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H2H Charity Ride 2017

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Thank you for visiting the H2H team page! In April 2017, 20 brave souls will be riding their bicycles 2000km from Hanoi to HCMC in 1 month, to raise as much money as they can for 5 amazing Vietnamese children's charities: Saigon Children's Charity, KOTO, The Blue Dragon Children Foundation, Live and Give and ILA Community Network. It will be hot, hilly, sweaty and at times messy! It will be the hardest physical thing most of us have ever done. Please make it all worthwhile by choosing one of our team of champions to donate to! We are aiming to raise $45,000 as a team (on-line and off-line). Your support is much appreciated. Thanks!  

Please follow our progress at    


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Raised: 71%

Team target: $40,000.00

Raised so far: $28,242.18

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Bachmai Ledinh

Mai's H2H (Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City) Charity Ride 2017 page

68 donations



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Thi Thuy My Nguyen

Thihenh2h17 page

21 donations



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andrew (Greg) bachmann

andrew's H2H Charity Ride 2017 page

12 donations



Fundraiser icon

Jimmy McGee

Jimmy's H2H Charity Ride 2017 page

38 donations



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Rhiannon Marcelo-Ripley

Rhiannon's H2H Charity Ride 2017 page

39 donations



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Zachary Kester

Zachary's H2H Charity Ride 2017 page

26 donations



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Amy Mc Inerney

Amy's H2H 2017 page

42 donations



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Grace Boosey

Grace's H2H Charity Ride 2017 page

35 donations



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Eli Gaultney

Eli's H2H Charity Ride 2017 page

14 donations



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Rebecca Richardson

Rebecca's H2H Charity Ride 2017 page

25 donations



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mai-loan tu

mai-loan's H2H Charity Ride 2017 page

17 donations



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Bianca Kubairsingh

Bianca's H2H Charity Ride 2017

40 donations



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Storm Langley

Storm's H2H Charity Ride 2017 page

23 donations



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harriet pearse

Harriet's H2H Charity Ride page

26 donations



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Tun Than

Tun's H2H Charity Ride 2017 page

19 donations



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Oliver Southern

H2H Charity Ride 2017

25 donations



Fundraiser icon

Deema Al-Mohammad

Deema's H2H Charity Ride 2017 page

23 donations



Fundraiser icon

Travis Smith

Travis's H2H Charity Cycling Tour 2017 page

10 donations



Fundraiser icon

Keith Maxwell

Keith's H2H Charity Bike Ride 2017 page

14 donations



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Craig Berry

Craig's H2H Charity Ride 2017 page

3 donations



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Xa Ben

Xa's H2H CHARITY RIDE 2017 page

2 donations



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