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Event: March to Progress, from 13 April 2021 to 30 May 2021
Join Liberty Hill as we fuel the progress that will make Los Angeles a more just and equitable place!


Through a global pandemic that threatened both lives and livelihoods, and a national uprising for racial justice that challenged and ultimately changed hearts, minds, and lawsthe fight for social justice has continued.

Inequality and injustice never take a break.

Thats why I cant let up in the fight to advance the movements for racial, economic, environmental and LGBTQ justice.

Liberty Hill Foundation has made immeasurable progress in our goals to end youth incarceration as we know it, fight for a roof over every head and eliminate toxic neighborhood oil drilling.

With your support we have the opportunity to move the needle furtherfor our youth, our communities and Los Angeles as a whole. Your gift to my fundraiser will help Liberty Hill provide critical funding, training, and capacity building to their community partners leading grassroots organizing for racial justice!

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Join Liberty Hill as we fuel the progress that will make Los Angeles a more just and equitable place!

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LA's Home for Progressive Philanthropy and leading social justice foundation, funding and sustaining grassroots organizing for racial justice for more than 40 years. We believe the people most affected by injustice should be leading the fight for change, fairness, and equity.

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