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EMC UK Challenge

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The UK Challenge is an epic, adrenaline fuelled adventure.

The EMC teams will go head to head with 68 other teams, each being tested intellectually, strategically and physically in a bid to complete a series of missions in the least amount of time possible during the three day, three night event.

Missions could involve navigating through forest by torch light, kayaking through wide open lakes or cycling through woodland trails, all in a bid to reach checkpoints where teams will have to solve puzzles and decipher codes.

EMC have chosen to support the Tree of Hope charity whose aim is to raise money so very sick children can get operations they desperately need and would like to raise money for two children in particular who are very close to the hearts of EMC; Zakk Burks and Hayden Johnson.

Below are the stories of for both Zakk and Hayden.

Zakk Burks is a beautiful 3 year old boy from Ascot who at birth was diagnosed with severe brain damage. Since then he has been diagnosed with severe quad spastic cerebral palsy. He has many health issues including: Unsafe swallowing (he is now tube fed), Gastric reflux, Epilepsy, Visual Impairment, Development delay. Zakk’s condition causes him a lot of pain, his muscles are very tight and often go into spasm, and the operation will contribute to significantly reducing this pain. The doctors have advised that Zakk is very unlikely to ever be able to walk unaided, but with treatment he could receive in the US there is a good chance that one day he will be strong enough.

Hayden, he is 5 years old and has cerebral palsy diplegia. This means that he cannot stand or walk unaided and has a very high muscle tone, which is painful. Having independence is very important to Hayden, this is something we take for granted every day! It’s not easy for him to play with his friends as every time they move to a different activity, he will be left out.

At the moment Hayden uses something called a Kaye Walker which supports him so that he can walk, unfortunately he gets tired very quickly which means he needs a wheelchair too. The operation we are trying to fundraise for (Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy) would dramatically improve Hayden's condition by reducing muscle tension and would allow him to walk with crutches or sticks and hopefully he will eventually be able to walk unaided! The operation is in St Louis in America and will cost us £60,000!”

Both Zakk and Hayden need £60,000 to pay for their operation to help them live out their dreams.

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