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    Amount we’ve raised in Jill’s memory $2,862.05

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    The Kidney Fund

    The Kidney Fund

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    • Donation by Tony

      With so many happy memories

    • Donation by Tim & Tup -- fond memories


      + £12.50 Gift Aid

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    • jilllawson

      Thanks for taking the time to visit my JustGiving page.

      My mother struggled with kidney disease in her later life and expressly wanted to help raise money for this important cause .

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    Donations made in memory of Jill Lawson9

    • Donation by Tonyto Justin's page on 18/09/2015

      With so many happy memories

    • Donation by Tim & Tup -- fond memoriesto Justin's page on 16/09/2015


      + £12.50 Gift Aid

    • Donation by Philip and Rosalindto Justin's page on 12/09/2015

      Fond memories

    • Donation by James Acheson-Grayto Justin's page on 11/09/2015

      With very happy memories of a wonderful lady. With love from James and all the A-Gs


      + £25.00 Gift Aid

    • Donation by Anonymousto Justin's page on 11/09/2015

      Contribution from the Church Collection - thanks to all who gave...


      + £287.50 Gift Aid

    • Donation by Patrick Acheson-Grayto Justin's page on 01/09/2015


      + £12.50 Gift Aid

    • Donation by Ru to Justin's page on 01/09/2015

      Thank you for looking after Mum so well.


      + £0.00 Gift Aid

    • Donation by Anonymousto Justin's page on 31/08/2015

      With much love from the Forsyths.

    • Donation by Nicholas Lawsonto Justin's page on 27/08/2015

      In loving memory of my Darling wife Jillie with all my love, Nick.


      + £25.00 Gift Aid

    Charities we're helping 1

    • The Kidney Fund

      The Kidney Fund

      We raise funds for research that will lead to the successful treatment and eventual elimination of kidney disease. The lives of many people are seriously affected by kidney disease. Kidney failure is an extremely debilitating illness. Research is the only answer to find a prevention or a cure.

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