Charity Fundraising

Based on the location of the charity / non-profit you're donating to, the fees shown below are deducted before we send the funds to the charity:


* If you're donating to a UK charity in any other currency than GBP, the processing fee is 2.9% + 20p.

**If the US charity you are donating to is processing on the DAF, the platform fee is 0%. If processing on Blackbaud Merchant Services, the platform fee is 5%. 

*** If the US charity you're donating to uses Blackbaud Merchant Services then your payment processing fees may vary. 

**** If the Canadian charity you are donating to uses Blackbaud Merchant Services then your payment processing fees may vary.

Charity Subscriptions

UK charities pay a monthly subscription fee of £15 + VAT or £39 + VAT for our service. Learn more in our Charity Terms and Conditions.


It's completely free to set up a crowdfunding page. We'll send everything you raise straight to your chosen bank account, minus some small standard processing costs taken from each donation (2.9% + 25p).

What we're doing



We're always improving our technology and creating new fundraising tools that help make the world a better place.



We provide charities with everything they need to analyse their fundraising success and help them raise even more.


Gift Aid

We provide a valuable service to charities, by doing the heavy lifting and taking on responsibility for the Gift Aid we claim on their behalf.



Know that you're in safe hands - our security and data protection systems are accredited annually at the highest level (PCI Level 1).

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