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Help Children with Cancer Access Treatment!

Former Soviet Union countries, including those in Central Asia, often lack adequate facilities, medications, and trained oncologists to serve children with cancer. As a result, families have to travel abroad to nearby countries, such as Israel or Germany

What is the problem the project is addressing?

Following Soviet Union breakup, the former Soviet Union countries faced abrupt reduction in centralized health care, mass departure of highly qualified medical personnel and aging equipment. Central Asian countries were hit particularly hard. Unable to find treatment at home, families with sick children have to raise enormous amounts of money, in many cases, by emptying savings and selling property, and travel abroad for modern cancer treatment.

How will this project solve the problem?

Funds raised through this project will help us serve as many families with affected children as possible. Your donations raised through this project will help families to shoulder high costs of treatment and related expenses.

What is the potential long-term impact of this project?

Children with cancer will have better chances of receiving uninterrupted treatment. We hope that continuous and successful care will allow children to reintegrate into their communities sooner.

Apr 06 2018

The power of little

Marina Ouano

This month we’re celebrating the power of the crowd in the Little by Little Matching Campaign which will run from April 9th - 13th! During this five-day campaign GlobalGiving will match donations up to $50 at 50% with $50,000 in matching funds. There will also be incentives for recurring donations and $3,000 in bonus prizes!

Most of the donations we receive are for $25 or less.  Yet, they account for 2/3 of the total we raise!  Without small donors and their kind contributions we would be far less effective.  So we would like to thank once again everyone who contributes to our project - no matter the size of their donation! 

Currently, we are trying to help a 5-year-old Nazar from Ukraine.  When he was 2, he underwent bone marrow transplantation in Italy, as these procedures were not done in Ukraine at the time.  Although he is doing well now, he requires periodic evaluations to ensure that donor's bone marrow is working well and not being rejected by Nazar's body.  Nazar's family is planning to travel to Italy in April and are asking for help with lodging expenses. 

Thank you for your continuing support and care. 


Jan 18 2018

Thank you for making a difference!

Marina Ouano

As we are entering 2018, it is important to look back to last year to review how much we accomplished together.  In the last 12 months your generosity allowed us to support 14 families of children with cancer and help pay for transportation, lodging and medical expenses.  The families traveled from their home countries of Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Moldova to access treatment in Israel, Germany, Italy, Turkey and Switzerland. For most of them, it will be a long and challenging road and any support is important and appreciated.

Most recently, your donations went to help Alikhan who is 18 months old. He suffers from retinoblastoma of his right eye. Alikhan is the third and youngest child in his family. He was diagnosed in April 2017, and the family was shocked and greatly saddened by this news. Alikhan began treatment in Center of pediatric surgery in Almaty, Kazakhstan, where he received 2 courses of chemotherapy. To his parents regret, it didn't help, as the size of the tumor did not change, while Alikhan's condition worsened. The next step would have been a removal of Alikhan's eye. The family began researching doctors and looking for different treatments to try to save Alikhan's eye. In the fall, the parents decided to take him to Ophtalmique clinic Jules Gonin in Lausanne, Switzerland. The family prepaid most of the treatment for 2017, but they still need to raise funds for the therapy that will be continuing in 2018.

Thanks again for helping young patients like Alikhan and we hope we can count on your continuing support!   Our best wishes for the New Year! 

Oct 23 2017

David needs bone marrow transplant

Marina Ouano

Fall is a season when we celebrate many brave people whose lives have been touched by cancer - from September's Childhood Cancer Awareness to October's pink ribbons of breast cancer survivors.  In November, Bone Marrow Awareness month, we recognize and support transplant physicians, researchers, bone marrow donors and recipients.  

In many countries of the former Soviet Union, bone marrow transplants are still not available for blood cancer patients, even 50 years after this procedure was first performed.    For this reason, children from Ukraine, for example, often have to travel abroad for transplantation of stem cells from donors. 

Recently, parents of David, who is 3 years old, asked for our help.  A year ago, David started having fevers and his blood test revealed low count of platelets. He had to get blood transfusions to increase his platelets - again and again. After observation for nearly a year, David was diagnosed with myelodisplastic syndrome, a blood disorder that can only be cured by transplantation of stem cells from a donor. As doctors in his native Ukraine are not experienced in transplantations of stem cells to children, David needed to travel abroad for treatment. His family researched hospitals around the world and settled on Turkey, but they need help with raising funds for the procedure and potentially long-term immunosuppressive therapy.

Please help us support David's family and others like them.  We appreciate your kindness and care.

Our best wishes for the holiday season!

Aug 07 2017

Support Children with Cancer during Youth Week!

Marina Ouano

As of this summer, our project to support children with cancer traveling abroad for treatment had raised over 50% of target funds!  We are so grateful to our supporters!   Your donations allowed us to continue offering help to families from the many countries of the former Soviet Union that lag behind in quality of cancer care. 

One such family is from Moldova.  Their baby Theodor is only 9 months old. Two months ago, Theo's mom felt a lump in his tummy. She took him to a doctor the next day. The diagnostic tests discovered a tumor in Theo's abdomen. At first, the doctors believed he had a kidney tumor, and they advised the family to take Theo out of country for treatment in Istanbul. While there, the diagnosis was changed to neuroblastoma, a type of aggressive childhood cancer. Theo's treatment will last approximately 6 months and will include multiple cycles of chemotherapy, surgery, and possibly radiation. The cost of treatment may exceed $100,000. Theo and his family need financial support to ensure he receives the right treatment and gets the chance to beat cancer.

