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Weʼre raising £2,260 to help fund up to a years legal medical cannabis for a chronically ill & disabled lady with severe constant chronic pain - Anything helps!

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Updated 22nd September: Invoice added for more proof of monthly cost (images all at the bottom) Currently raised 5 months worth with the £1,002. I am at month 3 so I only have 2 months left (inc September) then I will run out of painkillers so please help!!

I am trying to raise money to be able to get up to a years (or more if possible!) legal medical cannabis which is a massive help for my severe chronic pain and is the only painkiller and last option of painkiller to help with my chronic pain, sciatica and migraines. It also helps with my fentanyl withdrawal between patches! As of September 2021, I only have enough money from the crowdfund for this month and next so please help.

My NHS medications cost just under £11 a month and my cannabis prescriptions cost £195 a month every month. That totals £206 in medical prescriptions for chronic pain. I get just £300 a month income a month before all expenses such as bills, food etc. I can't get by as it is let alone afford this. I desperately need your help! The painkillers help me live as the pain is so extreme I couldn't live without any painkillers. A 10 out of 10 pain everyday is not liveable without painkillers. The worst pain you can imagine x100000.

This is also the last option for me as there is nothing else on the NHS for me and the strongest painkiller available that I am on, Fentanyl, doesn't work as well anymore plus the withdrawals and fatigue are getting worse. I have morphine for breakthrough pain which I have a lot of every second of every day, but the morphine doesn't do much at all. I am getting nearer a 10 again which I can't cope with as I am bedbound all the time at a 10 plus scream and cry all day and night as it is just unbearable.

I can't live without a painkiller that helps as the chronic pain is just too extreme and happens every second of everyday without a break ever. Cannabis helps and is available. Just not for pain on the NHS. Hopefully one day but won't be anytime soon. This is my only option for pain relief. I have tried everything on the NHS and even had many doctors tell me what I know already, There is no other options for pain relief on the NHS.

I say "up to a year" as looking for as many months as I can get as I could never afford this myself on just over £300 a month disability income (before bills etc) as I can't work. The more I raise, the many more months I could get and more pain relief. Any amount helps and will be great to get as many months as I can. If I can get more than a year then that's amazing!

The full price breakdown is near the bottom. I am hoping to get at least a years worth as I could NEVER afford this on my tiny disability income. More than a year would be amazing but anything is great!

£100 initial interview, £150 a month for painkiller plus £45 a month for the first 6 months for the monthly appointments, then £150 a month plus £45 every 3 months.

The NHS medications for all my conditions and the medical cannabis total £206 a month every month. At £300 total income a month before all bills, food and medications, you can see my problem here! I am literally completely unable to afford this ever!

I can't do without the painkillers as I can't live with the pain at a 10 every second of the day. I tried before! I can't live on the streets as I am too unwell and disabled for that. I need the painkillers to be able to live but I just don't have money and can't work to earn it!

Full breakdown at the bottom, information about me, my health and income below.

You can donate from anywhere in the world! JustGiving will add the money to the fundraiser in pounds but you can be anywhere in the world. PayPal, debit card or credit card accepted.

I have more info about my health and my struggles on my chronic illness blog going back years if you want proof of my health issues check the about me especially, as well as numerous posts covering my health and money issues. I will also be blogging about the painkiller once I get it!

I have had multiple articles about me and my health and also struggles:

I also had a news post about me! This is from a local Yorkshire newspaper.

Here is a magazine article about me.

Also, here is a post about me on the plea site.

This is for the initial interview, a years worth of check-ups and 1 product a month (1g a day) for a year. I have been told by the clinic that I should have 2 products a month (oil and flower) but that is double the price a month so would be £4,060 for a years worth which is a lot to ask for, so this current goal is for just 1 product a month which wouldn't work as well, but still has pain relief and is cheaper. I would rather have the 2 items of course as there would be a lot more pain relief, but I don't think I will hit this target so I can't really ask to raise enough for 2 items a day as it is almost double the year total. I am asking for the least I can from people as I know this is a lot already.

The prices I quote are already 50% less than without this project (clinical trial type of programme) so imagine how much it would be if the prices weren't reduced! This is why it is a great price.

Honestly I would love to be crowdfunding a power chair so I can actually get out of the house as I only go out for medical appointments I cannot do on the phone. A power chair would give me much needed freedom, but if I am in unbearable pain I can’t go out anyway! I may try to crowdfund a power chair in the future after this crowdfund, as it would be a dream to get out whenever I like, but the pain is horrific and needs help first.

