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Unlikely Iron Man - Angus Thomson

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Thanks Everyone - Success on the 14th September!

Completed Iron Man Wales - 14:01 hours. Came 986th out of 2084 entrants. The swim was awful - very choppy and big swell - lots of vomit and generally unpleasant. Beautiful bike ride and then very gruelling marathon. Really delighted to have finished. Thank you for your sponsorship - much appreciated.

The story before: 6 months ago, after a couple of beers, we decided to sign up for Iron Man Wales. Unable to swim front crawl, only biking up to 32 miles and having only run as far as a half marathon some years ago - this was probably a rash decision.

Iron Man Wales is no ordinary triathlon. 2.4 mile sea swim followed by 112mile hilly Pembrokeshire bike ride, topped off with a full marathon run (4 times up and down the hill into Tenby)....this all seems very unlikely (at all - let alone one day).

Having trained hard - I ask you to support me and the two worthy charities which I am raising money for. You can chose to give to either or both as you wish.

Firstly - 'Improving Maternity Environments' is raising funds for the whole Worcestershire Acute Hospitals - to provide the best possible surroundings for women at all stages in pregnancy (early pregnancy, through labour and postnatal). Government and local funding provides the necessities but doesn't provide everything necessary to make things as comfortable as they can be.

Secondly - The Alzheimer's Society. We all know people who have struggled with Alzheimer's and I certainly hope they come up with some breakthrough before it starts affecting many of us!

Many Thanks - unlikely iron man Angus & fellow 'more likely' iron men.

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Angus Thomson

Angus's Iron Man - Alzheimers

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Angus Thomson

Angus's Iron Man - Maternity Environments

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