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Closed 24/10/2022

raised of £10,000 target by 45 supporters

    Weʼve raised £1,880 to launch Soul Sanctuary, where people connect and respect with the Earth, re-wilding native broad-leaf trees in Raheenwoods, Wexford Ireland.

    Funded on Monday, 24th October 2022

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    Soul Sanctuary

    (Above: Symphoricarpos- Common Snowberry Bush - off Hillside Road - Corfe Mullen Dorset)

    AN INTRODUCTION: Hello, my name is Tracie and I am raising funds to help my amazing life long friend Bernadette Nurah Rose with her goal to create Soul Sanctuary at Raheenwoods in the South East of Ireland. Raheenwoods is a 19.6 acre plantation wood. Many years ago these woods were originally planted for commercial reasons but they provide minimal bio-diverse equity. That means very little lives or dwells within them. We want to change that!! So far we have raised over £1800 but we have an interim target of £3000 to start and complete the dry stone protective wall around the wooded area.

    In Dorset we have some of the most beautiful, diverse environments, rich in plants, birds, insects, mammals and fungi. The pictures you view below is what we want to achieve at Soul Sanctuary, Raheenwoods Wexford, Ireland.

    (Above: Amanita Pantherina - Panthercap mushroom - woods off Hillside Road Corfe Mullen Dorset)

    Please take a walk through our pathway of hope and learn more about our plans for the cycle of life at Soul Sanctuary. Below we would like to illustrate through our gallery of photographs the possibilities we could achieve with sufficient funds for Soul Sanctuary in Raheenwoods.........................................

    .....Go on take a walk on the wild side and discover what you can help us achieve.

    (Above: Part of Raheenwoods Ireland)

    Almost all of the photos have been taken in Wexford Ireland and Corfe Mullen, Dorset in England...... We hope these inspire you to support our 'Not for Profit' initiative.

    While you take a few moments to read about our plans for Soul Sanctuary and enjoy the accompanying picture gallery of wildlife you may wish to download and listen to Tutto e Bellissimo (Everything is Beautiful) by Alberto Giurioli. This piece of music is so fitting of the beauty surrounding each of us. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!

    (Above: Berries - Fernside Road Poole Dorset)

    The route through our gallery page takes approximately 30 minutes. Apart from the funds (which are really vital for us to raise) we hope that everyone who views it will find their own 'peace space'......

    (Above: Peace lilly (Arum lilly) Gorse Road Corfe Mullen Dorset)

    .........a moment of mindfulness through the view of the lens and the many walks we have taken to gather them.

    (Above: Delph woods - Broadstone Dorset)

    If you want to know more about mindfulness it simply means, emptying your thoughts and bringing your focus on the 'here' and 'now'. You could imagine the scent or texture of the plants from the pictures, the sound of the animals photographed and the softness of their coats, or the beauty in the detail of each picture. However you choose to view them we hope you will enjoy the journey! Our page will be open until April 2021 so if you wish to return at any time to enjoy the gallery please feel warmly welcomed.........

    The charm of a woodland road lies not only in its beauty but in anticipation. around each bend may be a discovery, an adventure. (Dale Rex Coman)


    (Above: Peering through the hedgerow Central Avenue Corfe Mullen Dorset)

    ......... SOMETHING FOR THE CHILDREN: .....And if you have children encourage them to look through the pictures, where, if they look close enough, they will find the following:

    One picture where a figure is hiding

    A little robin is checking out his supper

    Four rainbows

    How many bees can you find?

    How many pictures are there with berries showing?

    How many animals and birds can you find?

    Can you see the elderly man's face in one of the trees?


    I recently completed an online Forest Bathing Course called Coming To Our Senses, guided by tutor Jan Cafearo.

    This was an amazing step into the natural world around us using all our senses to explore and appreciate trees and our local environment. The course was approximately 8 weeks in length and I met people online from all over the world sharing their invitations. Below are some of the donated photography gifts from the course participants of whom I would like to acknowledge and thank. Special thanks to Jan for her insight and guiding on the course.

