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Welcome to Freecember 2016, Acter!

(not a misspelling; Acter (n.): one who takes action!) 

Freecember: Taking Steps to Grow the Global Movement to Stop Slavery

1) Take a challenge.

2) Invite 2 friends to join you.

3) Raise the profile of and $/£/€ for an org you care about that is changing lives by preventing, intervening, disrupting or stopping slavery, rescuing victims or supporting survivors.

Join Team Freecember and make a difference to someone at risk of or affected by slavery / trafficking.


As you may know, there are millions of people trafficked and trapped in slavery today... but what can we do about it?

Freecember exists to prompt questions, start conversations and raise awareness, money and widespread informed sustained everyday (W.I.S.E.) action to stop modern slavery / human trafficking.

Some of us are going for the 100 Mile Challnge to walk/run/bike 100 miles during Freecember. Could you or a team you gather go 30, 60 or 100 km or miles? Or is there another challenge you'd like to take?

Join Team Freecember and #take1step to #stopslavery

fb, tweet, pin, gram, snap and hashtag away. We're mostly @freecember

A few guidelines -

1) if you set up a fundraiser, the org you choose has to focus or have specific initiatives which focus primarily on preventing slavery (human trafficking), rescuing victims or restoring survivors.

2) if possible, select an activity: walk, run, bike, swim, row, hike, trek, stop slapshots ... a certain level of effort over time is suggested. (Okay, if you're having a party, like a purple elephant party or an office party, and want to take donations for your Freecember team, you can. Throwing (and sometimes going to) parties takes effort, too. And hey, if you want to crochet 100 skeins or something, then by all means...)

3) find some purple, violet, indigo, or lavender ribbon (we couldn't find our ultraviolet ribbon anywhere!), loop it so that it's "upside down," and, being careful not to stick yourself, pin it to whatever you're wearing as you go through your days this Freecember. (Or draw a ribbon on your hand, headband, wristband, etc. We're flexible.)

4) when people notice your ribbon or tell you it's upside down, say something like "Oh, thanks for noticing. It's to raise action to stop modern slavery. Did you know there are millions of people enslaved worldwide today?" And then see where the conversation takes you.


Then ask Questions, have Conversations & take Informed Action.


People enslave people. People free people.


No one can do everything, but everyone can do something.


What could you do to stop some slavery this Freecember?


How far would you go?




#take1step to #stopslavery

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