett

My name is Meg Dallett, and I’m an In the Field intern with GlobalGiving in Cameroon this summer. I’m traveling around the country visiting all the GlobalGiving-partnered NGOs, and I’m writing this postcard to pass on some of what I’ve seen to the donors who have given to this organization. ...

When I met Alima, she marched right up to me to say hi while other children ran yelling around the playground during recess. She is eight years old, she said, and likes school very much. I asked what her favorite subject is, and she didn’t even hesitate—“Math!” she shouted, throwing her hands in the air. Why? “I have a twenty out of twenty,” she replied proudly. Further conversation was halted by the mob of kids nearly bowling me over to see my camera. Alima is one of about fifteen children ages 5-10 coming to the Bitame Lucia School for free classes during summer vacation, where she’s learning English, math and French as well as arts and sports. It’s a rare opportunity: without this school, most of these kids would probably be working on their families’ farms or walking along busy roadways selling candy or soda to motorists. Instead, we saw them listening attentively to their English teacher and enthusiastically raising their hands to be called up to the board. The school is run by the Cameroon Association for the Protection and Education of the Child (CAPEC), which partners with the US-based organization Develop Africa. Ajomuzu Collette Bekaku, Founder and Executive Director of CAPEC, says she started the organization to address a whole host of injustices against children. “I grew up in a community where children suffered alone,” she says. CAPEC works on education, child labor, child marriage, orphanages, leadership, and soon disease prevention. In order to make the Bitame Lucia School as accessible as possible, it’s cheaper than average and many students are on scholarships. Collette also wants to give the kids opportunities they wouldn’t have otherwise, so every now and then she organizes an educational outing, such as to the zoo. Collette spends all her time reaching out to international organizations and donors to give her kids the best opportunities possible, and is grateful for everything that’s come to the Bitame Lucia School through GlobalGiving. Recently, the roof of the school caved in during a rainstorm, and GlobalGiving funds were available to repair the damage just in time for vacation classes to begin. She hopes someday some of the donors will come visit the school! Just before we left, we visited the main classroom again and Collette asked the children if they wanted to thank the people in the other countries who helped them rebuild the roof. “THANK YOU!!!” they hollered in unison. Then they went back to sounding out the words on the blackboard.

Apr 18 2011

Disaster Hits School - Appeal for School Roof Restoration - Please Help

Sylvester Renner

We regret to inform you 2 weeks ago, the roof of the school was torn away by violent winds and a storm that swept through the area.  Thankfully no one was hurt. However as you can see from the photos, the classrooms do not have a roof and are exposed to the wind, rain and elements.  This situation as you will realize is not appropriate for the learning of the children. 

Restoration: We are acting as quickly as we can to remedy this situation and restore the roof. 

How You Can Help: We would appreciate your support at this time as re-roof the building and get the kids back into school.  Could you make a special donation today that would help us get a roof back on the school?

Recurring Donation: We would also be deeply grateful if you could consider signing up for a recurring donation of $10.00 or more monthly.  This would be a tremendous support as we invest into the lives of these children - preparing them for leadership and meaningful contribution to Cameroon.

best wishes

Jan 05 2011

A Special Christmas

Ajomuzu Collette Bekaku

Here's an update on the school:

The school is doing very well and has seen a tremendous increase both in registered pupils and partners supporting the children and the school.   Thanks to your support and the support of other donors worldwide, we have been able to expand and continue to do so.  We also have on a continual basis young German volunteers that spend up to one year teaching in the school.  In December, we celebrated Christmas with a Christmas party and you can see photos in this update.

The number of children has now increased from 50 to 100 children. Although our school is brand new in the area, the staff's mission is to ensure its promotion at all levels. Consequently, the school takes part in all the activities organized by local education authorities and major ones organized by other International structures.

We plan to add additional classroom space this year and welcome your support as we do this.  This would enable us to enroll additional children that are on the waiting list.  Please share this update with your friends and family inviting them to join you in supporting this noble venture.  Thanks for your support!

Sep 27 2010

New Classrooms Added, Volunteers and a Conducive Learning Environment

Ajomuzu Collette Bekaku

Dear GlobalGiving friends

School resumed on the 13th of September 2010. We are happy to report that during the summer months, 4 new classrooms and a playground were added to the school. We have identified some disabled and orphan children who will receive free education for this academic year.

We count on your on-going support to help provide these children with school and teaching supplies and school uniforms. We value children as individuals and place them at the center of all we do.

Our school strives to foster an inclusive environment where children feel secure, learning is enjoyed, and good behavior is expected and rewarded. Respect, responsibility, leadership and initiative are actively promoted and all contributions are valued. We strive for excellence in all we do. All members of the school community are encouraged to work to their full potential and achieve to the best of their ability.

We were fortunate to have the support of volunteers and we appreciate their commitment. Our volunteers this year include Max from Germany, Felix from Germany, Adam from the USA and Jamie from Canada. They are all presently in Cameroon and helping us with teaching assignments.

Finally, we thank you all for your general support and donations. We sincerely hope you will continue to support this project. We also invite and encourage you to visit our school one day and give a smile to the children. They will be happy to see you in person and we would warmly welcome you.

Best wishes

May 28 2010

Thanks to your support, we have made tremendous progress...

Collette Bekaku

Warm greetings.

We are excited to report that the past 6 - 7 months have been a time of tremendous growth and progress. We are so grateful for this opportunity to invest into the lives of these children, the future leaders of Cameroon, Africa and potentially the world.

Thanks to your support through GlobalGiving and the support of other organizations:

1. We have been able to support more children and increase enrollment from 50 to 100 (a 100% increase).

2. The school children all now have beautiful and colorful uniforms. (see photos)

3. We also have one additional desk for 2 orphan children (who previously we had to send home as we could not accommodate them).

4. The school and children have received teaching and school supplies, clothes and shoes.

5. The school took part in all the activities organized by local education authorities and major ones organized by other International institutions.

We sincerely and gratefully thank you for your donations and on-going support. Thanks for joining us in changing the lives of children in Cameroon. We appreciate you so much.

With your continued support, we will achieve our goal of moving into a permanent structure. This permanent building will provide a safe and conducive learning environment.

We welcome your feedback, school supplies donations (through Develop Africa) and suggestions on how we can attract more support.

cordially and best wishes