    Above: 'Lichen' kindly donated by: Joan George

    (Above: Dandelion seed bomb & minute spider - Albert Road Corfe Mullen Dorset)

    If you do not have time just now to enjoy the gallery tour below, here's a quick reminder of what we're raising funds for as we launch Soul Sanctuary:


    ~ Protect the boundary of the forest space and prevent invasive growth

    ~ Clear wasted space, restore & re-plant native broad leaf trees

    ~ Identify areas for & encourage uptake of, bio-diversity (fauna / flora)

    ~ Protect & improve vulnerable areas where bio-diversity has begun

    ~ Introduce a water source & develop poly-tunnel planting for self-sufficiency

    ~ Develop an education resource area for people to come together to learn forest skills


    ~ Promote the philosophy for compassionate dwelling, living and thriving within and alongside the natural world valuing all life and each other.

    (Scenic view from Brooke Lane Corfe Mullen - Dorset)

    We will need our page to go viral and reach hundreds of people so please share via email, Facebook, community groups and other social media sites. Thank you.

    (Above: Wild Ornamental Cherry - Prunus Avium at the start of Delph woods - Broadstone Dorset) ...... And (Below: Fruit cherry - prunus from garden in Gorse Road Corfe Mullen Dorset)

    We understand that times have been very difficult for everyone. So it means even more to us when people are willing to support something for the greater good of all. In difficult times it is hard to know how we can make a difference but your donation and generosity can be a really positive and personal way of creating change. Did you know that even small donations of £5 and £10 help to round up the funds raised and help to encourage others to donate.

    We hope that the beautiful life pictures will give everyone who views our page the opportunity to think and feel positive. But also to act as a reminder that in the most difficult of days the world has miraculous wonders living alongside us. Many of these are all around us as we journey through our daily lives. All we need to do is look and find them, they are everywhere.

    The shy little Mayflower weaves her nest, But the south wind sighs over the fragrant loam, And betrays the path to her woodland home. (Sarah Helen Whitman)

    (Below: Pink rose in bloom)

    If you are able to donate to Soul Sanctuary's Not For Profit Project, regardless of the amount, we will be delighted and thrilled. If you are not able to then please do pass on to your friends, families and work colleagues.....

    (Above: Morning dew caught on spider's web - Corfe Mullen Dorset)

    .....And most of all take a moment to enjoy the wildlife gallery as this is what we hope to develop, promote and achieve with the donations raised to launch Soul Sanctuary's Just Giving page......

    Books, tis a dull & endless strife: Come, hear the woodland linnet, How sweet his music on my life, There's more of wisdom in it. (William Wordsworth)

    (Below: Majestic tree in woods off Hillside Road Corfe Mullen Dorset)

    In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks - John Muir

    And below the moon setting behind a tree over Poole Park Dorset......

    THE AIM: Soul Sanctuary is a 'Not for Profit' project which aims to create a native broad-leaf woodland from a previous plantation.............. and to enrich the current forest space while helping others to re-engage with compassionate living.

    (Below: Fallen tree Raheenwoods Ireland - Note the surviving moss on its bark and the light prism)

    (Above: Lockyers Road wild flower verge in Corfe Mullen Dorset)

    ....... and to introduce sustainability and the development of self-sufficiency to re-new the cycle of life within Raheenwoods, Wexford South East Ireland.

    Nothing is more beautiful than the loveliness of woods before sunrise - George Washington Carver

    ........However, much more, Soul Sanctuary will create forest space for people to come together and promote the philosophy for compassionate living, we can share and thrive into the future, working with our natural resources and with respect for all life around us.

    (Above: Chicken Mushroom or Laetiporus fungi - Roadside tree in Broadstone Dorset...... And below: October Fungi)

    There is a serene and settled majesty to woodland scenery that enters into the soul and delights and elevates it, and fills it with noble inclinations - Washington Irving.