I have severe chronic pain every second of every day in the majority of my body. It is nothing you can imagine. The worst pain ever all over. It affects everything I do and I barely leave the house as it is so bad. Every second of my life is pain. Horrible pain. The pain is getting back to being a 10 all the time. As you will read below, this is unbearable without something to help the pain. There is nothing else on the NHS. I am on the strongest painkiller available and it doesn't reduce the pain much plus lots of withdrawals! Medical cannabis is a medically legal painkiller I need but only from private doctors. Not the NHS.

Cannabis is the only painkiller that works well, no side effects, harmless and safe. The morphine doesn't do almost anything for my breakthrough pain which I take on top of the fentanyl. The fentanyl doesn't work as well and the withdrawals are getting worse as well. There is nothing else available on the NHS and I desperately need this but it costs money. Money I don't have living on just over £300 a month.

If you don't know, it was made medically legal in November 2018. It is a safe and wonderful painkiller.

I know a lot won't help as they get put off/hate/dislike/aren't informed about "cannabis" even though it is a medically legal and SAFE painkiller. Safe, non addictive, hasn't killed anyone and WORKS. Here is a recent study from Harvard showing cannabis helps chronic pain. There are many other posts too, this is just one for those that don't know that it works well for chronic pain.

It is not CBD which you can buy on the internet legally, it is THC which is the bit that works the best for my severe pain and for millions of others all over the world. This is only from private doctors in the UK and cannot be got on the NHS for pain.

Cannabis is not like opioids where your body gains dependence and you have to wean off them. Safe and it works. I know as I have tried it for many years! Please if you would like to help but get put off by the term cannabis, please feel free to read my blog for posts about it or search the internet for "pain relief from cannabis" and you will see so much information about it. Millions use it for chronic pain and that is why it is medically legal here and in many other countries and US states.

This is something I desperately need as I can't go back to being bedbound 24/7 and it is going that way again. If you can help, please do!

This is the cheapest possible price! I have waited this long to find a "cheap" private doctor. This is 50% cheaper than normal! This is due to it being sort of like a clinical trial that you pay for as they are gathering information.

I have horrific 10 out of 10 severe pain every second of every day, from my neck, whole back, arms, buttocks, thighs and hands. The pain is so debilitating I am disabled due to it. I can't stand more than a few mins and can't walk far. The pain is horrific. Was unbearable without the fentanyl, but that isn't working much now (was about an 8 or 9) and is getting back to being a 10 all the time.

I rarely leave the house other than for hospital appointments or doctors appointments I can't do over the phone as I can't walk far or stand long due to horrific pain. My pain is getting worse as time going on and the Fentanyl is getting less and less effective and the withdrawals are getting worse and worse.

I can't work so I have no money, and I only get PIP which is just over £300 a month, so I barely have enough money to live on, let alone buy medical cannabis.

Cannabis would give me some form of a life! It is medically legal and a wonderful painkiller.

I would take holidays when I could work to legal places to get pain relief. I can't work and that isn't viable to do every few months now anyway anyway as the pain is too high to walk about now and I have literally no money.

I need the painkiller that works for me plus is the last option anyway as I have tried everything on the NHS anyway! This isn't on the NHS for pain so I have no choice but to crowdfund as all my family are dead, I can't work and live on pennies a day which isn't enough to survive on as it is and I struggle to get by every single day.

The prices are half the price of elsewhere as it is a project which is like a clinical trial but you pay for it. If I went to non project style, then the prices would be 50% more and also more fees such as repeat prescription fees, initial consultation fees higher etc. This is 50% less than a none project and is the cheapest yet!! This is a massive saving and is relatively cheap (excluding the consultation fees which aren't really cheap but unavoidable)

The idea is for them to get info for the NHS in the hopes that the NHS will adopt it over the next years. That is why it is like a clinical trial. The prices will go back up after the trial is over, but hopefully by that time it will be the same price OR it will be on the NHS.

It isn't like the USA where in legal states you can get a medical cannabis card and buy as much as you need, you pay for appointments to see a doctor and he prescribes a specific amount for a month. You then get a repeat prescription for that amount. You can't get whatever you like each month. Also if you need to change the prescription, you need an appointment. Also need an appointment every month for 6 months, then every 3 months. Appointments all cost! They aren't free! You get same amount every month, you can't even pay for a gram, it is 10g, 20g or 30g and 30g is 1g a day which is £150. I really need 2g a day but that is £300 a month which is way high. I am crowdfunding for the smallest amount that will help.

My lack of income:

I am unable to work and I get just over £300 a month PIP and that is it! I have to pay for my medical prescriptions, bills, food etc from that tiny amount.

I can't get ESA as I hadn't paid any National Insurance as I was only working part time before I couldn't work any longer as I tried to work as long as I could so I did part time. This means I hadn't paid any national insurance and why I can't get ESA. It is ridiculous but they won't do anything about it.

