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In loving memory of Robert Courtney (Bob)

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Thank you for visiting this family fundraising page.

This appeal is in loving memory of Robert Courtney (1969 - 2018), an internationally recognised patient campaigner, dedicated to his family and friends. Also known as ‘Bob’, ‘BobBob’, ‘Rob’ and ‘Uncle Bobble’.

Robert was tragically taken from us on 7th March 2018, having lost his battle with M.E. (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) and having struggled against several serious, related conditions.

M.E. is a complex illness which is still under-researched, has no treatment or cure and which some influential sections of the medical profession still frame as a state of mind, largely rejecting the possibility of physical causes.

These are Robert’s chosen charities. Our fundraising target is on the right.

In addition one charity that couldn’t be linked to this page has a US site which Robert also mentioned:-

USA Open Medicine Foundation

(You May donate directly on their website).


Background from Robert's family

Robert touched the lives of so many over his 48 years with kindness and love, whether among his family and friends or his dedication to the quest for a cure for M.E., a debilitating condition he lived with for the last 13 years of his life and which left him bed-bound in his final years.  

Those who knew Robert in his private life or in his expert patient role will have many cherished memories.

As his family, we were fortunate to have him in our lives. His good humour in the face of odds stacked against him in his health, his desire to have fun and share in good company and the love he showed to his family, notably his nieces and nephews before he became too ill, have left beautiful memories for those who knew him.  

Some of us will have too many memories to list; the hardest thing of all is never to be able to speak to him again; this horrible illness and the battles he courageously faced has taken that from us.

Robert kept his patient activist role and his private life separate so many of us in his family were unaware until very recently how much he had achieved at an international level for M.E. patients.  He was known to hundreds of fellow M.E. activists in online forums simply as ‘Bob’ an M.E. expert and fundraiser.  

As he lived with his condition, he became a skilled and respected researcher, publishing research letters in the British Medical Journal, Lancet Psychiatry, Psychological Medicine and other prestigious medical and scientific journals.

We have received a remarkable number of tributes from M.E. patients from around the world; they mention how dedicated and caring he was, his empathy and generosity of heart, while also being a voice of reason and calm in what are often heated debates about the way forward to help people who are struck down with this disease. 

What a wonderful example he set for others. We are all so proud of him - even when he was severely ill he was supporting and advising others from hospital and his bed.

He was the best and fairest of us.

As Robert’s family, we wish to raise money for his chosen charities.  Thank you for helping us.


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