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My challenge is to cycle from Lands End to John o Groats ( LEJOG ) on a handbike, just under 1000 miles in 13 days.

I appreciate that I am not the first hand cyclist and definitely won't be the last to cycle LEJOG on a handbike.  However my challenge is slightly different in that I am a Thalidomider.

You may or may not be aware that a drug was developed in the 1950's called Thalidomide to combat the effects of severe morning sickness of pregnancy. It is 60 years since the first thalidomide baby was born in the UK.  The drug basically resulted in the babies being born with deformed limbs etc.

I am not a victim but a product of Thalidomide and to show that with 2 short arms, no right leg and a curved spine this should not deter you from leading an active healthy lifestyle.

You adapt and I will be hand cycling a handbike which I have adapted to include a Torque sensor hub electrical motor. This ebike only assists when needed, i.e. on climbs, strong headwinds, there is no throttle or switch that just engages the motor, you have to put the physical effort in for Torque sensor to engage.

To attempt the challenge I will have other cyclists for company, Team Paddison for encouragement and companionship over the 13 days.

Apart from showing that limitations should not deter you, I am undertaking this challenge to raise money for 3 cancer charities. Macmillan Cancer Support / Prostate Cancer UK /Bloodwise.  All are such worthy causes and I would ask that if you consider a donation that spread the donations evenly across the charities linked to this page.

Your support is much appreciated and remember there always people in a worse position than yourself thats why we can all help in our own way.

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Andrew Paddison

Team Paddison 1000 miles - donate to Macmillan

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Andrew Paddison

Team Paddison 1000 miles - donate to Prostate Cancer UK

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Andrew Paddison

Team Paddison 1000 miles - donate to Bloodwise

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