    LIFE CYCLES: There are life cycles everywhere we look. Worms work the soil, birds thrive on the worms and seeds from fallen fruit. Seeds are deposited in new ground from the bird droppings and the flowers of these seeds are pollinated by bees, then bees produce honey.

    (Below: Banded snails (Capaea Nemoralis) from Tracie's garden. Everything has a purpose. Did you know that snails digest rotting vegetation, helping to keep your garden tidy)

    There are countless more examples. This rich diversity of life is what we hope to enable at Soul Sanctuary in Raheenwoods. Did you know that in China they have lost almost all of their bees and fruits have to be pollinated by hand!

    (Above: Amethyst Deceiver - Raheenwoods Soul Sanctuary)

    THE VISION: Soul Sanctuary's vision is to harmonize, nurture and enhance our human connection with the environment, our earth and others sharing this world.

    To re-establish a sense of awareness, responsibility and accountability for the way we live and the impact on all other forms of life, animal, vegetation and minerals.

    Helping local wildlife (Hedgehog mum and hoglet)

    Please help birth Soul Sanctuary in Raheenwoods, Ireland................

    (Above: Rowan Tree Berries in Froud Way Corfe Mullen Dorset)

    THE HOPE: A clearer understanding of how we can live compassionately in forest space with other species in a respectful, harmonious and mutually beneficial manner....

    ........... and the resourcefulness, knowledge and skills we will need to achieve this successfully.

    (Above: Ilex Aquifolium Bacciflava - Yellow-Fruited Holly off Coventry Close Corfe Mullen Dorset)

    And then.... to transfer the knowledge, skills and philosophy in a similar approach to benefit others who visit, regardless of where they live.

    (Below: Fire Red Acer - Near Brooke Lane Corfe Mullen Dorset)

    THE EVIDENCE & WHY WE NEED A NEW OUTLOOK: Since industrialization many changes have taken place...positive and progressive developments that serve to help people, the planet and our lives.

    (Above: Red Schizostylis In wildlife garden Corfe Mullen Dorset)

    Yet there has also been changes that has damaged this fragile and marvelous world.

    Some of these changes have resulted in devastating outcomes. In my life time alone we have, and are continuing to witness the increase in the prevalence of unnatural uncontrollable forest fires, land degradation, plastic seas choking marine life, the extinction of a plethora of insect, animal, mammal, bird, oceanic and plant-life.

    Some people in our world sink under annual floods, while others starve from famine caused by drought. Land use is poorly managed and the balance of nature and our ecological systems have been negatively affected. The ice caps melt, the sea levels rise, greater gas emissions heat up our planet leading to climate catastrophe......and if that were not cause enough for concern, the spread of global disease and pandemics ought to be the wake up call we should have heard echoed from many yesterdays past.

    Numerous great narrators from scientists, naturalists, botanists, oceanographers, marine biologists, geologists, environmental climatologists to entomologists, zoologists and philanthropists of our time have warned of these changes. Through evidence based research, scientific papers, documentaries, news coverage and books, If ever there was a need for change and for a new vision forward then now has to be the time.......if not now, then.... when?

    WORKING TOGETHER NOT APART: Everyone can feel part of change and make a meaningful impact by supporting Soul Sanctuary........

    .....Here is just one example: Your donation will help cultivate and co populate woodland ferns. You can read about their role below:

    There are over 12,000 species of ferns in the world. They contribute by providing micro-habitats, shelter and shade to smaller animals besides being a source of food and medicines for people and fauna. When areas are disturbed they colonize and co-evolve with other species. They are often found in the shades of our woods.

    They benefit the planet by filtering toxins like heavy metals from the environment demonstrating their purpose as a bio-indicator for the state of an ecosystem.

    (Below: Ferns in woods at Lytchett minster)

    Understanding, developing and fostering the inter-connection of life within the world and the symbiosis between humans and other life we have an opportunity to change the past and to draw a new future by adapting the way we think and choose to live our lives.

