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  • Lived in: Aran Islands, Galway, Ireland

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Headway (Ireland)

Headway (Ireland)

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  • Donation by Anonymous

    Well done Leanne ur a good soul and will always have a angel looking over you sorry for your loss x


  • Donation by Tanya Brennan


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  • Leanne-Darling

    Thank you most Kindly for visiting My Page..

    My story is a sad one but my reasons for starting the page will hopefully Raise awareness for ABI (Acquired Brain Injury).

    My name is Leanne, I'm originally from ireland. I moved to Edmonton last November.

    I became friends with Steve from the moment I moved here. He was such a lovely man. So full of life and stories. I work part time in an irish pub over here and I have grown to know everyone thought so well of steve , he had a healthy lifestyle and loved playing golf! 

    I noticed I hadn't seen Steve for a couple of days and asked his friends had they heard from him to which there reply was no.

    Trying not to go into too much detail , myself and my boyfriend Shane went to check on him to find out he had taken a stroke! We called the ambulance immediately  and he was taken away. Steve had taken a stroke 6 days previous. I'm so deeply saddened that he lost his fight on the 4/5/2015 and I feel that setting up a fundraising page to Raise awareness will make something positive about this whole experience.

    Remembering a conversation myself and Steve had he said 'I Had a good life and If i were to die I would die a happy man' 

    And I'm just so thankful that we got to him when we did and he passed away safe , warm and not alone. 

    So if you could please donate to Headway I would forever be grateful as they do such a fantastic job with helping people who have Acquired a brain injury with rehabilitative training and so much more.

    Rest in paradise steve you will be greatly missed by us all.

    Leanne & Shane

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  • Donation by Anonymousto Leanne's page on 06/05/2015

    Well done Leanne ur a good soul and will always have a angel looking over you sorry for your loss x


  • Donation by Tanya Brennanto Leanne's page on 06/05/2015


  • Donation by Al to Leanne's page on 06/05/2015

    Ah, Leanne, fair play. Such a sad story. I hope you raise a small fortune for this noble cause. RIP Steve. Sounded like a gentleman.


  • Donation by Anonymousto Leanne's page on 06/05/2015

    Steve I hope I can raise money and help people the way I know u would of liked to be helped I'll miss you my friend hope to meet u again in heaven some day yr a gent and I'll miss u Leanne and Shane x


  • Donation by Keira Darlingto Leanne's page on 06/05/2015

    Such a touching story, Fair play to you for creating something positive in his name. Rest In Peace Steve.


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  • Headway (Ireland)

    Headway (Ireland)

    Headway is a lifeline to people with brain injury after strokes, accidents & falls. Living with a brain injury can be really hard. Our dedicated team help to rebuild clients skills through a range of rehabilitation services and provide vital support to families and carers.

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