The great news is that starting at 9:00am EDT on Monday, August 7th, and running until 11:59pm EDT on International Youth Day, Saturday, August 12th, GlobalGiving will apply $13,000 in matching funds at 100% on all donations up to $250. Additionally, there is a 100% match on all recurring donations started during the campaign week (up to $250). GlobalGiving will also be giving out $2,000 worth of bonus prizes to the top 3 projects with the most funds raised and top 3 projects with the most unique donors!

We hope you will use the opportunity to make an even greater impact this week with your donation to support Theo and children like him!  Thanks again and have a great rest of summer!

All the best,

May 10 2017

Your donations at work

Marina Ouano

Thank you for your support for our project!  We are continuing to recruit new donors, as well as retain our recurring donors whose support allows us to offer financial aid throughout the year.  Today we are happy to report that since our February email, in which we told Andrei's story, we were able to support two more young boys with cancer.

One of them is a 2-year-old David. In December 2016, David's mom felt a mass on his right leg when putting him to bed. The family took David to see a doctor right away. The diagnosis of cancer - embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma - was a huge shock. Adding to it was the doctors' conviction that David needed an amputation of his leg. It was a bitter pill to swallow, and David's family decided to get a second opinion abroad. They are currently in Israel, where David started treatment that may save his leg. 

Four-year-old Yaroslav was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia in May 2016, when he suddenly became drained of energy, unable to play and run, and developed fever and rash.  Unfortunately, six months of chemotherapy did not produce desired results, and Yaroslav needed to undergo bone marrow transplant from an unrelated donor to have a chance to live. As pediatric transplants are not done in his native Ukraine, Yaroslav's family took him for treatment to Turkey. In April, Yaroslav received bone marrow transplant from a donor and is now recovering. 

Thanks to your kindness, we were able to support these families at the time when they needed help the most.  We are most sincerely grateful and wishing you a great summer! 

Feb 13 2017

Help Andrei defeat sarcoma!

Marina Ouano

Our project has reached a few milestones since being started 5 years ago: we have received over 500 donations and raised over $40,000.  Last year alone, this project supported 12 children with cancer, and we shared some of their stories with you.  Your donations helped the families pay medical bills and cover other treatment-related expenses.  Importantly, they relieved not only financial burden of cancer, but also emotional drain of stress and anxiety.  Many families express their gratitude for support - regardless of amount - as it gives them a boost of confidence and hope for the victory in their difficult battles.

Partcularly vulnerable are the families of children that have been dealing with cancer for several years.  For example, Andrei is a teen from Kiev, Ukraine.  He is now 13 years old. Andrei suffers from a rare type of bone cancer. The first symptoms appeared in July 2015, but the doctors could not determined a correct diagnosis at the time.  By January 2016, the pain intensified.  Andrei had more evaluations and tests, sleepless nights, and wrong diagnoses.  Finally, in April 2016, an accurate diagnosis was determined: Ewing's sarcoma of the left humerus.  At that time, a pathological fracture occurred at biopsy site and had to be fixed with a metal plate. Then chemotherapy was started. After the third cycle of chemotherapy, Andrei and his mother flew to Tel Aviv, Israel for further treatment. There they hope to have a better chance for success, as the doctors are more experienced and better treatments are available. 

Andrei still has many months of chemotherapy ahead of him, followed by multiple sessions of low-dose radiation. However, continuation of therapy is at risk, as the family struggles to raise money to complete treatment.  Our project is aimed to support young cancer patients like Andrei, who can't get adequate help in their home countries and are unable to afford the cost of treatment abroad. 

As we continue to receive requests for help, we have decided to increase our project goal to $80,000 and extend our program services.   We hope we can continue to count on your generosity and kindness to support this project.  Thank you!

Nov 22 2016

#GivingTuesday (and other days of the week)

Marina Ouano

A week from now, on November 29th #GivingTuesday will celebrate charitable giving during holiday season.  Many stories from causes, volunteers, donors and beneficiaries will be heard in an effort to give voice to those of us who are less fortunate and to lessen their burden. 

This is our project's story.  Narek is an Armenian boy who needs help to afford chemotherapy for brain tumor.
Here is a letter from his mom:

