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  • Born on: 16/04/1989

  • Died on: 17/11/2007 , 18 years old

  • Lived in: LONDON

Amount we’ve raised in BOBBY’s memory $6.60

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Football Action

Football Action

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  • Bobbyfootballfoundation

    The Bobby Football Academy (BFA) is a football academy based in the city of Kinshasa within the Democratic Republic of Congo. The academy has been recently founded and formed in 2017 by Mully Tambwe and Mania Tambwe in remembrance of Bobby Bienda Tambwe Litambola who was just 18 years old when he was murdered on the morning of the 17th November 2007.

    Before his death Bob spoke in a video about his plans to begin a project which would help the young people in his home country, the Democratic Republic of Congo. Unfortunately his life was cut short before he could see his vision come into fruition. 

    Bobby was a caring individual who was determined to give his time to assist everyone and any-one in any way that he could. Whether it was a personal, financial or social issue he would always offer a helping hand. 
    His projects included creating a sports clubs and education centres. Projects which would have been beneficial to many communities within the country. 

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  • Football Action

    Football Action

    Football Action uses football to inspire children and encourage education in developing countries. We run projects in Ethiopia, Honduras, Guatemala and Kenya.

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