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    Amount we’ve raised in Anne’s memory $5,958.25

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    Blood Cancer UK

    Blood Cancer UK

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    • Donation by Christina Bogatsky


    • Donation by Liz Taylor


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    • 12Jun

      The FireFlies TOUR 2019

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    • John-Solomon2-FireFlies-TOUR-2019

      Hello Friends and Family.

      As many of you know, my dear mother Anne passed away suddenly of an aggressive form of cancer three years ago.

      For the fourth year in a row, with the amazing Fireflies global cycling group, I am raising money for cancer research. This time, however,  I am riding eight days through the Alps, raising money for Bloodwise. 

      We will start on June 12 in Innsbruck, Austria and ride for eight days through the alps to Cannes, France, arriving June 19. The Alps ride was actually the original Fireflies ride so I am very excited to be riding in Europe for the first time with some of the original Fireflies.

      This year, I am riding not only in memory of my mother, but also many friends and family I hold near and dear that are currently battling this disease.

      Click the link below to donate and together we can support a leading research and treatment center for cancer.

      Much love,


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    Donations made in memory of Anne Page52

    • Donation by Christina Bogatskyto John's page on 24/06/2019


    • Donation by Liz Taylorto John's page on 21/06/2019


    • Donation by Jonathan Griebto John's page on 20/06/2019


    • Donation by Kirigin Watkinsto John's page on 19/06/2019

      So proud of what you’re doing Jon! Finish strong!


    • Donation by Anonymousto John's page on 19/06/2019


    • Donation by charlie villiersto John's page on 19/06/2019



    • Donation by Shyam Srinivasanto John's page on 18/06/2019

      You got this Solomon! Proud of you bro!


    • Donation by pam coakleyto John's page on 17/06/2019

      Keep riding for your unforgettable, adventuresome Mother! We miss her!


    • Donation by Sharon Linderto John's page on 16/06/2019

      Such a worthwhile cause! Go John Go!


    • Donation by Siracusa-Holt Familyto John's page on 16/06/2019

    • Donation by Margot, Marika, Christina & Brianto John's page on 15/06/2019

      Have a great ride this year, John!


    • Donation by Carolime Casinoto John's page on 14/06/2019

      With love from the Casino family


    • Donation by jeremyto John's page on 13/06/2019

      ride safe!


    • Donation by Steve & Amandato John's page on 13/06/2019

      Inspired by what you’re doing. Have a great ride!


    • Donation by Tawny Parrato John's page on 12/06/2019


    • Donation by Brian & Annie Kellyto John's page on 12/06/2019

      With love from Ann Arbor 🌳


    • Donation by Ashley Hartleyto John's page on 12/06/2019

      You’re an inspiration, John. Thanks for riding and raising money for this important cause. Good luck out there! ❤️


    • Donation by Anonymousto John's page on 12/06/2019

      Hope it’s all going! Sorry I can’t give more right now. Enjoy the ride and Cannes! D


    • Donation by Anonymousto John's page on 12/06/2019


    • Donation by Tashia Robertsto John's page on 12/06/2019

      The RobHams love you!!!

    • Donation by Ryan St. Georgeto John's page on 12/06/2019



    • Donation by Mark Bamburyto John's page on 12/06/2019

      Good luck John!


    • Donation by Cambria Steelto John's page on 11/06/2019

      Go get em!


    • Donation by Anonymousto John's page on 11/06/2019

    • Donation by Jonathan Biddleto John's page on 10/06/2019

      Want to join you guys one day! - Best of luck!


    • Donation by Anonymousto John's page on 08/06/2019

    • Donation by Mark Norburyto John's page on 07/06/2019


    • Donation by Jon Lombardoto John's page on 07/06/2019

      amor vincit omnia


    • Donation by Jack Solomonto John's page on 05/06/2019

      We are so proud of you! Sounds like a great ride and know your Mom will be right there with you. Lot’s of Love, Dad and Rita


    • Donation by WNWto John's page on 05/06/2019

      Go John! Proud cuz over here


    • Donation by Anonymousto John's page on 04/06/2019

    • Donation by H. Ward Wolffto John's page on 04/06/2019

      John, have a great ride - this route should be spectacular. Great of you to do this for a meaningful charity for the fourth year in a row! Love, Aunt Polly and Uncle Ward and the Wolff Family


    • Donation by Keith Wakemanto John's page on 04/06/2019

      It's awesome that you are doing this John. All my best.


    • Donation by Adam Neuhausto John's page on 04/06/2019

      Good luck buddy!


    • Donation by Margot Kenlyto John's page on 04/06/2019

      So loved your dear mom! Margot


    • Donation by Nancy Petersmeyerto John's page on 04/06/2019

      Your big heart and strong legs will take you the distance, once again!


    • Donation by Mahsa & Omidto John's page on 04/06/2019

      Go John! We are proud of you.

    • Donation by Matt Livingstonto John's page on 04/06/2019


    • Donation by Isaac Zonesto John's page on 04/06/2019


    • Donation by Anonymousto John's page on 03/06/2019

    • Donation by David Pragerto John's page on 03/06/2019

      Die cancer die!! Such killers we are - let's be successful ;)


    • Donation by Jenna Suhartoto John's page on 03/06/2019

      Go John Go!


    • Donation by Mark Philpto John's page on 02/06/2019


    • Donation by olivia ramsayto John's page on 31/05/2019

      In memory of Anne!


    • Donation by Katie Davisto John's page on 30/05/2019


    • Donation by Jason Wongto John's page on 29/05/2019



    • Donation by Andrew Mandelbaum & Hind Kabajto John's page on 29/05/2019

      Kick ass, brother

    • Donation by Sean Leowto John's page on 29/05/2019


    • Donation by Marc Walliserto John's page on 28/05/2019

      Very inspiring, John! Good luck!!


    • Donation by Yaya Zhangto John's page on 28/05/2019


    • Donation by Jenn Wongto John's page on 28/05/2019



    • Donation by John Solomonto John's page on 28/05/2019


    Charities we're helping 1

    • Blood Cancer UK

      Blood Cancer UK

      We're dedicated to beating blood cancer. We fund research and supporting those affected. Since 1960, we've invested over £500 million in blood cancer research, transforming treatments and saving lives. The day we beat blood cancer is now in sight and our researchers are determined to finish the job.

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      • 12Jun

        The FireFlies TOUR 2019

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