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The Iron Pikekickers

We are members of a New up and coming triathlon club that was only formed 4 years ago. 11 Pikekickers have took the brave step and entered the ultimate Triathlon. The Ironman. Which is 3.86km-swim 181km-cycle 42km- run. It takes place in sunny Spain Barcelona. Everyone has built themselves up to this distance over the past few years.Basically from scratch some could hardly swim a length. Some didn't even have a bike and some could hardly put one foot in front of the other. But now everyone is at a good level everyone having trained hard through the winter. Now with only 3 months left to the big event the long hours of training is now happening. Everyone is training up to 13/14 hours a week while also working and fitting in family life too. So this is definitely a great opportunity to raise money for charities. This will give everyone the motivation to keep putting the big hours and miles in. Thank you

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Raised: 281%

Team target: £5,000.00

Raised so far: £14,036.84

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Adam Coulter

Adam's Ironman Barcelona page

11 donations



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Barry's Ironman Barcelona 2017 Page

63 donations



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David Strain

David's Ironman Barcelona page

40 donations



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Declan Gordon

Declan's Ironman Barcelona 2017 page

55 donations



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Estelle Johnston

Estelle's ironman Barcelona page for diabetes UK

40 donations



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Gerard McGee

Gerard's Ironman Barcelona page

66 donations



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Paul Donnelly

Paul's Barcelona Ironman page

58 donations



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Richard Brennan

Richard's Ironman 2017: Guess the finish Time?

58 donations



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Sean Mc Sorley

SEAN's Ironman Barcelona page

54 donations



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Selwyn DORAN

Selwyn's Barcelona Ironman page

8 donations



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