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  • Lived in: Pune, Maharashtra, India

Amount we’ve raised in Manuski's’s memory $777.20

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  • Donation by Margo Winning

    Towards flood relief...heartfelt prayers for all those suffering and to those helping..Sadhu


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  • Donation by Anonymous

    For the flood relief effort... thanks for your work.

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  • Manuski-Trust

    Manuski is building a network of grass-roots social activists of youth from the oppressed and marginalized communities from all over India.

    Manuski was one of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar’s words, and means treating each other with real humanity. 

    For the last 15 years Manuski has been working with youth from the discriminated and marginalised communities Maharashtra in the following areas:

    • Capacity building;
    • Creating awareness of atrocities, human and civil rights;
    • Creating a network to enable mutual sharing of experiences and promote solidarity.  
    • Advocating issues of discriminated and marginalised communities at the state, national  and international level.
    • Making development of women and their leadership an essential element of the progress of discriminated and marginalised communities. 
    • Encouraging attitudes of freedom of thought, confidence, equality, and respect for all.

    It is now extending this work to youth from all over India. Over the next five years Manuski aims to develop a network of 500 activists covering 25 states of India.

    This work will have a great impact on the development of marginalsied communities, but it is an enormous task but we cannot do it alone.

    Please support this work as much as you can.

    For updates and reports please see

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Donations made in memory of Manuski's Humanity12

  • Donation by Margo Winningto Manuski's page on 16/09/2018

    Towards flood relief...heartfelt prayers for all those suffering and to those helping..Sadhu


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  • Donation by Anonymousto Manuski's page on 15/09/2018

    For the flood relief effort... thanks for your work.

  • Donation by Anonymousto Manuski's page on 14/09/2018

    This is to help with the flood relief...


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  • Donation by Philippa Kelsallto Manuski's page on 09/09/2018

    For your help working with all those affected by the terrible floods. With much metta 🙏🏻


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  • Donation by James Brodieto Manuski's page on 04/09/2018


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  • Donation by Kathy Jarvisto Manuski's page on 21/08/2018

    I hope that you raise the money needed to do the vital work to enable the people of Kerala to get back to some sort of normality.


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  • Donation by Gillian Thomasto Manuski's page on 21/08/2018

    This is from a women's chapter in Cambridge, UK. We all send our metta at this difficult time and hope you are able to make some progress in your important work love Padmajata on behalf of the Rubies


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  • Donation by Kalyanavaca Fowlerto Manuski's page on 21/08/2018

    In response to your message, Lokamitra - not very much, but hope it helps. With metta, Kalyanavaca


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  • Donation by Akasharaja Brutonto Manuski's page on 11/03/2018


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  • Donation by Ashok Goodyto Manuski's page on 29/12/2017


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  • Donation by Anonymousto Manuski's page on 25/12/2017

  • Donation by Nilesh Mandapeto Manuski's page on 17/10/2017


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  • Dhammaloka


    Dhammaloka is a UK charity and part of the Triratna Buddhist Community. It is dedicated to raising money in the UK to assist Buddhist social and Dhamma projects in India.

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