Good day,
I am writing in hopes to find your support for the treatment of my son Narek.
Narek is now 11 years old. He was born perfectly healthy and was enjoying his childhood like all other children. He began practicing chess at the early age of 4 and attending chess academy at the age of 6 and soon ensured 3rd category qualification. At school he was an excellent pupil with excellent marks. He especially adored math and Armenian studies. Narek was distinguished by his exemplary conduct and knowledge.
Narek was diagnosed with IV category brain tumor (meduloblastoma) in November 27, 2015. Forecasts of doctors were not encouraging and an immediate surgery was necessary to save the child's life. We were recommended to perform the surgery in Germany or Israel due to its complicated nature. A number of clinics refused to perform this kind surgery, but we managed to find a German clinic willing to perform it.
We were able to find the preliminary required sum amounting to 23000 Euros with great efforts and traveled to Germany. The surgery went well and the main body of the tumor was dissected. Doctors recommended passing intensive courses of chemotherapy and radiotherapy due to metastases found at inoperable sections of the brain.
We were able to commence the chemotherapy by the support of our friends and donations amounting to 14000 Euros, but unfortunately it was not enough to complete the course. We then referred to several German charitable organizations which kindly provided us with 33000 Euros to continue Narek's treatment. Narek needed platelet and blood transfusions every time after intensive chemotherapy sessions. After two courses of chemotherapy the results came back better than expected and metastases reduced by over 50%. We were sent to Cologne Clinic to pass radiotherapy course.
A 45-day treatment gave excellent results reducing metastases by 50%, but there were still some small formations left which the doctors promised to treat by yet another course of chemotherapy costing 42000 Euros. The Clinic refuses continuing the treatment without the due sum paid while time works against Narek and any delay can bring to the re-occurrence of the condition. The doctors say my son will not get the chance of second treatment if we lose this one. Currently I am in a desperate situation. The 10 months of suffering and struggle of my son may vanish because of that sum. Narek wasn't able to speak for about 8 months after the surgery. He is still confined to a wheelchair, but he is a strong boy and you could tell by the look in his eyes that he struggles for his life each and every moment. Please, help Narek overcome this last ordeal. He needs this support more than ever.
We have applied to several funds, but got no response. I am not able to look into my son's eyes when he asks about when he is to start the next stage of the treatment and return to his homeland to his friends and relatives whom he misses tremendously.
Narek`s mother, Lilit

If you would like to help Narek's family, we will be very grateful for your support on any day of the week, but especially during #GivingTuesday!  Thanks to Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, 50% match to your donation (up to $1,000) will be made during that day while funds last.  So save the date - November 29th - and join us in our celebration of Narek and other brave kids and families!  Thank you so much!

Aug 26 2016

Help Uliana afford bone marrow transplant!

Marina Ouano

Last time, we told you about Adelya, a 12-year old from Russia who traveled to Houston as a last chance to save her life.  We are happy to report that Adelya was able to achieve remission, and although she remains in a fragile state, she can now be considered a candidate for a bone marrow transplant from a donor.  We are very hopeful that with the help of her family, friends, donors, and supporters Adelya will win this battle!

Another young patient who needs bone marrow transplant is a four-year old Uliana from Ukraine.  Uliana has always been a very healthy girl. Unfortunately, this summer her happy childhood has been interrupted by a sudden onset of leukemia. Uliana spent several months receiving treatment at her home town, but then her family had to take her to Italy for high-dose chemotherapy and bone marrow transplant. This is a risky procedure, and transplantations are not available for children with leukemia in Ukraine. Uliana's 9-year old brother will be her donor. The family raised most of the required amount of 65,000 euros. However, they still need to raise 20,000 euros more to proceed to transplantation. Please consider supporting Uliana and children like her! 

A convenient way to show your support is to sign up for recurring donations that will be made automatically, every month, for as long as you would like.  Thanks again for your incredible help and kindness!

Jun 14 2016

Help Adelya Afford Treatment!

Marina Ouano

Recently, we met a new patient here in Houston.  Adelya came here from Ulyanovsk in Russia.  She is 12 year old, but she looks much younger. Four years ago, Adelya was diagnosed with high-risk leukemia. She was hospitalized at Blokhin Institute, the leading cancer hospital in Moscow, Russia. After a year of treatment, she was discharged in a stable remission. Unfortunately, within a year, she was diagnosed with secondary leukemia that required more therapy and bone marrow transplantation. In 2015, Adelya had a relapse. After additional treatment she went into remission again, but it was very short, and the test results in February 2016 confirmed a second relapse of acute myeloid leukemia. This time, Adelya was not offered any further treatment.

Adelya's family began looking for the hospitals abroad that may be able to help her. They came across MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston that agreed to accept Adelya. In April Adelya arrived to Texas, and she was hospitalized immeediately.  She will have a long and difficult treatment ahead of her and the family needs our support.  Here is what her mom Zulfia had to say: "I admire Adelya's maturity, wisdom and willingness to fight. For the last 4 years she has spent most of the time in the hospitals and clinics, not having an ordinary life of a child of her age. We believe that all the good things are ahead of us and we will find the way to beat cancer, so she can enjoy the future."  

I hope you can join us tomorrow, June 15th, and donate to help Adelya and other little patients like her who had to face cancer so early in their lives.  You can donate starting at 8 am CDT (16:00 Moscow time) and receive a bonus of 50% (on donations of $1,000 or less).  Thanks again for your generous support!


Mar 18 2016

Support Arina's family in their fight!

Marina Ouano

Last time we asked for your help for Ostap, a young boy from Ukraine.  Fortunately, his family had an outpouring of support and were able to raise all the needed funds on their own.  We used your donations to help two other children, 8-year-old girls from Russia: Almira from Buryatia, who needed to travel to Germany to ensure her leukemia remains in remission and Nina from Stavropol, who had to travel to Israel to receive an accurate diagnosis and begin treatment for lymphoma. 

