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Game Rangers International was founded in 2008 with the specific aim of assisting the communities living around the Kafue National Park to better manage the natural resources of the area through support to wildlife management and protection and community outreach and education.

With a focus on the flagship African Elephant species, GRI currently implements five projects that together take a holistic approach to the problems of conservation and development, rooted in the belief that the key to sustainable, long term utilisation of Zambia’s natural wealth is best achieved by ensuring the full participation of its citizens in managing these vital, internationally important ecosystems. 

 GRI’s projects are:

1.) Kafue Conservation Project (KCP) - Providing welfare, training and operational support to wildlife personnel on the front line of endangered species protection.

2.) The Elephant Orphanage Project (EOP) - Rescuing, rehabilitating and releasing orphaned elephants back into the wild.

3.) Muzovu Awareness Project (MAP)- Inspiring greater environmental awareness and understanding through education and wildlife sensitisation at local and national levels

4.) Community Outreach Project (COP) - Promoting and supporting the sustainable utilisation of natural resources within communities living contiguous to protected areas.

5.) Kafue Research Project (KRP) – Working to better understand and mitigate Human Elephant Conflict in the gKNP and promoting scientific understanding of wild Elephant herds. Providing a platform for researchers to study the flora and fauna of the gKNP to better understand and protect its biodiversity.

GRI is a Zambian registered not for profit organisation and was established with critical and on-going support by the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation (DSWF). The organisation supports a staff of over fifty staff, and maintains four facilities, the Lilayi Elephant Nursery near Lusaka, the Kafue Release Facility (Camp Phoenix) inside the KNP and the Kafue Conservation Project HQ at Hook Bridge, KNP. Activities are supported by a small administrative team working from the Town Office in Lusaka.


GRI activities are overseen by a Board of Trustees consisting of seven members, six Zambian based and one international member. The Board meets regularly during the year to provide oversight of the management team and guide the direction and growth of the organisation.


GRI’s financial management is overseen by Union Gold Zambia Limited and Financial Statements are prepared by the Zambian offices of the international accounting firm BDO.

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Raised so far: £68,176.80

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Fleur Buckland

Fleur's Elephant Orphanage Project

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Gabriel Phiri

Game Rangers International General Donations

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Game Rangers International

Support a Wildlife Protection Officer in Zambia for a day

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Gina Marie

Gina's Climbing for Elephants page

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Monica Merlo

Monica and Andrea are volunteering in Zambia

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Rachael Murton

Game Rangers International (including Elephant Orphanage Project) Zambia

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Ryan Woods

Ryan's running for elephants

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