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Do you dare to walk on fire? This November, local charity SOS Africa is turning up the heat and laying down the ultimate fundraising challenge which will test the bravery and determination of the most courageous of contenders...

Taking place at Frome College on Saturday 12th November between 6pm and 9pm, we are challenging 50 brave fundraisers to walk amidst the flames and raise £100 each to enable us to launch a new education programme in the Western Cape of South Africa in 2017.

Practised for thousands of years, firewalking is seen as both the definitive mental test and the most inspirational journey you will ever take. It involves walking barefoot along 20 feet of red-hot wood embers measuring temperatures of around 800 degrees. No tricks, no special effects, just you and the fire!

And why, you may ask, would someone be foolhardy enough to take on such a challenge… Quite simply, the decision to walk across the coals is dramatically life changing. Not because you have decided to firewalk in itself, but because you have consciously decided not to let your fear inhibit your actions. Once you take the power away from fear, there is really nothing stopping you. After all if you can walk safely across hot coals what else is possible?

And as you stand surveying the challenge laid out before you, trying to muster the courage to take the first step, just think of the life-changing difference this heroic act will have on the deserving children you are empowering through education in South Africa! And for every £50 you raise over your fundraising target, you will receive an entry into our prize draw to win two flight tickets to visit our education projects in South Africa!

We would also like to welcome the families and friends of participants to come along and cheer them on. Courtesy of resident DJ John Hinde, you will be treated to a compilation of “fire themed” music in addition to face painting and a delicious hog roast.

If you are over 16 years old and would like to register for this event, please with your name, address, contact number, Firewalking nickname, e.g. “Dangerous Dave” or “Gutsy Gertrude” and a brave-faced selfie photo for your online fundraising page. Please note that places will be allocated on a first-come first-serve basis so please contact us as soon as you decide.

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Team target: £5,000.00

Raised so far: £7,659.44

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Terence Stevens-Prior

Le Shadow's Firewalk for SOS Africa!

29 donations



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Team TTuSK

Kamikaze Kim's Firewalk for SOS Africa!

42 donations



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Steph Smith

Sparky Steph's Firewalk for SOS Africa!

29 donations



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Dawn Denton

Dynamite Dawn's Firewalk for SOS Africa!

28 donations



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Lucy Harris

Legendary Lucy's Firewalk for SOS Africa!

6 donations



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Alex Dyer

Dancing Dyer's Firewalk for SOS Africa!

18 donations



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Chris Raithby

BBQ'd Baz's Firewalk for SOS Africa!

16 donations



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Tanya Anderson

Tanya "All A Blaze" Anderson's Firewalk for SOS Africa!

16 donations



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Martin Dix

Mighty Martin's Firewalk for SOS Africa!

25 donations



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Briony Jane

Bonkers Briony's Firewalk for SOS Africa!

5 donations



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Reflex Rich

Reflex Rich's Firewalk for SOS Africa

5 donations



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Liz Taylor

'Hot Foot Shuffle' for SOS Africa

14 donations



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Julianne Mancini

Mighty Mancini's Firewalk for SOS Africa!

17 donations



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Kerryn Alt

Special K's Firewalk for SOS Africa!

14 donations



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Toby Eliot

Mayor on Fire's Firewalk for SOS Africa & Fair Frome!

18 donations



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Charlotte Butler

"Charred" Charlotte's Firewalk for SOS Africa!

13 donations



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Angela Mackett

Angela's Firewalk for SOS Africa!

7 donations



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Denelas Bakery

The Fire Starter's Firewalk for SOS Africa!

6 donations



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Claudia Titley

Toasted Titley's Firewalk for SOS Africa!

5 donations



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Chloe Lathem

Crazy Clo's Firewalk for SOS Africa!

12 donations



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James McComas

Jumping Jimmy's Firewalk for SOS Africa!

11 donations



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Dickon Agnew

Apprehensive Agnew's Firewalk for SOS Africa!

5 donations



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Leitza Gorman

"Gutsy Gorman's" Firewalk for SOS Africa!

10 donations



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Frankie Blagden

Flaming Francesca's Firewalk for SOS Africa!

10 donations



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Philippa Bradbury

Peri-Peri Pip's Firewalk for SOS Africa!

6 donations



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David Van Dyk

Daring David's Firewalk for SOS Africa!

0 donations



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Lyn Guiney

Happy Martha's Firewalk for SOS Africa!

3 donations



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Tanya Isgar

Ignitable Isgar's Firewalk for SOS Africa!

6 donations



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Nina Casey

Napalm Nina's Firewalk for SOS Africa!

7 donations



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David Warburton

Daredevil David's Firewalk for SOS Africa!

4 donations



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Mike Bulmer

Fire Bond's Firewalk for SOS Africa!

0 donations



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