Our most recent patient is Arina from Krasnoyarsk, Russia.  For the last 6 years she has been suffering from neuroblastoma, an aggressive type of pediatric cancer.  In 2009, she had the initial surgery and chemotherapy for a large abdominal tumor. Unfortunately, she relapsed just a few months later. The retesting of the tumor showed that the diagnosis was not correct and she did not receive the right therapy. The treatment was restarted, and Arina needed to undergo 8 more intensive chemotherapy cycles, followed by a maintenance regimen. Yet, disease returned again and spread to Arina's brain. More chemotherapy followed, which helped control cancer, but also made it more difficult for Arina to recover after each cycle.  Seeking alternatives, Arina's parents learned about a novel way to fight neuroblastoma that was available in Germany and decided to take a chance. Although Arina had a hard time tolerating immunotherapy, after six months she finally achieved remission. Upon return home to Krasnoyarsk she was able to start school and enjoy a normal life. Regular visits to Germany for evaluations allowed her doctors to detect even tiniest changes in her condition. Most recently, Arina was found to have an small but active lesion in her head. Due to its difficult location, it is not easy to treat, but the doctors are hopeful. They are offering Arina to undergo bone marrow transplant from a donor, which may give her a chance for a sustained remission.  However, the cost of treatment is very high, and Arina's family is doing all they can to raise the money. 

One great way to help patients like Arina is to sign up for recurring donations - that way we can ensure that no matter when a patient needs help, we have the funds to help them.  You can sign up at https://www.globalgiving.org/projects/help-children-with-cancer-access-treatment/?show=recurring

Thanks again for everything you do!


Dec 22 2015

Help Ostap beat disease

Vlad Litvinov

Dear friends, thank you so much for your support for Andrii, a 10-year-old lymphoma patient from Ukraine. Thanks to your generous donations and a $5,167 grant from the First Hand Foundation, Andrii received the leg surgery. He can walk now with the crutches. The treatment will continue. Thank you once again for supporting Andrii!

At this time, we are extending our support to a 3-year-old Ostap from the Ukrainian city of Ivano-Frankivsk. In mid-September, the strange bruises have appeared around Ostap’s eyes. At first, his parents thought it was a result of blood vessels broke but showed Ostap to the doctors anyway. Unfortunately, doctors could not detect the cause. The boy was given medicines to strengthen his blood vessels. The bruises, however, did not go away and started to come off more and often. The parents were desperate as many tests and visits to the doctors varied in opinion. In December, parents had decided to check in with a German hospital in Nurnberg where one of their ex-classmates worked. Ostap had the blood test followed by the bone marrow biopsy and was diagnosed with neuroblastoma. He was taken into the hospital and on December 4 the chemotherapy began. Please support this family as they scrambling for resources to pay for the full course of treatment, including possible bone marrow transplantation. Thank you for your consideration!

Looking into the approaching year 2016, we wish you and your loved ones a wonderful holiday season and a healthy and peaceful year ahead. Thank you for staying with our project and helping children and families in need!


Oct 08 2015

Help Andrii overcome lymphoma

Vlad Litvinov

Thank you for staying with our project. We continue supporting children with cancer who have limited or no access to the modern treatments.

Andrii is one of these children. He is a 10-year-old from a small town in Poltava region in Ukraine. Like many other kids of his age, he likes outdoors, playing soccer and riding a bicycle. In March 2015 Andrii's leg started to ache and soon he became unable to stand on it. A biopsy was done, followed by surgery to replace his hip with a prosthetic. Andrii spent half a year in the cast that extended from his leg all the way to his stomach. In May Andrii was started on antibiotics but his condition continued to deteriorate. The hospitals in Ukraine could not perform necessary diagnostics and his parents decided to bring him to Israel for treatment. There he was diagnosed with stage IV anaplastic lymphoma. Andrii had chemotherapy and will need a surgery to recover his legs' functioning, as well as rehabilitation course. The initial stage of treatment was covered by parents' own savings but by now they have run out of money. Andrii's dad is the only source of family income, as the mom is staying with Andrii. He is the only child in the family.

Andrii dreamt about joining a soccer club before illness and speaks about it often. Please help him finish his treatment so he could get back to soccer as a healthy boy again.

Jul 28 2015

New Hope for Mikael

Marina Ouano

Two months ago, we received a letter from Mara.  Her baby son Mikael was little more than a year old.   But instead of celebrating his first birthday, his family was scrambling to raise funds for life-saving treatment.  Just weeks earlier, Mikael was diagnosed with a large liver tumor, hepatoblastoma.  His parents took Mikael for treatment in a clinic in Munich, Germany. Proposed treatment plan included several cycles of chemotherapy and surgery.  During consultations with the best doctors in their native Armenia, Mikael's parents were told that curability of this type of cancer is much higher (90-95%) in German clinics compared to the ones in Armenia where proper treatment is not provided due to low quality of equipment, medications and treatment protocols. Although at first Mikael's parents expected to be able to afford the treatment, they soon realized that they needed support of others to pay for all the bills.

We used $1,029 of the funds raised in this project to support Mikael and his family.  And a few days ago, Mara shared the great news: "I am the happiest mom on earth now! My son is cancer free! Five blocks of chemotherapy, difficult surgery, fever, pain, sleepless nights and days full of stress but never despair are all behind now. With all the prayers, God's will and professionalism of his doctors - surgeons and oncologists, and good care of the nurses he recovered from his deadly disease. The tumor that was poisoning him from inside was removed completely and all other indicators are said to be OK, meaning he has no cancer cells anymore..."

