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Gemma & Noah Edgar

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Thanks for visiting the "Gemma and Noah Edgar" team fundraising page.

With the help of friends and family, we"ll be carrying out throughout 2016 a number of fundraising events for Brain Tumour Research and The Childhood Eye Cancer Trust charities, both of whom my sister Gemma and nephew Noah's lives depend.

I will tell their story now hopefully without too many tears as I find it hard to talk about.

Many of you know that i have a little sis, Gemma, married to Rob and they have two beautiful sons, Dylan and Noah.

My story begins in October 2014. Without any prior warning, Gemma aged 29 was taken ill and within hours was diagnosed with a brain tumour. Gem had major surgery to remove the majority of the tumour followed by a round of radio therapy. Unfortunately it was confirmed that the tumour is a grade IV Glioblastoma Multiforme which is incurable. Yet with this knowledge she still battles on enjoying life and being a wonderful mum to her boys as well as trying to do as much as possible to help Brain Tumour Research in the hope that they can one day find a cure.

If this wasn't bad enough to come to terms with, the family has recently had some further devastating news. Gemma & Rob's youngest son Noah (who was just 2 months old when Gemma was diagnosed) became seriously ill without warning just before christmas 2015. Following a number of visits to hospital, in January he was diagnosed with eye cancer.

Unfortunately in order to remove the tumour, this has meant the removal of his right eye. Like his mum Noah is being amazingly strong and resilient and is adapting well to life with one eye. To reduce the risk of the cancer traveling to his remaining eye or around his body, he is undergoing 6 sessions of chemotherapy and will also be travelling to America to have proton beam therapy treatment.

Both charities are very important to the family and we wish to raise as much awareness and funding for them to help my sister and nephew and hope that one day the outcome for other people suffering the same conditions will be more positive.

Thankyou for reading

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