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Make William Well

This page has been set up to help raise money for research into Cannabidiol, a drug not yet available on the NHS, which we believe, alongside a Ketogenic Diet may have shrank William's tumour by two thirds - six months after being told there was nothing more that could be done for him

The team at the Children's Brain Tumour Research Centre in Nottingham need a total of £100,000 to enable them to test the drug on Ependymoma cells (William's type of tumour)

Aside from enabling us to better treat William, we believe there are countless numbers of ofther children and adults who could benefit from this research

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Raised: 2%

Team target: £100,000.00

Raised so far: £1,857.19

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Adrianne's Great West Run page

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Erica Frost

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gene Donovan

Harrys Family doing the Nottingham Fun Colour Rush 2017 page

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