UPDATE!!! 27/09/13


We did it!! After 13 hours and 52 minutes, including some pretty hairy moments, we landed near Cape Griz Nez at 3.28am on Thursday!! A huge thank you to everyone involved, and to all of you that have supported us.




Tom's tragic death affected a huge number of people. Not only was he one of the most talented young cricketers in the country, he was also the kindest, funniest, and most likeable person you could ever wish to meet.

After sharing many memories both on and off the field during the time I spent with him at Glamorgan, I wanted to do something in his memory, whilst raising money for a number of good causes.

My professional cricket career was cut short due to injury in 2011, following 2 knee operations. As a result, any running or cycling challenges were out of the question, so I have decided to swim the English Channel with two of my friends.

Myself, Tom Mees, and Emma Lawson will be donning our swimming costumes in September of this year, and swimming in excess of 21 miles from England to France in a relay format, dodging tankers, ferries, driftwood and jellyfish.

We will be raising money for the Tom Maynard Trust, set up to help disadvantaged young sportsmen and women, and The Professional Cricketers Association Benevolent Fund, who have supported former players and their families in need of assistance with through hard times. They have helped players who have been paralysed, had limbs amputated, and have been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.

All donations will be gratefully received, and the money raised will make a real difference to the lives of so many people.

Thank you for reading this.

Raising money for

Tom Maynard Trust

Tom Maynard Trust

Charity Registration No. 1149782

Set up in memory of Tom Maynard, we help aspiring disadvantaged sportspeople with different aspects of their development, including: bursaries; training/education; overseas placements; kit/equipment; and, in partnership with others, helping raise awareness of rehabilitation programmes within sport.

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Superb effort and a brilliant achievement!

Donation by Glamorgan Travellers on 25/10/13


+ £22.50 Gift Aid

Congrats Emma

Donation by PJ DAmelio on 16/10/13


With best wishes and congratulations from Trevor Hodgson .A friend of Mark's at the Old Ed Club

Donation by Anonymous on 11/10/13


+ £5.00 Gift Aid

Great effort, I can't even imagine swimming for that long!!

Donation by Alex Houghton on 11/10/13


+ £5.00 Gift Aid

Sensational effort, congrats from all at FRT Developments. (ps - off plan release coming soon at The Bakey - get ready!)

Donation by FRT Developments on 10/10/13

well done from Jack Hall and Paul Mees

Donation by Anonymous on 09/10/13


+ £3.75 Gift Aid

Well done. Chris Baird (work colleague of John Lawson)

Donation by christopher baird on 08/10/13


+ £12.50 Gift Aid

Well done Tom, Emma and Adam - congratulations all! Chris and Dot (Tom's Godfather and his wife)

Donation by Chris Smith on 04/10/13


Tom & Co the channel swam, a feat a completed plan, jelly fish and alike swept away in darkness cold, the charity are richer thanks to the bold!

Donation by Andrew Rawlings on 03/10/13


+ £7.50 Gift Aid

Congrats guys - seriously impressive

Donation by Nick, Tamy and Max on 02/10/13


+ £12.50 Gift Aid

Just had to donate again and be the 200th person to donate!!! Bet you didn't watch JAWS the nite before ha ha!!!

Donation by Andrew and Melanie on 02/10/13


+ £2.50 Gift Aid

Nice butt!

Donation by Anonymous on 02/10/13

Congratulations all! Collection from Glamorgan (and Gloucester) cricket supporters on Wednesday 25th September.

Donation by Gavin Rowlands on 02/10/13


+ £73.75 Gift Aid

Congratulations everyone!! Fantastic effort!

Donation by Hattie Wright on 02/10/13


+ £12.50 Gift Aid

Hi Tom Well done again.Our contribution includes some from Fuz and John Hand.

Donation by Mom and Dad on 02/10/13


+ £29.25 Gift Aid

Well done, superb team effort.

Donation by Steve Aston on 01/10/13


+ £5.00 Gift Aid

Well played.

Donation by Johnny Mack on 01/10/13


+ £5.00 Gift Aid

Donation by RICHARD CLAXTON on 01/10/13


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Well done Meesy and all. Terrifying feat. Incredible effort.

Donation by Craig Cawthorne on 01/10/13


+ £2.50 Gift Aid

Well done you set of tobys

Donation by Taimur Hassan (The Business not Costa C) on 01/10/13

Tom Well done

Donation by Ian on 01/10/13


+ £6.25 Gift Aid

Blimmin' well done team! Ems, can't wait to hear all about it x

Donation by Aalish on 30/09/13


+ £5.00 Gift Aid

Well done team. All the training paid off and good on you

Donation by George Shepherd on 30/09/13


+ £12.50 Gift Aid

Congrats and well done to you all. Fantastic achievement. All the best. Jason

Donation by Jason Oddy on 30/09/13


+ £5.00 Gift Aid

Well done guys. Great effort. Night out in Little Italy to celebrate?

Donation by Barry McHugh on 30/09/13


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