    (Below: A woodland walk in Upton Heath - Corfe Mullen Dorset)

    A forest shares a history which each tree remembers even after it has been felled - Anne Michaels

    And the simplicity of appreciating something as life sustaining as this below from a garden in Gorse Road Corfe Mullen:

    (Above: Lycophyllum Descastes Cordova - Ivor Road Corfe Mullen - Dorset)

    (Above: The famous tree in Broadstone Recreational Park Dorset)

    One example of this natural symbiotic process is the essential relationship between forest fungi (mycelium) and the roots of trees. Both require each other for their survival.....

    (Above: Deep Domed Brown Fungi near Blaney Road Corfe Mullen - Dorset)

    And... (Below: Fungi colonizing a tree stump at the Heath- Corfe Mullen)

    ........and bees and pollinators are crucial for the production of flowering fruits on trees and other foods.

    (Above: Banded White-Tailed Bumblebee from a front garden in Corfe Mullen)

    We need bees, moths, butterflies, hover-flies and dragonflies on our side, but we need to be on their side too, working together to thrive and survive.

    .......and just in case you were wondering......above (the Humming Bird Hawk Moth from Tracie's garden) and below the stunning (Elephant Hawk Moth Caterpillar)...... again from Tracie's garden in Dorset.

    Consider the earthworm. They provide enormous benefits by increasing soil nutrient availability, improve drainage, and stabilize soil structure all of which help support crop growth.....

    .....And, the roots of trees help to anchor and bind this earth to prevent landslips in heavy rainfall. Their leaves soak up and lock in carbon from our atmosphere. Then fallen trees and logs help endangered Stag Beetles to shelter and breed......

    (Above: Peering through the tree hollow at Upton Heath Corfe Mullen)

    (Above: Berries from The Strawberry Tree -There are at least three of these in Corfe Mullen, Dorset .... And Below: The last of the berries from one of the Strawberry Trees in Corfe Mullen)

    MORE SYMBIOTIC RELATIONSHIPS: Across the oceans, 'cleaner fish helpers' remove microscopic bacteria and parasites from larger fish, helping to maintain their gills, scales, fins and mouths. In return they are protected by these larger predators and survive on the waste they remove from these larger fish.

    (Below: Trees & orb sunlight in Raheenwoods Wexford Ireland)

    I took a walk in the woods and came out taller than the trees - Henry David Thoreau

    (Above: A walk through the forest at Soul Sanctuary - Raheenwoods Ireland)

    Bees, ants, bats, elephants etc etc all live in colonies and survive by working together and making the best of their communities.

    (Above: Red Tailed Black Bumblebee in wildlife garden Corfe Mullen)

    IMAGINE:- A wood is just one micro-system of our amazing world. Just imagine, that instead of a plantation, (Raheenwoods Ireland) the funds you help raise today will launch Soul Sanctuary and the growth of new native broad-leaf trees........

    (Below: View from within Delph woods Broadstone - Dorset)

    A forest of these trees is a spectacle too much for one man to see - David Douglas

    This will help create a bio-diverse space for others to visit and learn about living compassionately, blending with our natural world rather than apart from it.

    WHAT WE NEED THE FUNDS FOR: We need funds to address the practical work of re-wilding and to plant, preserve and maintain native broad-leaf deciduous trees, the most bio-diverse and environmentally sensitive possible. And to protect the forest boundary from non native invasive species.

    (Above: Autumn leaf found in the shape of a heart)

    This will be a challenging yet rewarding work of heart. Please do join us in making this happen.

    (Below:- Fly Agaric fungi at Upton Heath Dorset)

    A tree in a forest belongs to no one....... and yet it belongs to everyone (Tracie Stevens)

    (Below: Fallen Oak leaf catching morning dew in Brooke Lane Corfe Mullen Dorset)

    The woods are lovely dark and deep, but I have promises I must keep, and miles to go before I sleep - Robert Frost

    There has been much talk about the benefits of trees and woods from the Japanese healing practice of Shinrin Yoku (forest bathing) and improving mental and physical well being,..... to creating species diversity............

