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The Trek Mate 24hr Podathon

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8:00pm GMT Saturday 15th September till 8:00pm GMT Saturday 16th September


Star Trek's vision of the future has always been a time where there is little to no illnesses, everyone has equal rights and no one is ever denied their human rights.

Unfortunately the world we currently occupy does not yet deliver on what our potential future promises, we have countless people being denied their basic human rights and children being born with severe challenges to overcome just to stay alive.

Though their are those shining lights out their that help those in some of the most desperate situations and at the most traumatic times of their lives. Two groups that do just that are Amnesty International and the Watford General Hospital's Special Care Baby Unit. Amnesty International are an organisation that have dedicated themselves to fight to protect human rights, freedom and justice all over the world. And Watford General Hospital is a large hospital based in Hertfordshire, England. Its SCBU is a ward that is dedicated to saving the lives of countless children every year, whilst providing their parents with the highest level of support possible.

Though the work they do is outstanding, they can't do it alone. As true Star Trek fans the crew of the Trek Mate podcast try their best to live by the morals that Gene Roddenberry had laid down 46 years ago, and on September 15th we are taking up their greatest challenge yet. We are holding a 24hr podathon, where our hosts will be talking Trek around the clock to try and raise as much money as they can. We will be joined by various guests from the Star Trek community as well as playing loads of games and giving away tons of prizes to our listeners who have donated.

Why not show your support by dropping by and joining us at or

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