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One Mile Closer - Pedal Home From Provence 2012

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In memory of Rob Gauntlett and James Atkinson.

Supporting Nalango Secondary, Uganda; and Christ's Hospital, Sussex

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In 2009, Rob Gauntlett and James Atkinson tragically died in the Alps. Two brilliant lives cut short - adventurers, educators, and the best friends and family we could all have asked for - truly an inspiration to so many.

Six months after the funeral, as Rob and James would have wanted, we decided some good should come of it all.  So we rode from John O' Groat's to Land's End - a ride that Rob and James had both enjoyed themselves.  1000 miles of freedom and fresh air on the roads, and an epic achievement from many who had never cycled before.  

As Rob would put it, we had put one foot in front of the other. Three years on, and our attentions turn to the continent: we shall pedal One Mile Closer (, 1000km from Provence to Sussex, seeking out once again the wonder of the wind and the hills, of good company, laughter, and, once again, Rob and James' inspiration: 

In Uganda, Nalango Secondary School has some very energetic teachers and students, but no facilities to speak of - just the place Rob would have enjoyed working. Where there was bare earth, Rob's fund has so far helped to build 5 classrooms and 8 latrines - but the school is growing, in quality and size, and more classrooms, water tanks, latrines, desks, teachers' houses are all needed.  Work is being carried out through the Henry van Straubenzee Memorial Fund, set up themselves by parents after losing a young son, and who provide a brilliant example of good African development - passionate, efficient, consultative and with a long term involvement in each school and area.  More information can be found at

The James Atkinson Bequest provides much needed support for outdoor activities at Christ's Hospital, and aims to sponsor children through the school, which is unique in providing a brilliantly diverse education to those who would not otherwise afford it: for Rob and James, Christ's Hospital opened their eyes and gave them their adventures, and they always wanted to repay that by one day helping other children receive those opportunities.

I hope you find as much joy as us in the trip: Many thanks as ever for your support - more information will be found on

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Raised so far: £18,492.59

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Cassie Northcott

Provence to Petworth 2012

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Chang-sup Song

Gom, be yourself!

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Daniel Hooper

One Mile Closer - Pedal Home from Provence 2012

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David and Ana Alden / Ugarte

wer y rouge

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David Gauntlett

One Mile Closer - David Gauntlett

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Edward Lebon

Edward's page

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Eleanor Balme

One mile closer - pedal home from provence

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Harriet Dearden

Team Atkinson's page

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Holly Allan

One Mile Closer - Pedal Home From Provence 2012

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James Hooper

Nalango Secondary School, Uganda

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Joe Jeong

Joe's fundrasing

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John Francis

Pedal home from Provence

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Jonathan Winchester

Provence to Petworth (via Mont Ventoux)

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Jungmin (정민) Lee

Nalango Secondary School, Uganda

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JungWook Ra

One Mile Closer - Pedal Home From Provence 2012 (Nalango Secondary)

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Lucy Parsons

One Mile Closer - Pedal Home From Provence

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Matthew Wilson

Matt's page - 1000km Provence to Petworth

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Miles Dearden

Miles's page

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Nicola Gauntlett

Nicky's page

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Richard Lebon

One Mile Closer - Pedal Home From Provence 2012 (Nalango Secondary)

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Sam Rippin

Samuel's page

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Sean Park

Sean's page

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Simon Burfiend

One Mile Closer - Pedal Home From Provence 2012

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Simon Hughes

Simon Pedals home from Provence

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Tim Gauntlett

One Mile Closer - Tim Gauntlett

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Vaughan Holme

Vaughan 's page

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Vaughan Holme

Vaughan 's page

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William Jeffwitz

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