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It is somewhat shocking that in 2014 the following statements are still true:

  • 748million people (1 in 10) don't have access to safe drinking water
  • 2.5billion people (1 in 3) don't have access to adequate sanitation
  • 500,000 child deaths a year are caused by the above to points, thats 1,400 every day.

There is hope however:

  • In 2013 WaterAid reached 1.7million people with safe water and 2.2million with sanitation
  • Just £15 will supply one person with safe drinking water for life

Which is where we come in; Business 4 Life is a Wessex Water run scheme which is now in it's 10th year. It takes a group of 12 Wessex Water and contractor emplyees on a fundraising journey over the course of 12 months with a pre set fund raising target to be donated to WaterAid.

The team acts as a new start-up company with a small budget, and through lecture sessions learns all about how to run a business effectively; from finances and marketing to operations and even employee disciplinaries if necessary! The team put their new knowledge into practice by organising an array of exciting events throughout the year, with the aim to turn a 'profit' for the team, all of which is of course donated to WaterAid.

When our target of £55,000 (which we aim to obliterate) is combined with what we know WaterAid can do with £15; it soon becomes clear just how much of a difference we can make.

With this in mind, we on the B4L team don't look at our target as money, we like to think of it as people we can provide clean water to. Which makes our target 3,667 people. For every £15 you give, thats one more person with clean water, for the rest of their life. How many can you help us reach today?

From all the B4L team, thanks for looking at our page.


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Raised: 23%

Team target: £55,000.00

Raised so far: £12,634.75

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B4L Jailbreak

B4L's WaterAid Jailbreak Challenge 2014 Admin Page

1 donation



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Ben Travers

Business 4 Life

12 donations



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Ben Travers

B4L Team building food donations

8 donations



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Ben Travers

Trans Pennine Trail (All-in-One!)

57 donations



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Claire Smith

Claire's 22 mile swim

11 donations



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Claire Smith

Claire's Cabot Circus Awareness Day

0 donations



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daniel pletan

Daniel's Waxed like a mole rat for Wateraid

30 donations



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Daryl Dampney

I am aiming to raise a personal target of £750 for WaterAid this year

6 donations



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Josh Stephens

Josh's 10 Peaks Challenge

18 donations



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Katherine Robinson

Kat Robinson's personal fundraising page for WaterAid

80 donations



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Matthew Kettle

Matthew's Bournemouth Marathon Festival Full Marathon 2014 page

28 donations



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Megan Robinson

Megan's Bupa Manchester 10K 2015

7 donations



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Natalie Doran

Natalie's Ultra-Marathon Challenge

91 donations



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Natalie Doran

Spend a penny give a pound

7 donations



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Paul Elson

Paul Elson's Buisness 4 Life Personal Fundraising Page

0 donations



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Rachel Dickenson

Rachel's Bath Half as a toilet!

50 donations



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Shawn Beatson

Shawn Beatson's Bournemouth Marathon Fundraising

77 donations



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Shawn Beatson


9 donations



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