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    Amount we’ve raised in Papa’s memory $5.00

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    B.I.R.D Charity

    B.I.R.D Charity

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    • Donation by JunkyGS

      Great cause and love the stream! Keep up the good work :D


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    • 31Oct


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    • SpookyCuddles

      Hello squids!

      In a time of ghouls, ghosts, goblins, and celebrations, we would like to take some time to spread our love and goodwill! This time, we're directing our attention to the B.I.R.D Charity for brain injury rehabilitation and development.

      To help thank those who are attending the charity stream, I'll be giving away a copy of The Wolf Among Us for PC, and the grand prize, a t-shirt!

      If we reach our goal of $500, Cuddlerfish will dye her hair pink or purple!
      If we smash our goal and reach $1000, Cuddlerfish will adopt a bird!

      Please note:  Raffles can only be entered by using in-channel currency called "cuddles".  This currency can only be achieved by following the stream.  Those who have been previously following will have greater opportunities.  We wanna thank all of our regulars too!

      Prize acceptance requires a mailing address if applicable (Non-US Okay).
      If prize is not accepted within one week, Cuddlerfish reserves the right to re-raffle.

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    • Donation by JunkyGSto Cuddler's page on 01/11/2015

      Great cause and love the stream! Keep up the good work :D


    Charities we're helping 1

    • B.I.R.D Charity

      B.I.R.D Charity

      Hearing words like 'autism', or 'learning difficulty' can be devastating for parents. Seeing someone you care about affected by stroke is devastating. B.I.R.D. offers a therapy programme to achieve their true potential. Your support will help more families seeking our support.

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      • 31Oct

        Cuddler's SPOOPY CHARITY EVENT!

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