Thanks again for your support got little patients like Mikael!  We hope to bring you many more great stories like this one!



May 07 2015

Help Vadim travel for treatment!

Marina Ouano

Vadim is a 14-year-old boy from Ukraine. The story of his illness began in 2013 with an inflamed lymph node that quickly led to an avalanche of increasingly serious symptoms: fever, weight loss, and fatigue. Within days, a terrible diagnosis was made: stage IV anaplastic large cell lymphoma.  Vadim underwent six high-dose chemotherapy cycles, and achieved remission. He was happy to be at home and enjoy life. Unfortunately, after 9 months of follow-up tests, something appeared to be wrong with his bone marrow. It turned out that Vadim developed secondary chronic myeloproliferative disease, caused by chemotherapy. The only treatment for this condition is bone marrow transplantation from a donor, and it is not done in his home country.  Vadim's chance to live is very expensive. His family received a bill from a hospital in Italy for bone marrow transplantation for 120,000 euros. For Vadim's family, it is a lifetime of earnings.

We receive requests for help with stories like Vadim's every week, from many countries of the former Soviet Union.  This project helps us contribute to these families' fundraising efforts and allow them beat seemingly impossible odds. On Wednesday, May 13th you can help us earn more and support more patients by donating during Bonus Day.  Between 09:00:01 EDT and 23:59:59 EDT (or between 16:00 Wednesday and 7:00 Thursday Moscow time) all donations of $1,000 or less will receive a bonus from GlobalGiving.  The exact percentage of the bonus will be determined after the Bonus Day, based on total amount raised.

Thanks again for your kindness and support! 

Feb 09 2015

More children need our help

Marina Ouano

In December we shared great news with you:  we have received a very generous donation from VMWare Foundation, which had allowed us to support several families seeking help to bring their children abroad for cancer treatment.  The donation also brought us close to achieving our project goal of $25,000. 

However, recently we have experienced an increase in the number of requests from families from Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.  Cancer care in these countries continues to lag behind that of developed countries.  For this reason, we have decided to increase our project goal to $50,000.  We hope to be able to provide support to as many families as we can.  Our criteria for patient support remains the same:  the families have to be low income, have no insurance, and the children have to lack treatment options in their own countries. 

One of such little patients who currently needs help is two-year-old Michail.  He was born in a young family in Odessa, Ukraine. Since birth, he has been very healthy and happy boy.  But in fall of 2014 he developed a toothache, and the dentist had to take his tooth out. Beneath it, a tumor was found. At first, it appeared to be benign, but the Ukrainian doctors were unsure of the diagnosis. As Misha's condition deteriorated, his parents decided to take him to Israel for urgent evaluation. There Misha was diagnosed with high-risk neuroblastoma, a type of childhood cancer, with metastases in his lower jaw.   Misha had to start urgent treatment. He has already completed chemotherapy, but will also need transplant of his own stem cells, surgery on his jaw, and immunotherapy. Misha is responding well to therapy and there is hope for recovery. However, the costs of treatment are very high, and Misha's family is trying hard to raise funds for their only son.

We will be very grateful for your continuing support of our project!  Thank you for staying with us. 



Dec 16 2014

Happy Holidays!

Marina Ouano

We are happy to share great news with you!   Our project was one of the few chosen by VMWare Foundation for its annual charitable event, during which the company raised $13,000 for our little patients.  What a great gift to children and their families at this time of the year! 

We are also grateful to all of our recurring donors for letting us have a reliable stream of donations, and to everyone else who has given support to children with cancer from the former Soviet Union.   Unfortunately, as the countries in the region remain unstable, children with cancer become some of the most vulnerable victims of continuing turbulence.  As the countries lack money for modern drugs, training of doctors and development of research, many families are forced to travel abroad to give their children a chance to live. 

Six-year-old Vlad's story is just one of many.   Recently, he traveled with his father from their native Ukraine to Hungary. There Vlad started treatment for osteosarcoma, a dangerous type of bone cancer that affected his left leg. At home it took five long months to diagnose him, and his parents lost their faith in local doctors. Vlad's family now needs help with raising funds to finish his treatment. Vlad is a bright little boy who dreams of becoming a president of Ukraine, or a soccer player when he grows up. But for now, he has to endure daily struggles with pain and nausea to get through treatment. He also misses his mom who stayed behind with his newborn sister.

Your help will lift some of the burden of cancer from this family.  Thanks again for your compassion and generosity.

Have a wonderful New Year and enjoy your holidays! 

Oct 21 2014

Angelina needs your help

Marina Ouano

In July we asked for your support for Katya who is treated in Germany.  Since then we were able to raise $2,000 and forward the money toward lodging costs.  Katya and her family are very grateful to everyone!