    (Above: Wood Anemone Nemorosa - on roadside of Broadmoor Road Corfe Mullen - Dorset)

    I love the sound of the wind in the trees and the song of the birds and the shuffle in the leaves of my many woodland friends. (Jason Mraz)

    .............. Trees are the lungs of our world and they are an important measure of how healthy our planet is................

    .................. An ancient Oak can support over 555 forms of life (Dr Ruth Mitchell - from James Hutton Institute) ... another perfect example for humanity to learn from.

    (Above: Majestic oak tree in recreation ground - Corfe Mullen Dorset)

    (Above: Chicken Mushroom or Laetiporus fungi on tree - Higher Blandford Road Broadstone - Dorset)

    Lichen can be found growing on the twigs and branches of trees particularly in cleaner atmospheres.They are complex life forms - symbiotic partnerships of two separate organisms - fungus and algae. Lichen have no roots stems or leaves............yet they provide essential fuel and food for other animals.

    (Below:- Lichen)

    A walk in the woods walks the soul back home (Henry David Thoreau)

    (Above: Fungi in Raheenwoods Wexford Ireland)

    (Below: Pathway through Raheenwoods - Autumn)

    A woodland in full colour is as awesome as a forest fire, in magnitude at least, but a single tree is like a dancing tongue of flame to warm the heart. (Hal Borland)

    WHAT WE NEED THE FUNDS FOR CONTINUED...: Funds are also needed to provide a water source via a pump and a poly-tunnel to grow food to maintain basic self - sufficiency.........

    (Above: Stream in Lytchett Minster - Dorset)

    Its about cherishing the woodland at the bottom of your garden or the stream that runs through it. It affects every aspect of life. (Sir David Attenborough)

    ..........while developing the bio-dynamics needed as work continues to re-birth this woodland wonder to create and grow Soul Sanctuary.

    (Above: Autumn fruits, nuts and berries collected from walks)

    AND.............In time, once Raheenwoods has developed, the plan is to introduce an educational resource for those who visit the woods and wish to learn more about Soul Sanctuary and how to make the most of blended and compassionate living.

    (Above: Blackberries from Pinesprings Broadstone - Dorset)

    I come to my solitary woodland walk as the homesick go home. (Henry David Thoreau)

    HOW WILL WE ACHIEVE THIS: Many hands will help us achieve this. We aim to make the greatest use of volunteering to help with the practical changes needed to transform the forest space from poor plantation to a living woodland supporting a broader co-diversity of life................

    THE OUTCOME: To offer learning and human growth in the philosophy that embodies Soul Sanctuary; where humanity begins to understand the precious equity of all life......

    (Above: Kit rabbit - rescued & survived from a building dig in Upton Dorset)

    To foster respect for other species including animal, vegetable and minerals and the importance of supporting ecological systems rather than seeking to dominate them...............reminding us all to be kind to all kind and to grow compassion for today and the future.

    The snowdrop & primrose our woodlands adorn, & violets bathe in the wet o' the morn. (Robert Burns)

    (Below:- Chick Gosling dropped by a seagull - a lost meal, but the chick survived)

    From tiny acorns.... mighty oak will grow.

    (Below: Plantation trees in Raheenwoods Wexford Ireland)

    YOUR HELP IS NEEDED - SO BE PART OF THE SOLUTION: The simple generosity of others... that's you and I, will help Soul Sanctuary burst into life.

    (Above: Brown Carder Bee - on Aster Michaelmass Daisy in a garden in Corfe Mullen)

    Loveliest of trees, the cherry now is hung with bloom along the bough. (A E Housman)

    Could this be the gift of KINDNESS you donate today, to show a friend or loved one how much you care about the world you and we share together?

    Could it be a gift of HOPE that you make to your child or grandchild showing your support for a new world that they will come to depend on into the future?

    Or could it be your own personal PLEDGE to help transform a small but important part of our globe.......?

