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Atlantic Discovery's Colossal Atlantic Row 2018-19

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Rose's Story

Hi, my name is Ben. I'm a member of the Atlantic Discovery team. I'm passionate about supporting the community that cares for those who live with MS. I know first hand the impact that MS can have on people and their loves ones as my mum, Rose, has had MS for over a decade. The symptoms are stressful to manage and incredibly frustrating as they to not manifest themselves in a visible way. Living with MS is a daily struggle that unfairly tests the reserves of those afflicted with the condition. 

Despite Rose's diagnoses back in the early 2000's, she has continued to thrive and take control of her condition. She is an inspiration to me and an example of how seemingly impossible circumstances can be overcome given shear determination. I know that while I am in the middle of the ocean, the lessons my mum has taught me will get me through the toughest of times.

Another lesson that my mum has taught me is the power of a loving and supportive community. My mum has been a member of the Berkshire MS Therapy Centre for several years and has benefited greatly from the kindness and friendship that she has found there. The staff are fantastic and always go above and beyond what one could expect from them. For this reason the Atlantic Discovery team have agreed that there is no better charity that we could support that the Berkshire MS Therapy Centre.

One of the hardest things for someone with MS to go through is to find the medication that works for them. There is a variety of possible options thanks to the continued efforts of researchers and doctors. However, many of these treatments come with potentially debilitating side effects. It is almost impossible to tell which treatment will work and which won't, meaning the that the process of discovery is extremely slow and painful. However, it is thanks to the MS Society, for their unending work driving research and awareness that MS is such a thriving area of research. The treatment that has given my mum control back over her life, might not have existed with the efforts of the MS Society. For this reason team Atlantic Discovery could not be prouder to support the MS Society and the research that supports. It is our hope that the money raised in support of this charity will in some small way contribute to finally curing this terrible disease.

We are a crew of graduates that will be rowing the entire Atlantic Ocean in December 2018 to lead a campaign to provide the funding necessary to develop greater therapy for people with MS to manage symptoms better.

What we hope the Impact of our will be fundraising:

Berkshire Mulitple Sclerosis Therapy Center - The money raised will ensure treatments are tailored and then monitored to the individual needs of each MS member and will allow physiotherapy to be the vital role in helping people to cope with the daily challenges of living with MS.

Multiple Sclerosis SocietyThe money raised will constribute to the £155 million of today’s money that has been invested by the charity into research, since 1956. The money will directly fund world-class research to make sure people with MS have the treatments and services they need.

The attraction of such a challenge?

"The solitude, the extreme mental and physical test, the fear of the unknown, the thrill of the departure and the joy of the arrival... they all come together to make this adventure what it is"


Q: How do you go to the loo? The number one question asked... bucket & chuck it!

Q: Are you rowing constantly? We row in shifts, two hours on, two hours off.

Q: How is drinking water provided on board? Water desalinator turns salt water into drinking water.

Q: What happens in an emergency? Sat phone, life raft, emergency equipment and hope for the best!

Q: How do you protect your beautiful behind? Sheepskin... and lots of surgical spirit... ouch!

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