We have recently met another young patient here in Houston.  Angelina is such a happy little girl that it is hard to believe she has already had to face two different cancer diagnoses in just three years of life.  First it was neuroblastoma that showed its symptoms in infancy.   The treatment was very difficult and toxic, with many complications.  Angelina learned to walk in the hospital and she celebrated her first birthday there.  Once the treatment was over, Angelina's family was eager to leave the bad memories behind.  Unfortunately, soon after her second birthday, cancer returned.  This time, it was a brain tumor.   Angelina had surgery and more chemotherapy to combat it.  She is now being transplanted her own stem cells to make sure that cancer does not come back.   Angelina's mom asked us for help with paying for medications and medical expenses, as the family's financial means are limited.  

Thank you for your support for our little patients!   All the families we work with appreciate not only the financial help, but also the knowledge that perfect strangers are willing to join them in their battle.  It is very empowering and we cannot thank you enough for staying with us. 

Jul 22 2014

Help Katya Finish her Treatment!

Marina Ouano

In our last report we told you about Anatoli who is finishing his treatment in Israel.  We are happy to report that we were able to raise $1,500 for his treatment and forward to the hospital.  Anatoli and his parents are sincerely grateful.  Thank you so much!

Now another child from Ukraine needs our support.  Katya is only 10, but she has been fighting cancer for three years already.  Initially, she was treated in Kiev and then traveled to Moscow for surgery.  After 15 months of treatment, she finally achieved remission.  Unfortunately, it did not last, and Katya relapsed six months later. 

The only way to try to save her life was to travel abroad to Germany where new immunotherapy, unavailable in Ukraine, was offered.  The cost of it, however, is very high, and as a foreigner, Katya is billed for the full cost of treatment. 

Please help Katya and her family in their fight with cancer!    Thank you for your support.

Apr 30 2014

Anatoli needs help to continue treatment!

Marina Ouano

Anatoli is an 8-year old from Ukraine.  He is a quiet boy who loves books and has a vivid imagination.  Last year Anatoli suddenly fell ill.  When local doctors failed to diagnose him, the family took him to Israel for treatment.  Within days of arrival, Anatoli was paralyzed from waist down.  A tumor in his spine was discovered and Anatoli was operated, but he remains paraplegic to this day.  The doctors are administering him chemotherapy to try and shrink the tumor and restore his mobility.  Anatoli is now half way through the treatment, and he needs our support to continue it and get well. 

Here is his story in his own words:

Hello. My name is Anatolii. I am 8 year old.
Several months ago I fell ill seriously, and I don't feel my legs right now. In spite of all the efforts of my family to find a specialist who could diagnose and help me in Ukraine, we failed.
After having done the MRI check in Ukraine we went to Israel to be diagnosed in a proper way and I undergone the operation immediately, because according to MRI there was a tumor in the spine area.
In Ukraine the doctors couldn't say what kind of tumor I have. So, we stayed in Israel. I was diagnosed with sarcoma and now I have being treated with chemotherapy which is very hard on me.
My mother and father are also in Israel with me doing everything they can to save my life, but we are short of money and resources.
I'm asking you kindly to help me and to keep me alive.
I am dreaming about walking again, doing hiking and playing football with my little brother.

If you would like to support Anatoli and children like him, join us on a Bonus Day on May 7th at 9 am EDT (17:00 Moscow time).  Each donation (up to $1,000) will earn 30% more from Global Giving bonus fund.  Or sign up for recurrent donations, for easy automatic giving throughout the year - just click on "Monthly Recurring" tab.

Thank you!

Feb 03 2014

You have helped!

Marina Ouano

In our last report we shared the story of Slava, a young Ukrainian boy.  Thanks to your support, we were able to help his family with treatment-related expenses in the amount of $1,000.  Slava's mom is sincerely grateful to everyone who had contributed! 

We have recently had two more new arrivals in Houston:  two little girls from Moscow and Uzbekistan have come for evaluation and treatment for cancer.  They too need support, and we have already helped them with getting cell phones, finding lodging, and getting second opinions.  More help may be needed in the future, and we will appreciate your continuing support. 

One of the best ways to do so is to sign up for recurring donations:  simpy click on "Monthly recurring" tab on the donation sidebar.  In addition, a Bonus Day is coming up on Wednesday, February 12th.  Starting at 9 am EDT, all donations made on that day (up to $1,000) will be matched at 30%, until the matching fund runs out.  This is a great way to increase your impact and do more for children with cancer.  Mark your calendars and donate early on February 12th!


Nov 04 2013

Just a 7-years old dreamer

Alexandra Shchetkina

What do you usually expect from a 7-years old boy? You expect him to be funny, curious, a dreamer, expect him to play pirates with his friends and be carried away by adventure  stories.

Slava is 7 and he is just like you expect him to be. He is a dreamer. He dreams about going back home, going to school and be like everybody else. He has so much to tell his friends about countries he has been! But the only thing Slava would like to forget is hospitals.

In the age of 3 common Ukrainian boy was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, and his life has changed since. All these years best  Italian, Russian and Ukrainian  doctors have been fighting for Slava. They did all they could, and cancer was stopped, but then Slava relapsed. And now since march 2013 Americans doctors from MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston take care of a boy. They have a plan how to beat  his cancer and this is a really good plan! Now Slava's body is responding to treatment, he is getting better, he is fighting.

The only thing is that this good plan needs lots of money, and Slava's family can't afford it, but you can!

Your donations can help Slava access treatment and beat cancer so he could happily get back home to his friends and books! 

