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HER Planet Earth Kenya Expedition 2019 Team Page

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In October 2019, our HER Planet Earth team of 16 women will embark on a 10-day expedition in Northern Kenya.

This unique and pioneering journey will take the team on an unforgettable trip across 100 km of Kenya's remote Karisia Hills, on foot and with a camel train in support! 

The women will be embarking on this expedition to raise funds and awareness for Conservation International’s remarkable work in Northern Kenya.

Guided by Kerry Glen and hosted by expert Samburu or Laikipia Maasai guides and trackers, the team will be trekking along tough but varied terrain, including sandy river beds, ancient elephant tracks, old growth forest, plains and hilly peaks.

The expedition might range at altitudes from 3,500ft to 6,000ft and in daily temperatures could fluctuate between 10 to 30 degrees Centigrade. The team will be up early, before sunrise, walking until mid day. They can expect to see big game on the walking safari.  

As part of its mission Conservation International supports a range of projects with gender related outcomes. Amongst others the fundraising efforts will support,

RETETI ELEPHANT SANCTUARY : Reteti is the first community owned and run elephant sanctuary in Kenya where many of the elephant keepers are women.

THE EXPANSION OF ECO-TOURISM FACILITIES : Facilitating the construction of lodges and an increase in traveller capacity to the region has led to the creation of many jobs and trading opportunities, many of them filled by local women.

PEACE & SECURITY: The establishment and support of a mobile anti-poaching team for this region has brought security to rural communities. Women have traditionally been exposed to threats from poachers, cattle rustlers and raids from neighbouring ethnic groups while out fetching water and firewood and these teams not only protect them but provide stability in the region by maintaining peace amongst neighbouring communities


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Alexandra Lynn Hollombe

Alexandra's HER Planet Earth Kenya Trek 2019

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Ann Michelle Mondragon

Ann Michelle's HER Planet Earth Kenya Expedition 2019

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Candina Weston

Candina's Her Planet Earth Kenya Expedition with Conservation International

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Dora Lui

Dora's Her Planet Earth Kenya Expedition

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Haylena Mk

Haylena's HER Planet Earth Kenya Expedition 2019

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HER Planet Earth Admin

HER Planet Earth's Kenya Expedition page

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Jessica Craig

Jecca and Kristine Her Planet Earth Kenya

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Lynda Williams

Lynda's HER Planet Earth Kenya Expedition 2019

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Maysoune Ghobash

Maysoune's Her Planet Earth Kenya Expedition 2019 page

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Paulette Baldie

Paulette's Her Planet Earth Kenya Expedition 2019 page

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Satbir Walia

Satbir's HER Planet Earth Kenya Expedition 2019

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Vanessa Gibbons

Vanessa's HER Planet Earth Kenya Expedition

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Veronica Landry

Veronica's Kenya Expedition "HER Planet Earth" + Conservation International

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Winnie Tang

Winnie's HER Planet Earth Kenya Expedition 2019 page

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