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Marathon Marras

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We are the Marathon Marras, thanks for visiting our fundrasing page.

We're an unlikely group of bankers, rental car salesman, students and full-time overweight unfit individuals. All are current/ex Lancaster University Rugby League "athletes"

To raise money for a great cause, the Steve Prescott Foundation ( We've decided to partake in the Rock n' Roll Lisbon Marathon (Or half marathon if Doctors have advised against a full 26.2 miles due to heart disease or weight), sponsored by a cheeky Nandos

The Steve Prescott Foundation supports two causes that are very close to our hearts:

- Try Assist - formely the Rugby League Benevolent Fund, Try Assist aims to support the rehabilitation, treatment and future of rugby league players whose lives are effected by serious injuries. As current/ex rugby league players we know that every time we step onto the pitch, our lives may be changed forever. Therefore we feel it is our duty to help and support those who aren't as fortunate as ourselves.

- The Christie Hospital in Manchester - the Christie are leading experts in cancer care, research and education, providing equipment facilities and services to treat the disease and preservce good health. A number of members of our team have had close family members suffer from cancer and almost everyone has been effected by it in someway. We want to help support future sufferers and work towards beating cancer once and for all.

On October 2nd, we leave the safety of our comfortable offlice lives, and loving families behind, to take on a challenge tougher than kicking an 80th Minute Drop Goal.

Only a handful of brave athletes from around the globe have attempted such a feat. There'll be plenty of blood, sweat, beers and tears but in the name of a good cause, nothing will stand in our way.

WE NEED YOU! Give whatever you can, anything will be appreciated by the Marathon Marras as our tough training regime begins now.

Lisbon, prepare yourself for the elite of marathon running. We're both hotter than Piri Piri and cooler than Luis Figo.

Please give whatever you can.

On your marks...get set...Go!

For reference: Defintiion of MARRAFriend or mate. Used in greetings and to show respect to an equal, especially a fellow West Cumbrian.

An 'outsider' addressed as a marra should feel honoured and 'included' in what may be a select group.

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Raised: 84%

Team target: £2,000.00

Raised so far: £1,676.24

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Ben Housson

Ben's Lisbon Marathon page

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James Russell

James' Lisbon Half Marathon

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Joe Weir

Joe's Lisbon Half Marathon page

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Pete Gatenby

Pete's Lisbon Marathon Page

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Sam Hudson

Sam's Lisbon marathon page

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