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In Memory

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Grandparents are great. They inspire us, they teach us, and they love us, even when we misbehave. Last year Sara, my wife, and I lost three of our grandparents. This is something most people can tragically relate to. In honour of our grandparents, we are raising money for two charities: Chai Cancer Care and US Futures. But, there’s a twist.

As an X factor-free, non-pro, totally amateur singer/songwriter I vow to (possibly embarrass myself and) sing for a good cause. I have written, recorded and filmed a video of a song and would love you to hear it.

But, there is a catch. Until we raise £2,500 this musical number is staying under wraps.

Teasers will be dropped as we hit key fundraising targets, but the full experience won’t be available until we hit the 5-grand mark by the beginning of June or it will never see the light of YouTube. Got it?

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Team target: £4,000.00

Raised so far: £3,093.94

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Ariel Shapiro

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