    NOW FOR SOME NUMBERS: We will either need-

    * 1500 people to donate £10 each or

    * 1000 people to donate £15.00 each or

    * 750 people to donate £20.00 each

    ......... And that is why it will be so important to keep our page alive and reaching as many people as possible. We will need our page to go viral and reach hundreds of people so please share via Email, Facebook, Whats App, Twitter, community groups and other social media sites. Thank you for your support.

    (Above: Poster picture quote by John Muir)

    We need HOPE and HELP to bring this to fruition........Space by space, tree by tree we can all play a meaningful role and make a difference to help launch a lasting legacy..... Soul Sanctuary.

    Please guide others to visit this Just Giving page and keep the goal alive until we reach our Rainbow of Hope target £15,000...........

    PLEASE JOIN ME... to help my friend,... and make this happen! We need each and everyone of you.... to help us create Soul Sanctuary.

    (Above: Wild Poppy Raheenwoods Wexford Ireland)

    Photographs by kind donation from Deirdre Madden, Bernadette Nurah Rose & Tracie Stevens taken from county of Wexford, Ireland and the county of Dorset England.

    Please make a donation, and just as importantly, please encourage others to visit our page to add their own donations.

    Going into the wood is going home

    With sincere thanks & gratitude - Bernadette Nurah Rose and Tracie Stevens



    • Tracie Stevens & Bernadette Nurah Rose4 years ago
      Tracie Stevens & Bernadette Nurah Rose

      Tracie Stevens & Bernadette Nurah Rose

      4 years ago

      Hello everyone - hope you are all keeping safe. I've added details of how people can go straight to the Just Giving page via my emails (personal and business) & If you want to tell all your friends to have a look at the page then its really easy to do. Please send me an email & i will reply back & you will see the direct link. Please tell your friends about the Just Giving page as we hope more new people will feel able to give a little at Christmas. Kind regards Tracie & Bernadette Nura Rose

      Update from the Page owner

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    • Tracie Stevens & Bernadette Nurah Rose4 years ago
      Tracie Stevens & Bernadette Nurah Rose

      Tracie Stevens & Bernadette Nurah Rose

      4 years ago

      Hello everyone - hope you are all keeping safe. I've added details of how people can go straight to the Just Giving page via my emails (personal and business) & If you want to tell all your friends to have a look at the page then its really easy to do. Please send me an email & i will reply back & you will see the direct link. Please tell your friends about the Just Giving page as we hope more new people will feel able to give a little at Christmas. Kind regards Tracie & Bernadette Nura Rose

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    • Tracie Stevens & Bernadette Nurah Rose4 years ago
      Tracie Stevens & Bernadette Nurah Rose

      Tracie Stevens & Bernadette Nurah Rose

      4 years ago
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    4 years ago

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    • Anita Wadhia

      Anita Wadhia

      Oct 31, 2021

      Tracey and Bernadette, you are both doing a great job. Carry on with good work.


    • Anonymous


      Jun 18, 2021

      Would be great to see this cause do well... we all need trees, and the trees need bees.


    • Janet Cudd

      Janet Cudd

      Apr 23, 2021

      It’s wonderful to keep the woodland . We need to save as much as possibe


    • Anonymous


      Mar 22, 2021

      Good luck with your continuing fund-raising for this wonderful woodland project


    • Anonymous


      Feb 16, 2021

      Wishing you all the best for your hard work and devotion to the beauty and welfare of our planet.

    • Anonymous


      Jan 3, 2021

      Good luck with your project, lovely photos x


    • Carol Zeinob

      Carol Zeinob

      Dec 22, 2020


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    Tracie Stevens & Bernadette Nurah Rose

    Hello, thank you for visiting our page. My dad taught me to respect life on Earth & to leave more than we take. In his honour, I support my friend, Bernadette Nurah Rose with her vision to transform a plantation into native woodlands in the S. E. of Ireland.... Soul Sanctuary.

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