Thank you for you  support! Together we can help Slava reach his dreams.Because he is just a 7-year old boy, a dreamer who thinks that everything in the world is possible!


Aug 13 2013

News about Amir and Elyor

Vlad Litvinov

In June our project was selected as a Project of the Month and was hosted on GlobalGiving's homepage. We will be receiving close to $5,000 from our participation in Project of the Month at the end of July.

Here is where the money will go:

In May we introduced Amir, a 4-year-old boy who had surgery on his eye due to retinoblastoma. Recently, Amir came back from Germany where he had a planned examination. His family shared good news: the residual tumor had become flat and barely visible. The oncologists could not see any new cancer growth. Amir's blood test results were also good.

We continued assisting Elyor's family. We recently made a partial payment to the hospital in Germany to help them with the costs of treatment for previously discovered new lesions. In May Elyor underwent radiation therapy to get them under control. He is currently in Germany again to undergo tests to check for any changes in his condition.

Thank you for your support of children with cancer!

May 24 2013

We are selected Project of the Month!

Vlad Litvinov

Dear friends, thank you for your continuous support!

We are proud to announce that Help Children with Cancer Access Treatment was selected as Project of the Month by GlobalGiving! It will be hosted on the GlobalGiving’s homepage for one month and we hope that it will raise additional attention to the needs of children that we are serving.

We have previously written about Elyor, 1 year old boy from Uzbekistan.  Thanks to your support, Elyor has finished radiation therapy in Germany in the beginning of May, but will need to travel back for checkups every 4-6 weeks. Last year, the total cost of treatment and travel easily exceeded family’s entire earnings. Your support will alleviate the family’s financial burden and help ensure that Elyor gets uninterrupted treatment.

Amir, a 4-year-old from Russia, is another patient with the similar diagnosis. In 2011, he had retinoblastoma surgery at the same clinic in Essen. Unfortunately, his right eye was removed but doctors were able to save Amir’s left eye. His mom works as a system administrator at education center for disabled children and makes about $250 a month, whereas each trip to Germany costs them up to 3,500 Euro. They need to frequently travel to Germany to make sure the disease is not progressing.

We hope that you continue supporting children like Elyor and Amir. Unfortunately, there is no adequate medical infrastructure to treat them at home. Our project aims to fill this gap and we are truly grateful for your ongoing support!

Mar 04 2013

Help Solomia and Sofia on treatment in Cincinnati

Vlad Litvinov

Dear Friend,

While Slava, with your support, is about to travel to Cincinnati, two girls from Ukraine are already undergoing treatment at Cincinnati Children's Hospital. We invite you to look at their profiles.

Solomia is 5 years old. From the age of 3, she has been suffering from neuroblastoma that caused her severe bone pain. After a delay with diagnosis, she finally began treatment in Lviv, Ukraine. When she finished four cycles of chemotherapy, the doctors recommended to continue treatment in Israel. After scraping up money for a deposit, Solomia and her parents flew to Israel where standard regimen for neuroblastoma was completed. Solomia achieved remission, but to maintain it, she needed therapy with antibodies available in Europe. Unfortunately, while her parents once again were trying to raise more money, Solomia relapsed. The chemotherapy did not work anymore. Doctors in Israel recommended MIBG, a new therapy available in Europe or US. Again, Solomia and her parents had to fly to another country. They came to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, one of a few US hospitals where MIBG is available. The cost of treatment will be very high.

Sofia is 3 years old. In June 2011, she was diagnosed with a sarcoma of brain. Her parents sold their apartment in just four days and flew to Israel to start treatment. They were determined to save their only child. In Israel, Sofia underwent surgery, followed by radiation and chemotherapy. Unfortunately, the tumor began to grow back after almost a year of treatment. The family began looking elsewhere for further therapy. Cincinnati Children’s Hospital accepted Sofia. There, the diagnosis was changed to PNET. Since coming to the US, Sofia underwent proton radiation, which allowed for more targeted therapy. She also began chemotherapy. The treatment is expected to take a long time, and Sofia’s family needs help to afford it.

Please support Solomia and Sofia, and help them complete their treatment!

Thank you!

Feb 19 2013

Help Slava get well

Vlad Litvinov

Dear Friend,

Our project aims to help children with cancer from the former Soviet Union and make high quality cancer treatment more accessible.

Slava Voroshilov is a 6-year-old from Ukraine. He comes from a region affected in the nuclear accident at Chernobyl. Slava suffers from relapse of neuroblastoma, common childhood solid tumor. He was initially diagnosed in spring of 2009. His friends and family raised funds for his treatment in Italy, and Slava achieved remission after many months of therapy. Unfortunately, he relapsed a year later. This time treatment in Italy did not result in remission, and Slava’s family began looking elsewhere. Cincinnati Children’s Hospital had offered a treatment plan, but Slava needs to begin therapy quickly to stop disease progression. Please help Slava get well.

Thank you!

Dec 26 2012

Thank you for your support and season's greetings

Vlad Litvinov

Dear Friends,

Thank you for your support throughout 2012 year. It has been a challenging year for our patients and their families and we appreciate your compassionate involvement in their lives. Although we did not raise as much as we have planned via this project, we were still able to help the following children as an organization: Alina Baurciulu – $1000, Arina Limanchikova – $1000, Maxim Kim – $1000, and Elyor Babaev – $900.

