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Type 1 Diabetes for 60 Years - The Highest Trek in Peru to Celebrate!

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What an amazing photograph..... I’ve used it to make a point!

Type 1 diabetes is also a delicate balancing act. The consequences for falling outside target ranges can be severe. Over time, high blood-glucose levels can lead to serious damage to blood vessels, nerves and kidneys; cause diabetic ketoacidosis, stroke, blindness and amputation. The consequences of low blood sugar are more immediate and severe, including seizures, coma and occasionally death.

People live with these worries every day, doing their best to balance food intake, insulin doses and exercise but this is not appanent to others. Factors such as illness, stress, puberty, menstrual cycle can all significantly effect this balance and so type 1 can be extremely frustrating at times.

Over the years, things have improved appreciably but even with 60 years’ experience, I still get things wrong quite regularly. This is my reason for initiating and taking on this exciting, but challenging trek. Please, do support these charities all you can and spread word about this trek to others. Thank you for caring and for all your support. Together we can achieve a lot!


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Peter Davies

A 'HIGH' of a very different kind ... ......The Highest Trek in Peru!

56 donations



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Peter Davies

A 'HIGH' of a very different kind ... ......The Highest Trek in Peru!

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