My income isn't even enough for rent for anywhere and is equal to 4 days full time work minimum wage! That is how little I get a month! I struggle severely on this money and more so with all my health issues on top.

My £300 a month income is all I get and isn't even enough for rent anywhere (let alone food, bills and medication) so if I wasn't here I would be homeless. I have a chronic illness blog with lots more info about me, my health and my massive struggles.

My NHS medications and the cannabis come to a total of £206 a month, every month for life! When I have just £300 a month income, you can see I can't live like that!

My conditions:

I have severe chronic pain, chronic fatigue, sciatica, migraines and more.

I can't work and barely ever leave the house as I can't walk far or stand long.

I have pain so severe that without the painkillers I was bedbound 24/7 with 10 out of 10 unbearable pain so bad I wanted to die. I would scream and cry day and night, barely able to sleep from the pain. This is what happens when I am at a 10 pain level. I am so close to being a 10 again.

I tried everything available on the NHS over a long period and ended up with the last resort and the only thing to do anything which is Fentanyl which is stronger than heroin and still doesn't reduce my pain by a lot.

It reduces my pain from 10 to about an 8 or 9. Still extremely high but I can get out of bed and sit downstairs so am not bedbound 24/7 like I was.

This is the strongest opioid available and I have issues with it. I have been on it 2 years now.

I have withdrawals between fentanyl patches which is sweating and chills and worsened pain. I change the patches at 48 hours instead of 72 hours as the withdrawal was even worse. The withdrawals get worse as time goes on as my body gets used to it. The pain also starts to get worse as it gets less effective.

There is nothing else available on the NHS for my pain. This is the end game item which they prescribe for palliative care as it is so strong.

I have to take medications for the withdrawal, amitriptyline for the sciatica and migraines and I also have morphine for breakthrough pain as well which doesn't really do anything but I can't go back to a higher fentanyl dose as I couldn't keep awake.

I have to speak to my doctor every 3 weeks as I am on an interval that is not recommended but if I wasn't on the Fentanyl, I would be dead as the pain is unbearable without anything.

Reducing it to an 8 or 9 isn't much and I am still in extreme pain, just not bedbound 24/7 with even worse pain. It is getting back to being a 10 all the time. I can't cope with it like that. I really can't. When it gets to be a 10 all the time, I am bedbound all the time and want to die as the pain is unbearable. Nothing you can imagine.

Cannabis helps my pain and helps the stiffness and sciatica as well.

Chronic illness is invisible other than my walking stick and rollator so hard to prove to you other than the many years of blog posts and Tweets. They are all very in depth and honest going back years. The about me is the best overview post if you don't want to read lots, but there are other posts about my finances as well as all my blog posts are very in-depth!

Cannabis is amazing. It gives me less pain, less stiffness and a wider range of movement. I won't be running outside if I got it, but I wouldn't have such a miserable painful life like I do now. It would help me so much! I certainly wouldn’t be bedbound with it like I am at a 10.

I can't get cannabis on the NHS as they won't prescribe it for chronic pain and barely ever prescribe it anyway, giving only a handful of prescriptions since 2018 when it was made medically legal.

I can get cannabis from a private doctor but it isn't cheap even with the cheapest plan which is project where they have reduced the costs.

Medical cannabis is safe, no withdrawal, has never killed anyone, non addictive and works!

Costs of medical cannabis at the cheapest price possible:

(these prices are 50% cheaper here with this project/clinical trial than if I went to a normal private doctor without the project!)

Free Eligibility interview ✔

£100 initial interview ✔

£45 follow up appointments (Every month for at LEAST 6 months then every 3 months. Any prescription changes also need an appointment)

Free repeat prescriptions (This isn't always the case at many places so this is great!)

£150 a month for the medical cannabis 30g (Minimum cost. Might need more) this is at 1g a day, technically I need 2g but that would be £300 a day which is too much so aiming for the cheapest price.

£2,260 total for 1 year (at the very least for 1g a day rather than 2g)

This and my NHS medications total £206 a month. Living on a total of £300 a month before all expenses shows just how impossible it is for me to afford this. £195 a month for the cannabis and just under £11 for the NHS monthly prescriptions. £206 a month is impossible on a £300 a month income. I can't even afford rent, bills and food now let alone all this as well. This is why I NEED your help.

Speaking to the clinic at a free eligibility interview the doctors have already suggested a mix of 2 products which is £300 a month which is just too much to ask for so this my quote above is for a minimal 1g a day which would still help but nowhere near as much as if I had the 2 products! Asking for the 2 products which was recommended to me would be £4,060 a year so I am aiming for the 1g a day which is £2,260 a year. 2 items is ideal and would work much better but that is a lot to ask for.