We sincerely thank you for all your contribution and hope on your continuous support in 2013. From all our team, we wish you and your loved ones a happy holiday season and a healthful, prosperous new year!

With gratitude,

Advita Fund USA, Help Children with Cancer Access Treatment

Oct 24 2012

Update on Elyor Babaev - October 2012

Vlad Litvinov

Dear Friend,

Thank you for supporting Elyor Babaev from Uzbekistan. Elyor has retinoblastoma, an eye cancer. This type of disease is not treated in Uzbekistan so family had to look for medical care abroad. Elyor has been treated at the Children's Oncology Center in Essen, Germany.

As of October 2012, Elyor has finished six blocks of chemotherapy and went home to Uzbekistan to recover. It is unclear at the moment whether he will need another therapy. Doctors will want to see Elyor back to Germany every 4 - 6 weeks for checkup. The overall time for recovery and checkup may take up to 2 years. Unfortunately, Uzbekistan has no medical facilities or personnel to monitor Elyor's health. His parents, of course, are committed to do everything possible to save their little son. Each trip to Germany and outpatient treatment will cost them a lot. We will be assisting Elyor and his family throughout this period and will greatly rely on your continuous support!

Thank you!

Oct 22 2012

Help little Elyor from Uzbekistan to see

Vlad Litvinov

Dear Friend,

Our project exists to help children from the former Soviet Union to access treatment abroad. In most of the cases, this treatment is their only hope.

Elyor Babaev from Uzbekistan is just few months old. When he was only 40 days old, his parents noticed white spots inside his pupils. After a visit to a doctor, retinoblastoma (eye cancer) was diagnosed in both eyes. As the cancer is not treated in Uzbekistan, the family urgently had to fly to a specialist clinic in Essen, Germany. The initial cost of treatment was estimated at 20,000 Euros. The family could only pay for a flight to Germany and short stay at a hotel. They looked at the charity projects such as ours to help them pay for an ongoing treatment. We hope that you could help us support Elyor.

Thank you!

Aug 28 2012

Children's Day

Marina Ouano

Dear Friend,

June 1 marked Children's Day celebrations around the world. In many countries, children get presents, and parades and ceremonies are held. On this day, adults are once again reminded how precious their children are to them and how fragile they can be.

Children with cancer are particularly vulnerable. You too can join and help children with cancer get a gift - a gift of life. Your contribution will go to children like Alina whose families struggle with paying the bills for treatment. Alina, a 10-year old from Ukraine, is still fighting her cancer - rhabdomyosarcoma - and needs our support.

We are very close to finishing fundraising for Alina. Please help us meet our goal of $1,000 and let her family breathe a little easier.

Thank you so much!

P.S. On March 19, we transferred $1,000 to Alina's hospital - however, we borrowed funds from our Patients on Treament Abroad program. Please help us reimburse Alina's portion to support other children who urgently need support.

Jun 04 2012

Children's Day

Marina Ouano

Dear Friend,

June 1 marked Children's Day celebrations around the world.  In many countries, children get presents, and parades and ceremonies are held.  On this day, adults are once again reminded how precious their children are to them and how fragile they can be.  

Children with cancer are particularly vulnerable.  You too can join and help children with cancer get a gift - a gift of life.  Your contribution will go to children like Alina whose families struggle with paying the bills for treatment.  Alina, a 10-year old from Ukraine, is still fighting her cancer - rhabdomyosarcoma - and needs our support.

We are very close to finishing fundraising for Alina.  Please help us meet our goal of $1000 and let her family breathe a little easier.

Thank you so much!

Mar 12 2012

GlobalGiving matching donations on March 14, 2012

Vlad Litvinov

Dear supporter,

On March 14, GlobalGiving will be matching all donations up to $1,000 per donor at 30%. There will be $50,000 available in matching funds from 12:00 am until 11:59 pm EDT.

We are currently raising money to help Alina Baurciulu to pay for the radiation treatment in Israel. When we collect $1,000, we will transfer this amount to Alina's hospital. With your donation made through GlobalGiving on Wednesday we could do it faster.

Please join us this Wednesday, March 14 and help us give hope to the kids with cancer!

Feb 02 2012

Help Alina in her fight against cancer!

Vlad Litvinov

Dear supporter,

The first child on our project who needs help with paying for cancer treatment is Alina Baurciulu. She is 10 years old. She was born in Moldova but grew up in Odessa, a Ukrainian city on the Black Sea.

Alina had an active lifestyle almost from birth. She dedicated herself to swimming, gymnastics and dancing. In spring 2011, she won the first place in her city’s dancing competition and was supposed to attend a sport camp in the summer. Unfortunately, sudden news had shuttered Alina’s and her parents’ lives.

Alina was diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma, a type of childhood cancer located in head and neck. Unfortunately, doctors in Ukraine were unable to establish the right diagnosis and were unsure on further treatment. The family flew quickly to Israel to save their only and much loved daughter. Alina will be undergoing therapy at Sheba Medical Center in Tel Aviv until May 2012 at the earliest. The therapy will require many different approaches, such as surgery, radiation, and several regimens of chemotherapy. The cost of treatment could amount to $95,000 – $110,000.

Please donate to our project to support Alina in her fight against cancer!