Clinics don't all put the full prices online but here are 2 clinics that post their prices publicly. Not all do and you don't get written quotations as this is the UK and it is like a clinical trial. Prices vary slightly for consultation fees and repeat fees as a lot charge for repeat prescriptions and others don't. Clinic 1 prices , clinic 2 (clinic 2 isn't project twenty21, but you can see their fees are similar) and clinic 3 prices. All showing their prices as well as a pic at the bottom of this page from the main project twenty21 prices which is the painkiller prices which doesn't vary as it is part of this clinical trial, only the consultation, doctor and prescription fees vary between clinics.

This is a project so like a clinical trial that you pay for. The prices are 50% less than a regular private prescription for medical cannabis. Also normal prices have higher consultation fees, repeat prescription fees, higher cost of the medication. This is a trial so they take your feedback every month. That is why they want people who can do this for a longer term than getting it one month and missing it the next. The 50% cheaper price is due to that. Project Twenty21 is the name. The prices of the medication is even on the drug science site.

Anyone that wondered why am I saying for up to an year, it is because I could never afford this. Ever. I am saying up to a year as anything helps but a year would be no worries about a painkiller for a year which is amazing. If I get a month or two, I won't have it for long. I can't work and am on £300 a month which isn't enough to live on as it is so I struggle immensely already. I can't get this on the NHS and there is nothing else for me on the NHS either! This is all I have to help me but there is this price barrier that I could never afford.

I am trying to raise enough money for a years treatment. If I could get more than that, then that would be amazing! This is the cheapest possible price!

As you can see I can't afford it myself on just over £300 a month income and if you could help it would really help me! It would give me some form of a life.

I really hope you can help.

I have a Ko-Fi/PayPal option too. If I raise anything via that I will adjust the total here and vice versa.

If I don't fulfil the target, I will use whatever I get for the medical cannabis or if I get more than the goal, I will use it for over a year or for 2 items a month which is what I am supposed to be on as that would help much more, but costs double the price. The longer I can get the better as I could never ever afford this myself on £300 a month. With your help I can hit the goal and get at least one years worth of a safe painkiller that works that I simply cannot get on the NHS for pain and there is nothing else for me on the NHS. The money will all go to the same thing even if there is more or less than a year so you know your money is purely going towards this painkiller that I need.

You would be helping me so much if you can help. A years worth would be a dream, more would be even better but anything would be amazing.

If you can help, please do. It would really help me a lot.

You do not need to be in the UK to donate! You can donate from anywhere in the world, JustGiving donate in pounds.

If you have any questions I am happy to answer them!!

Here are some photos, one showing it is medically legal, second showing it works for chronic pain, third the pricing of the flower. At 1g a day, £150 a month for 30g (I need more like 2g but that is £300 so that is much too much to ask for as it is double the price I am asking for a month!), then shows pricing as each clinic is different for fees, but not for the product, the last shows my current medication.

Top 2 images below show my monthly cost. I have the fee for the clinic and the fee for the medication. These 2 alone total £195 a month every month!!!

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  • Heather2 months ago


    2 months ago

    Still looking to raise more funds. So far at £744 I have 3 months supply (breakdown below) That means I have enough for the month after this one and that is it! Please if you can help I would appreciate it! I have no way to raise this money otherwise. No family, can't work, no money and I can barely live on my only £300 a month income as it is. £100 initial interview £150 first months supply £45 first month appointment £150 second months supply £45 second month appointment £150 third months supply £45 third month appointment =£685

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  • Heather3 months ago


    3 months ago

    After the last anonymous donation, I am at 32% which is amazing! I thanked everyone personally from the site with the thank you option. You are so kind to help! In tears with gratefulness. If you are thinking of donating but want more info, there is a LOT in the post and a lot on my blog going back 3 years and on Twitter for over 2 years. Anything helps as it all adds up! This is the best painkiller for me and last option but sadly comes with a price tag that I can't afford being unable to work due to chronic illness. Anything is appreciated

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  • Heather3 months ago


    3 months ago

    So close to having 2 months medication, the first consultation and the 1st month appointment. £100 initial appointment, £300 first 2 months medication £45 first month appointment = £445 I am just below that amount at £434 right now. If you want to ask any questions you can always tweet me or email me from my site (blog in main info) This is a massive painkiller and is my last option for painkillers as nothing at all on the NHS for me as I have tried everything over many years. Working already but will never be able to afford it without help

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4 months ago

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    Hope you have some success with this. Seriously wish you all the very best Heather.

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